Top 5 Best Mattress for Babies Crib

November 2, 2023

To protect your little one from everything in the outside world, you need to make sure they're safe and sound. The crib mattress will be their first experience with sleeping on something other than a soft surface so it's important to find out more about what kind of bedding is best suited for them!

In the United States, crib mattresses are a major cause of SIDS. Parents should follow these guidelines to reduce risk and increase safety for their little ones: The pillowtop or soft surface must not indent when baby lies upon it; also ensure there is no loose bedding in your child's sleep area- just one fitted sheet per model from company X only (with all tags attached).

You have a lot of choices when it comes to finding the perfect crib mattress. You could go with traditional innerspring and foam models, or maybe something more modern like dual sided products designed specifically for infants and toddlers? The best way is not always clear-cut so we've done some research on your behalf!


What Are the Types of Crib Mattresses?

The perfect crib mattress matters more than type of choice. Which one you end up with is a matter of personal preference and there are many different options to choose from, but what's important here at first glance would be getting something that can provide quality for your baby or toddler in terms of comfortability when sleeping (or just playing). Here they come:

Types of Crib Mattresses

1. Innerspring Mattresses

Innerspring mattresses have a sturdy, resilient feel that makes them perfect for people who prefer more support. The steel coils inside of this type of mattress provide just enough give when you need it but not too much so your bed doesn't sag or collapse on itself with use over time like other softer types might do in the same situation.

The most basic type of innerspring mattress is the one with a single layer of steel coils encased by an outer membrane. This provides great support and stability, but it can be hard on your back because there’s no give when you sit or move around at night-time. More expensive models offer two layers; each adds more comfort without compromising any core durability!

Innerspring mattresses are the best option for parents who want a durable, yet comfortable mattress. These expensive beds can range from $80-$300 depending on how many coils you have and what material they’re made up of (polyurethane or cotton). They also tend to weigh more than other types so make sure your baby doesn't outgrow them too quickly!

2. Foam Mattresses

The foam mattresses are typically light and durable. They’re also the least expensive mattress option, making them a popular choice for those on tight budgets or who want to try different kinds of sleeping surfaces before committing fully to any one type of bedding material. You want to make sure the foam crib mattress you buy is resilient. Press your hand on it and see how long it takes for its surface (the faster, better).

Next, you want to find a mattress that is firmer. The higher the density of your chosen model is an indication of how firm it will be; so test this out by pressing on either side or squeezing some sections with little pressure - if they don't give much at all then chances are good for sinking into comfort as soon as possible!

3. Double Sided Mattresses

Flip over the mattress and give your toddler a softer, more comfortable surface with this 2 for 1 deal! In addition, be sure that when you are changing the mattress sheets on your baby's crib or bassinet.

Double Sided Mattresses

Whichever one he/she is using at home for sleeping in make sure it has been thoroughly washed before dropping them into a dryer with low heat setting. This way they will not have any allergens stuck onto their skin from being near someone who had allergies during bedtime rituals!

How to Choose a Crib Mattress

Child safety has become an issue lately due to new regulations and awareness about how kids can get injured if not properly restrained during sleep times.

Because they're unpredictable flailing beings who sometimes forget where their head begins or ends while thrashing around like crazy under layers upon layers worth of blankets (or parents).

One of the most important aspects when looking for a crib mattress is its comfort. In order to make sure that it's right, you should test-sit on any potential purchases with your newborn in tow before buying! Take note:


Crib mattresses are designed to meet the needs of infants. They're firmer and shorter so that they don't roll over, can protect your baby's fragile neck in case something happens while sleeping (i.e., a parent falling asleep). As well as support growing bones during this crucial time period when all things seem possible!


Crib mattresses are often made of fabric, which makes them susceptible to mold and mildew. Make sure you keep your baby's bedding clean by regularly washing in hot water with bleach or other cleaners designed specifically for fabrics; use a waterproof cover if possible so he won't get wet at night!


Make sure you buy the right size mattress for your crib. The foam should fit snugly against it, and there shouldn't be more than two fingers between them when compressed in a frame of any kind (including mini or bassinets).


The children of today are much more sensitive than their parents and grandparents. They have a greater risk for life-long health problems, including allergies or asthma due to chemicals used in standard mattress production that may not be safe for them.

A natural alternative could include organic mattresses made from materials such as wool (which can help regulate temperature) and hemp cotton tree silk ; these provide comfort without compromising your child's respiratory system!

5 Best Mattress for Babies Crib

Best Mattress for Babies Crib

1. Naturepedic Organic Lightweight Classic Crib Mattress - Best Organic

Naturepedic Organic Lightweight Classic Crib Mattress

Organic cotton is a great choice for your baby's nursery. Not only does it have the benefit of being safe and comfortable, but organic fabrics also contain no pesticides. Which means you can sleep easier knowing that they're not exposed to harmful chemicals while sleeping in their own space!

Plus if things get messy (which they will), there are stain repellant features built into this mattress so cleanup won't be an issue at all.

Thanks to its waterproof fabric layer made out of polyethylene material that helps make sure stains stay where they belong - On The Mattress!. Insight: Sweet dreams are made of lush synthetic fibers or durable natural materials like leather; however one thing most parents could use some help with when furnishing their child’s room.

Changing the sheets on a mattress is an easy way to get your arm workout in. The lighter-than-heavy duty inner springs deliver firmness and durability, but won’t be as much fun for those wanting some heavy equipment!

2. Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams Crib and Toddler Bed Mattress - Budget Friendly

Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams Crib and Toddler Bed Mattress

The Heavenly Dreams Mattress is a great investment for your baby's sleep! The high-density thermo-bonded fiber core provides them with firm support as they grow, and the water resistant vinyl cover can stand up to stains.

This mattress has Green Guard Gold certification which means it meets strict safety standards in terms of low chemical emissions AND mildew protection - making this an excellent choice among other crib mattresses on the market today . This bag is great for the frequent traveler. It's light, but it also has all of your needs covered!

3. Newton Baby Essential Crib Mattress - Breathable One

Newton Baby Essential Crib Mattress

The innovative Newton is a breathable crib mattress that's designed to keep your baby healthy and safe. The 90% free air core helps them breathe easy, so they can sleep soundly without any worries about getting sick or uncomfortable in their own skin!

The breathable fabric that surrounds the mattress is also completely washable, and it can be unzipped for cleaning. The cover material prevents bacterial growth so your nights sleep will remain clean no matter how much of a pig you are!

The best part about this mattress is that it doesn’t have any toxic materials or adhesives. This ensures your little one will be safe from potential injuries as they sleep soundly on their new baby crib bedding!

The next very unique quality we love about these mattresses are the recycled, green options such as hypoallergenic material and recyclable design making them eco-friendly too.

If you're looking to save some money while still achieving high standards then take note: many expensive brands offer lower grade products since they know cash flow isn't everything; what matters most when buying anything.

4. Moonlight Slumber Little Star Crib - Best mini Mattress

Moonlight Slumber Little Star Crib

A mini crib is the perfect solution for those who are tight on space, or simply want a smaller footprint. This one offers many of the same benefits as full size crib mattresses with double-sided (firm high density foam for infants and plush Plusher side) made in the U S A from premium materials that are also GreenGuard Gold certified!

The mattress comes covered by an attached waterproof hypoallergenic stain resistant performance fabric which will keep your little one cozy at night no matter how much they struggle during daylight hours.

5. Bundle of Dreams Classic 2-Stage Crib - Eco-Friendly Mattress

Bundle of Dreams Classic 2-Stage Crib

Bundle of Dreams mattresses are made from something called “bundle fiber,” which is a safer, healthier alternative to foam. This protects your little one and you from harmful toxic emissions while also not off-gassing any chemicals.

That would make the mattress smell bad like other brands do when they open up their packaging for new products! We love our organic cotton sleep surface as well so this will feel great on top of everything else these BODs have going in its favor with ample support at an affordable price point? Yes please!!

Sleeping on a green mattress can help you be more environmentally conscious. This one meets the Greenguard Gold certification standards, meaning it's been verified as being free from harmful chemicals and materials that could potentially off-gas or cause allergic reactions in some people when they sleep on them!

Plus this hypoallergenic design is perfect for those suffering with sensitive skin issues like eczema and other autoimmune disorders which oftentimes affect your ability to breathe normally through pursed lips during REM cycles due acid reflux (or heartburn).

Safety Guidelines for Crib Mattress

Imagine the comfort and security of a crib mattress that is designed for your baby. The best way to ensure their safety, longevity in use as well as ease when chewing or crawling around on it are by looking at these 3 things - size/weight limit; material(s) used (foam vs particle); how old they’ll get before outgrowing them?

Safety Guidelines for Crib Mattress

Safety always comes first with regards to choosing toys but there's more than one factor worth considering if you want something timeless!

1. Avoid Second Hand

Mold is scary stuff. You may not want to go near a used mattress if you think there's any chance of its being infested with mold or bacteria, but luckily for us (and our kids), that could be one sleep over too many! Mold can cause severe health problems so don't reuse an old bed even if it was only slept in by children once before.

2. Keep the Crib Empty

It’s important to keep your baby's room clean and organized because they can suffocate if you place any object in their crib that is not made for storage. This includes pillows, bumpers or blankets as these items may cover the child's face while sleeping on it which could cause them some serious harm!

A fitted sheet should only be used when put underneath a mattress; anything else risks covering up vital areas around one of our most delicate parts: The Airway Sacrum Muscles will do whatever possible just so there isn't too much pressure placed against its membranes (often referred-to by pediatricians).

3. Place Baby on Their Back

It's important to know the safest sleeping position for your baby. It reduces their risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), which can be a leading cause in babies' first year life spans!

4. Check before Flip Mattress

Double-sided mattresses work great for children as they allow you to Transition your little one into sleeping alone. For example, if a parent is still using the same side of their mattress that it was given when being born then typically this would mean turning over all sides at 12 months old so kids can learn how to sleep on their own without any assistance from mommy or daddy!

Some parents have found success by flipping over what used to be just an adult style bed after their child outgrows bassinets. So always talk with yours before making any major changes like these ones do take some time but once done will provide much happier mornings than ever.

Final Thought

Everyone knows that sleeping well is the best way to start off your day, but did you know how important it can be for a baby as well? A good night's rest sets up a happy mood and effective learning. When they don't feel tired at all during their waking hours or have trouble falling asleep.

Because everything seems too bright just before bedtime then this could mean one thing: there are problems with mattress quality! Luckily we've compiled some helpful information about choosing crib mattresses in order to make things easier on yourself when looking into buying new ones.