The Best Mattress for Hot Sleepers

October 2, 2021

A hot night’s sleep is difficult and uncomfortable, but there are plenty of options for people who suffer from this condition. There are several things to consider when shopping around including: mattresses that provide temperature regulation; comfort levels in various sleeping positions as well as support at the spine and hips area of your body all designed with YOUR needs in mind!

With summer quickly approaching, it’s time to invest in a high-quality mattress. In this article we will review the best cooling mattresses on today's market so that you can find your perfect match and sleep happier tonight!


Types of Cooling Mattresses

For those who have been looking to get the best sleep possible, it can be hard knowing which material will keep you cool and comfortable. Picking out a new mattress is one decision that may seem daunting but we’ve listed our favorite materials so take note!

1. Latex

In the summer, you need hot sleepers that will keep your bedding cool. A good way of doing this is by using natural materials like latex which are breathable and allow air to circulate better than other types of material such as memory foam or cotton batting. The best type? Latex mattresses with innerspring coils for responsive comfort - they can help regulate body temperature throughout all night longs!

2. Memory Fame

Memory foam has come a long way as far as cooling technology goes. While you are still more likely to get a cooler night’s sleep on another mattress type, if you're looking for memory foam and want it cool enough then there is hope! Several companies have started infusing their foams with copper using open-cell technology or gel infused materials so they offer great temperature regulation in addition to the cloud like comfort

3. InnerSpring

One of the best features about an innerspring mattress is how it regulates air flow. With more room for airflow, cool sleeping becomes much easier on your body! It's not just you, even though most people think foam mattresses are better at distributing heat than spring ones due to their comfort and responsiveness (and they kind-of might be), what matters most when choosing one?

Well if cooler sleep patterns matter most or don't want any noise interrupting them during nighttime hours then go with something like a traditional woven fabric model while those looking primarily.

4. Hybrid

For those that experience hot sleeping seasons, hybrid mattresses offer the airflow and comfort of an innerspring with memory foam. This type of mattress is known as a good option for these types because it can regulate temperature well- even if they contain technology like gel or charcoal infusions to increase heat regulation!

How Effective are Cooling Mattress

Mattresses are an essential part of sleeping well, but not all mattresses work equally. There's nothing worse than lying down to sleep and feeling like your body is being cooked by a heat lamp-or worst yet: microwaved! The right kind of material needs to be used so air can circulate freely inside the mattress while also allowing it time outside for freshness during waking hours (without getting dusty!).

How Effective are Cooling Mattress

How can you tell if a mattress is breathable? One way to do so, says the Better Sleep Council website "is by reading about its construction." They recommend looking for materials and technologies that will allow air flow through it - like Open Coil technology or Visco-Elastic Foam layers. Additionally they mention wanting foam with ventilated cells as well since trapped moisture poses health risks such as mold growth in your bedroom!

If you want a comfortable, cooling mattress that will keep your body cool all night long then make sure to look for an open cell and gel-infused memory foam. You should also read reviews on the product before buying it so as not be left disappointed with an ordinary purchase like I was once again...

The Best Mattresses for Hot Sleepers

Here are some of the best mattresses for hot sleepers with features. You can have a look and choose one for you.

Best Mattresses for Hot Sleepers

1. Helix Midnight Luxe Mattress

Helix Midnight Luxe Mattress

The Helix Midnight Luxe Mattress is perfect for side sleepers who want to wake up in pain-free mode. Zone support provides just the right amount of cushion that will keep your spine aligned and provide great spinal alignment, while also providing you with Zoned Support where it’s needed most - from hips all the way down to neck!

The 2" extra thickness makes this mattress one hefty investment but well worth every penny when considering what position protects us best.

The Helix Midnight Luxe is a great option if you want a mattress that combines the “hugging” comfort of foam with individually wrapped coils. In this hybrid design, memory foam acts as an encasement for air flow to keep heat away from your body all night long!

The Helix Sleep brand has 14 different mattresses made for all sorts of people. The latest addition to their line, the Midnight Luxe is specifically designed with side sleepers in mind: it features memory foam that provides targeted support at your hips and shoulders so you can stay comfortable while sleeping on any position - even though they might not be typical ones!

Technical Details:

  • Material: Hybrid                                  
  • Trial: 100 Nights      
  • Warranty: 15 years                              
  • Firmness: Medium Firm

2. Saatva Mattress - For Back Pain

The Saatva Classic innerspring mattress is delivered to your door by professionals. You can choose between Luxury Soft, Firm and the most luxurious of them all - PlushSoft! This durable product uses organic cotton material for a high quality feel that will last through years with no wear or tear on its components.

