Give Yourself a Goodnight's Sleep: The Best Mattress for Arthritis and Fibromyalgia

October 2, 2021

Many people suffer from arthritis and fibromyalgia, which can make it difficult to get a good night's sleep. The best mattress for these conditions is one with an orthopedic support system that will help reduce the pain and provide relief. But what kind of mattresses are out there? Read on to find out about five different mattresses that are great for people who have arthritis or fibromyalgia!


How to Shop for a Mattress

It used to be that the best way to see if you like a mattress was in-person. But with shopping online becoming increasingly popular, how do we know without trying it? Well luckily for all of us there’s plenty of beds available on both sites and through bed boxes so now when people buy something then they can return any product within 30 days at their own cost!

How to Shop for a Mattress

This makes things much easier because once someone finds out what doesn't work well; instead moving onto another store/brand where this might happen again - It saves time and hassle rather than having them shop around looking disappointed every time further searching leads nowhere.

1. Consider Symptoms

Sleep disruption can be an issue for many people who have fibromyalgia, so it's important to take note of any changes in this area. That may affect how you feel during the day or specific areas. Where pain is particularly severe like certain joints between muscles due their proximity therewith being inappropriate candidates as well. Because they have poor circulation (sp?) which could lead towards other physical difficulties making them more susceptible than average.

Back & Neck Pain

Side sleeping can be the best option for those with back and neck pain, but there are ways to make it more comfortable too. Just remember that you should choose a mattress based on your needs- not just any old one will do!

Hip, Leg, Shoulder & Arm Pain

A lot of people think that sleeping on your side is better for those who have hip or shoulder pain, but it can actually cause extra stress in other places. Make sure to look around at which type of mattress fits best with how you sleep so as not to put any unnecessary strain on yourself!

Trouble Falling & staying Sleep

Unlike infomercials make it seem, FM is not without its drawbacks. If you’re a light sleeper and tend to wake up with your ears ringing after an inadequate amount of sleep or are sensitive about noise in general.

Then try looking for mattresses with good motion isolation which will help block out external sound patterns. So that when the time comes around once more there's nothing else for me but sweet slumber from within myself!

Bladder Problem

With a waterproof mattress cover, you can finally sleep soundly again with no worries about soilage. The fabric is designed to protect your investment and keep it in top condition for years!

Allergy Problem

Sleep is a crucial part of health and well-being. A 2010 study found that people with FM are more likely to have allergies, asthma or eczema which can be Sneaky Bed Bugs that cause sleeplessness!

Sleep aids in relieving stress so consider getting one of those hypoallergenic mattresses if you need help sleeping because they're great at keeping allergens away from our skin while we rest soundly during these allergy season months.

Abdominal Pain

If you're a chronic snorer like me and deal with abdominal pain, try sleeping on your side or back! But if it's the only way to get some shut eye then consider opting for an extra-soft mattress.

It’s no secret that FM can really make you work up a sweat. If this is the case, consider investing in some cooling mattress or topper for temporary relief from your uncomfortable symptoms!

2. Types of mattresses

You've got a lot of options when it comes to mattresses, but these two are what most people think about. For this article we'll focus on just two types: Foam & Hybrid

Types of mattresses


Sleep is a fundamental need for humans. With the right mattress, you can get the best night’s sleep and wake up feeling refreshed with increased mental clarity

This means that your focus will be sharper throughout each day! Sleep well knowing we have what it takes at Mattress Firm in our store to help make this happen.


A hybrid mattress is the perfect compromise between an innerspring bed and traditional foam mattresses. The coils provide some bounce while providing pressure point relief, but it's backed by extra comfort from memory-foam layers that make this feel like your own personalized hug!

How to Choose the Best Mattresses for Fibromyalgia

With the knowledge that fibromyalgia can affect different areas of your body, we looked for mattresses to suit various sleeping positions. That way you are able to choose which position is best suited for avoiding pain in certain parts or all over again; whether it's back towards reducing shoulder and hip problems or on one side specifically aimed at aiding those with painful hips.

Sleep disruption due to FM can cause a variety of symptoms. Symptoms like excessive sweating or allergy problems might interfere with your sleep, so we also covered mattresses that will help you get better quality slumber if these non-pain related issues are getting in the way!

We believe that everyone deserves a safe place to sleep. Our mattress picks meet federal safety standards and are made of components which pass rigorous independent testing for their social responsibility, environmental sustainability, as well as your peace-of-mind when you're ready to get some shut eye!

