Are Armoire and Wardrobe the Same Thing?

January 27, 2020


An armoire and a wardrobe are generally very similar pieces of furniture. Differentiating these products might sometimes be a matter of favored terminology or opinion instead of some specific feature or characteristic. In the majority of the cases, armoires are described as a special kind of wardrobe. They are a bit larger than wardrobes and might also be a little bit more ornamental. It is also worth noting that armoires generally have shelves along with hanging rails. On the other hand, wardrobes are usually designed with features that make way for proper clothes hanging. However, there can even be exceptions in this category.

The Flexibility that Comes from using an Armoire over a Wardrobe

Armoires tend to be more flexible in comparison to wardrobes ad; this goes special when it comes to the different uses that they can be put to. The primary intended purpose behind using an armoire is clothing storage but some people use these models for different housing things like electronic equipment and televisions. Some armoires come with doors that can be closed for keeping these things hidden from sight so that the room or the setting looks elegant and aesthetically appealing.

Neatly Tucked Away Items with an Armoire

Opening the doors of the armoire would enable the users to access their electronic equipment and televisions immediately. It is only because of this flexibility of use and storage that more and more people are willing to go for armoires instead of wardrobes. The closed away items in an armoire offer the home a more formal appearance. This is something that cannot be achieved by the use of wardrobes. This is because wardrobes are smaller in comparison to armoires and might not have sufficient shelving space for storing television sets, computers, and other big and small items within the house. There are many differences between an armoire and a wardrobe, and therefore it can be said that they are not the same thing.

The Most Important Characteristics

Generally speaking about the difference between armoire and wardrobe, it can rightfully be said that both these items share more common traits than differences. Both these pieces of furniture are bulky and large, and they can be characterized by a couple of doors that tend to open outwards. The wardrobes used in homes feature rail crossing half of the unit for making it easier for the users to hang clothes. This is something that is not done by an armoire. However, it is important to note that both an armoire and a wardrobe have some drawers and shelving units.

The Basic Purpose Served by an Armoire

The meaning of the term “armoire” is a cupboard. This is a French term and is used for denoting a piece of furniture that is typically built in the form of a tall cabinet for hanging clothes. It has a long rod and two doors. The unit may or may not contain shelves but it generally features more ornate designs in comparison to a wardrobe. Armoires are more massive and bulkier than wardrobes and are typically incorporated within the interior decoration of a house. To be explained in simple terms, armoires are not just functional but in the majority of the cases, they also stand out as the style quotient of a home. In the past era, armoires were used for storing armor and weapons and this explains the reason why they usually are more substantial and more prominent.

The Basic Purpose Served by a Wardrobe

Wardrobes are mostly used for the storage of accessories and clothing. They are usually considered external closets. The rooms that do not have closets or the ones with insufficient closet space make use of wardrobes for giving their storage space more flexibility.  Some wardrobes also come with mirrors affixed either inside or on the outside of the doors. They also have small shelving units for storing basic toiletries and accessories. Thus, it can rightly be said that a wardrobe serves in the form of grooming or prepping station that helps individuals in getting ready for social events and parties and also for work.

There are Certain Styling Differences

Speaking about the difference between armoire and wardrobe, both an armoire and a wardrobe are generally constructed using good quality wood like mahogany or oak. However, there are certain modern versions of these products that are made using superior grade wood veneer or plastic. Units made using wood veneer and plastic might not be very expensive but they do not offer the same sturdiness and look like the ones made of tip quality mahogany or oak. Generally speaking, wardrobes are rather simple; they might feature paneled wood but otherwise, they are somewhat plain.

On the other hand, armoires and especially the ones that are marketed as antiques are intricately crafted and carved. Antique armoires might cost you tons of money, and they are usually a lot bigger than their counterparts. Wardrobes are less expensive in comparison to armoires mainly because of the pure nature, design and small size.

Entertainment- The Purpose Served by Wardrobes and Armoires

The most crucial difference between armoire and wardrobe is that there are certain varieties in the armoire category that come with large central shelves that help in making the unit as useful as storage spaces for computers and televisions. Such armoires are called entertainment armoires or TV armoires. There are even computer armoires that can be used in studies and bedrooms. These pieces are made for entertainment and study or work purposes, but very often, the users repurpose them for modern uses. Such armoires have doors that can remain open when the computer or the television is being used and they can be closed afterward for concealing the equipment.


It is often challenging to make use of a wardrobe for anything apart from linen or clothing storage but this is not the case with an armoire. It is only because of this reason that armoires are preferred over wardrobes.