Bamboo Towels Review: Why Bamboo Towels are So Good to Buy?

December 27, 2018


Why use bamboo towels

For bamboo towels, bamboo fibers are used. Bamboo is a huge and resistant grass. If you are not a specialist in the plant, you may wonder why it is grass. It grows quicker than most plants. It is also versatile, has many uses thanks to its unique features.

Bamboo is renewable, it does not deplete the world of natural resources. It is known as a plant that is sustainable and environmentally friendly. Bamboo grows exceptionally quick making it the best raw material for furniture. It is also known to make colonies. It produces about 30% more oxygen compared to a normal hardwood tree. If you think that is exceptional, it is also known to make home products including furniture and towels.

What makes bamboo towels so good

A good towel is one that is lightweight and easily soak, spritzing, dry and wash. Thanks to the bamboo towel it is possible. It is able to absorb moisture thanks to the porosity of the fiber. Durable, soft and at the same level with silk softness.

We all have had situations, in which our towels are always damp producing a dampening smell, with bamboo towels it is next to impossible, this is because it is naturally mildew and antibacterial resistant ensuring the towel will never suffer from the damp smell. It also produce fresh fragrance throughout the day. Due to the anti-bacterial resistance, it ensures you will not suffer from bacterial diseases. Best for children and adult.

Soft and gentle


Bamboo towels are soft and gentle on your body as you wipe yourself dry and incase it gets dirty, it is very easy to wash. It does not have many conditions when washing it. Bamboo towels dry quickly due to its high level of hygroscopisity, this is because the cells have micro gaps in between. It does not tear or wear because of washing it duo the use of very strong fiber.

It is very healthy to you and your loved one. I know, all points have said above are health benefits. It still offers more. It has anti-fungal, antibacterial, anti-static, antiallergenic resistance. In case you are allergic, these are the best for you. Also suitable for someone who owns a hotel, this way you ensure your customers are not affected.


Durability of bamboo towels

It is very durable, this is because it has not been exposed to weakening chemicals. The fiber which makes the bamboo mattress are strong compared to the cotton fiber. The bamboo towel fiber is also firm and can hold heavy weight even in saturation. It has a long life span.

It also cannot be infested by a pest. Because of its antimicrobial resistance which protects you and your loved ones from not having wounds on the skin you adore. It also does not retain much heat which helps not attract pest and fungal infection.

In case the towel is worn out, it is bio degradable in soil and will degrade to be part of humus. You don’t need to burn the towel like many product are meant to which affects your health and environment.

We are living in a world where we trying to conserve our natural resources, for the near future. Bamboo is the beginning, and we need to support such projects.