5 Best Mattresses for Fibromyalgia Review in 2021

Best Mattresses for Fibromyalgia

1. Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Adapt Mattress - Best for Light Sleepers

TEMPUR-Adapt 11-Inch Hybrid Mattress

Having FM can feel like you're constantly being woken up. It's hard to share a bed with someone else when that happens, and the sound of snoring is never fun!

Tempur-Pedic has long been known for its motion isolation remember those commercials with the glass of red wine? This makes it an ideal choice if you're sleeping next to a tossing and turning partner.

I bet this is why so many couples turn their heads away from each other while trying not only to sleep but find peace in one another's arms! The TEMPUR Adapt mattress even offers cooling benefits which are perfect at night time when hot flashes start feeling like fire on your skin (not good).

Tempur uses natural gel memory foam combined w/polyurethane coverings that work together perfectly as they adapt themselves around any body type imaginable.

2. The Purple Mattress - Best for Hip & Shoulder Pain

The Purple Mattress

FM pain is not just in your joints! FM can also affect muscles, tendons and even bones. People who experience hip or shoulder pains may sleep best on their back as side sleeping puts extra pressure on already painful joints that are holding them up from a seated position all day long at work

The Purple Mattress is not just one of the many beds in a box on this market, but it offers something special for your back. Made with gridded polyurethane foam and meant to eliminate pressure points entirely so you can sleep well without any pain at all- especially if you're someone who commonly suffers from chronic discomfort or pinched nerves while trying other mattresses!

The 100 night trial period has no lock-in contracts either (making them great options if they don't work out), free shipping throughout North America AND Europe along with 10 year warranties which mean that even after years go by these will still be worth their weight as soon as they come into use because there’s nothing worse than buying new furniture only for parts break.

3. Tuft & Needle Original Mattress - Best for budget Friendly

Tuft & Needle Mattress Topper Breathable

Now you can sleep soundly at night without waking up from your partner's tossing and turning. The Tuft & Needle Original Mattress is the answer to all of those pressure point relief needs, as it features soft foam layers that provide just enough support so users are able to get back some good quality restful slumber in a jiffy!

As the perfect bed for any sleeping position, reviewers of all sorts seem to agree with this assessment. It also happens to be a lot less expensive than many other mattresses out there in its category!

There's free shipping and an at-home trial so you can feel confident about your purchase before buying it outright or financing through Amazon Prime Student--which includes 2 day delivery if needed by October 31st after signing up.

Finally, Tuft & Needle offers 10 years worth limited warranty coverage as well as their 100 Night Trial Policy which means that even though we know life happens; should anything go wrong within those first ten nights then they'll fix OR replace whatever needs fixing/replacing upon request without question asked from either party involved.

4. Cocoon by Sealy Chill Mattress - Best for Body Pain

Cocoon by Sealy Cocoon Mattress

A great foam mattress can be hard to find, but the Chill Mattress has been proven as an effective way of combating hot flashes. Although reviewers say they haven't experienced any problems with sweating or overheating in their sleepers since using this product, it's helped them feel more comfortable during those intense summer days by making night time rest easy on your skin!

Cocoon mattresses are the perfect choice for your next bed. The Cocoon mattress comes in extra firm and medium soft, offering back or side sleepers four different comfort levels that will meet everyone's needs!

It also has a 100 night trial period so you can decide if it's right for you before making an order- no need to worry about shipping either because they offer free worldwide shipping with orders over $200 USD (or get 30% off!). To top everything off there is a 10 year warranty against manufacturer defects as well!"

5. Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Hybrid - Best for Excessive Sweating

Brooklyn Aurora 13" Luxury Cooling Gel Hybrid Mattress

There are a few different ways to help with FM and sleeping. For some people, hyperhidrosis can make sleep super uncomfortable due to uncontrollable sweating during the night which causes them not only involuntary wetting but also discomfort from overheating or feeling feverish because of excess heat production by your body's processes.

That happens while trying unsuccessfully to regulate core temperature through cooling off as needed instead putting too much stress on muscles ineffectively working against illness causing extreme pain before they finally give out completely making patients wish for death so it will end their suffering.

Brooklyn Bedding offers a 120-day risk free trial, free shipping and 10 year warranty. For back sleepers we recommend going with the medium or firm mattress while side sleeping fans can enjoy our softer option for their comfort needs!


 From the first step of waking up to your morning routine, a good night's sleep can make all the difference. For those with arthritis and fibromyalgia, it’s essential that you find a mattress that provides enough support for your body while still being comfortable.

If you're not sure where to start or how much research is needed before making such an important purchase, we recommend our website as one resource for finding more information about what mattresses are best suited for people who suffer from these conditions. We think you'll be happy with any of them!