Bedroom armoire with TV storage

January 27, 2020

Popular Armoire Having TV Storage for Your Bedroom

The television has evolved from being a rabbit-eared tube of the fifties to a flatter, bigger, and better option of entertainment. With new and advanced technologies coming up in recent times, the TV has become more sophisticated than ever. There has also been a considerable change in the way people live their lives in these present times. Nowadays, people not only have television sets in their drawing rooms but even in their bedrooms. But, when used in the bedroom, one problem that generally arises is the right way of placing the set. People no longer like to use the bland TV stands in their bedrooms as they do not suit the décor and the style of modern and contemporary bedrooms. So, this is the time for you to say goodbye to these bland stands and make way for the grand bedroom armoires with TV storage.

Storage Function Served by a Bedroom TV Armoire

Bedroom TV armoires are stylish and sensible storage solutions for movies, TV, music, and even video games. These pieces of furniture serve as focal points for family rooms, recreation rooms, living rooms, and bedrooms. They have enough space for holding mid-to-large flat-screen television sets, speakers, stereos, cable boxes, DVD players, DVDs, CDs, and video gaming consoles. The majority of the models available in the market come with TV size suggestions.

Armoires with TV storage work as modular units and streamlined consoles that have the capability of holding your gizmos and gadgets. These are trendy but practical vessels that transform what once served as an eyesore into a corner that looks elegant and smart, just like all the other corners of the house. You can even get units that shall hide your television set from sight entirely and make it visible only when the need arises.    

Other Important Things

Other essential features of the unit include profiled top, solid knobs made of brushed nickel, side moldings, arched kick plate, two doors, and two drawers running on smooth metal runners with safety tops. All in all, it can be said that the Bowery Hill TV Armoire available in a contemporary style is one of the best picks for individuals who have very little TV storage space in their bedrooms.

Inval Laricina-white Armoire


It is an Audio/Video TV armoire combo that serves to be perfect for almost any room within your abode and especially the bedroom where you might need extra storage space. You can use it in the form of a wardrobe and even as a TV storage unit. It serves a dual function with both concealed and opened storage areas. It also comes with a hanging rod for clothes storage, and a TV stands for accommodating a 46-inch flat-screen television.

The best thing about this unit is that it features four drawers that are deep enough to offer additional storage for AV/TV accessories and garments at the same time. The drawers feature knobs made of brushed steel. The model also features four slides made of plastic for moving it from one place to another while redecorating or cleaning. Here, it is essential to note that Laricina-White is a wood grain finish that comes in varying shades of grey and white.

  • Flat screen TV up to 46 inches
  • Four deep drawers for additional storage
  • Finished in Laricina-White laminates
  • Heat and scratch resistant

Bowery hil TV armoire


This is a versatile wardrobe/TV armoire and probably one of the best bedroom armoires with TV storage. It is considered the best mainly because it features a cabinet with an adjustable shelf and a hanging rod and two full-size drawers. The shelf and the hanging rod of this unit remain conveniently hidden behind the double doors. You can use it in the form of a storage cabinet, entertainment center, or wardrobe in your bedroom or any other area of the house. When used as an entertainment center, it possesses the capability to hold a 24 inch TV. The product is made using 100% engineered wood and is available in black laminate finish.

Other Important Features

Other essential features of the unit include profiled top, solid knobs made of brushed nickel, side moldings, arched kick plate, two doors, and two drawers running on smooth metal runners with safety tops. All in all, it can be said that the Bowery Hill TV Armoire available in a contemporary style is one of the best picks for individuals who have very little TV storage space in their bedrooms.

  • Made of engineered wood
  • Profiled top, side moldings and an arched kick plate
  • Solid brushed nickel knobs

Versa Armoire


If maximum storage is what you need, then the Versa Armoire with TV storage would be the ultimate product for you. This is an attractive TV storage armoire that can be added to almost any room for making it an integral part of the home décor. It is a product that helps in jazzing up the appearance and the feel of your home instantly. The best part about using this bedroom armoire with TV storage is that it is a large and versatile unit that works perfectly well in almost any room. It offers extra storage space for TV units and other related accessories.

Main Features of the Versa Armoire

The best feature of this TV storage armoire is that it offers a total of four storage spaces with three adjustable shelving units that have the potential to support weights up to 25lbs. Another great feature of this unit is that it has two large drawers featuring metal slides. The metal handles of this model are in antique copper and black finish. It has been specifically designed to offer maximum storage in all the rooms of a house. Another noteworthy point about this armoire is that it can always be combined with felt baskets for providing added storage space

  • Laminated Particleboard
  • 2 large drawers and 4 storage spaces
  • Robust Armoire modern color and shaping
  • Shelf can support up to 25lb

Prepac White


This Monterey 2 door white armoire from Prepacis a must for all space-conscious bedrooms. This is considered one of the best bedroom armoires with TV storage mainly because it features a cabinet behind its double doors that serve in the form of an entertainment center for small television sets. You also have the option of using its handing rod that comes included for keeping clothes in the most organized manner. Yet another way of using this armoire from Prepac is taking the best advantage of the adjustable shelf in the cabinet for storing accessories, shoes, and linens.

No armoire unit is considered to be complete if it does not feature a drawer, and the same goes for this TV storage armoire from Prepac. Even this product features two full-size drawers below its cabinet. This means that you will never experience the trouble of insufficient space for storing your valuables and necessary items.

The Versatile Usage of the Prepac Armoire

This versatile TV storage armoire from Prepac includes side moldings, arched kick plate, dark pewter finish and profiled top. The drawers and the doors feature solid metal knobs. It is also to be noted that the drawers run on metal runners that seem to be very smooth and also feature in-built safety tops. Considering the different features of versatile usage of this unit, it would not be incorrect to say that it is one of the best bedroom armoires with TV storage.

 Other Important Features

The drawers of this unit have been made with dovetail joints. They are mounted on ball bearings. It also features a tip restraining tool along with base levelers for sturdy and comfortable appearance. The shelves of this unit can easily glide out while the drawers cannot be removed. The top shelf possesses the capacity to accommodate a 32-inch flat-screen TV. The beveled glass doors and hardwood construction of the product make it one of the best bedroom armoires with TV storage.

  • Drawers run on smooth, all-metal roller
  • Pewter finished metal Knobs
  • Constructed from high Quality laminated composite woods
  • Glides with built-in safety stops

Some final words

There are different varieties and brands of bedroom armoires with TV storage available throughout the market, but not all of them serve to be perfect for your master suite or your bedroom. Therefore, you must carry out proper research and take several considerations into mind when choosing the best bedroom armoires with TV storage. Also, you need to set up your entire bedroom in such a way that it serves as a perfect match for the TV storage armoire that you are choosing for the area. It is just a matter of choice and making the right arrangements for creating something visually appealing and practically functional at the same time.