Due to delicate fabrics often found in cheaper mattresses made from synthetic materials like memory foam.

Which eventually lose their ability to support weight over time while also being way more fragile than natural fibers. Such as wool does so don't worry about getting this at any cost. Because you know it'll be worth every penny spent when those old ones start leaking before even halfway down.

The Saatva Mattress is one of our favorite beds here at Mattress Nerd. The robust support core and eco-friendly organic cotton in its topper, which are responsible for providing cooling relief as well as promoting airflow through all layers of this mattress helped us create a top notch writing experience that would be worth reading from start to finish!

The Saatva mattress combines the best features of both traditional innerspring and euro-pillow top beds. The combination provides optimal comfort for those with back problems, while also being suitable as an option between partners who move around throughout sleep - but may feel some bounce now and then!

Technical Spec:

  • Material: Hybrid                             
  • Trial: 180 Nights
  • Firmness: Multiple                           
  • Warranty: 15 Year

3. GhostBed Luxe Mattress - Best for Couple

GhostBed Luxe Mattress

If you sleep hot, the GhostBed Luxe is one of the best mattresses for cooling memory foam. It provides a great deal of comfort and support but doesn't get too firm or hard like other popular brands can sometimes do.

When you're looking for the right mattress to keep your cool all night long, we recommend trying out a Ghostbed Luxe. This bed is made of four layers; two top materials which contribute sleep warmth compatibility with couples and hot-sleepers alike!

All aboard the train to blissful sleep! Luxe Ghost Mattresses are here with their advanced technology and luxury features. The top layer of ghost ice, which ensures little heat gets trapped in your foam mattress; Memory Foam for motion isolation that will keep you from feeling every move during an entire night's worth of love-making (even though there are over 100 weigh points)?

It doesn't stop at just one destination: couples can rejoice as this firmness level comes equipped between being soft or hard - making it great for any sleeper’s taste buds too!.

Technical Spec:

  • Material: Foam                              
  • Trial: 101 Nights
  • Firmness: Soft                               
  • Warranty: 25 years

4. Cocoon by Sealy Cocoon Mattress - Best for Side Sleepers

Cocoon by Sealy Cocoon Mattress

The Cocoon by Sealy gives consumers a cooling all-foam option delivered right to their door. With multiple firmness options, the bed offers an affordable and creative solution that will keep you cool on hot summer nights!

A selection of mattresses are now available without sacrificing comfort or support with Cooling patented gel memory technology which works using evaporative forces. As your body moves around at night allowing moisture molecules from sweat escape through tiny pores in the contact layer.

While simultaneously drawing heat away  This creates space between the wearer's skin surface tension holds onto warmth faster so we feel warm when actually these elements should be escaping out.

A bed-in-a box mattress is the perfect solution for hot sleepers who want a memory foam feel. The Cocoon was designed by Sealy, and it’s an excellent budget option to consider if staying cool at night is one of your main concerns! The Cocoon is the perfect bed for those who want to feel like they're lying on a cloud. With different firmness levels, it's easy to find your preferred one!

The Cocoon is the perfect bed for those who want to feel like they're lying on a cloud. With different firmness levels, it's easy to find your preferred one!

Technical Spec:

  • Material: Foam  
  • Trial:100 Nights
  • Firmness: Multiple                         
  • Warranty: 10 Years

5. Bear Hybrid Mattress - Best one for Cooling Gel

Bear Hybrid Mattress

The Bear Hybrid Mattress is the latest technological advancement in mattresses. It features memory foam that continuously carries away heat, promising you a cooler night's sleep with more restful slumber!

The Bear Hybrid is a comfortable hybrid mattress that offers support and pressure relief to enhance your night's sleep. The premium foam provides just enough comforting firmness, while the individually wrapped coils adapt to each person’s unique shape with hyper-soft cooling gel cells in key areas like head or knees for those hot sleeping habits you may have!

For eco conscious consumers who don't want any impact on Mother Earth aside from saving money at check out time. This one has it all covered too since they use certified green materials including water based bonding solutions. So there won't be any nasty chemicals leaching into Baird's soil.

The Bear Hybrid is the perfect choice for those who need a medium-firm feel that provides optimal spinal alignment. The individual coils promote breathability and airflow, making it an excellent option as well between couples due to its reduced motion transfer properties--not only will you get quality sleep but your partner can too!

Technical Spec:

  • Material: Hybrid
  • Trial: 100 nights
  • Firmness: Soft                                          
  • Warranty: 20 Years

Materials of Cooling Mattresses That Helps Hot Sleepers

The benefits of a cooling mattress are endless. Not only do they keep you cool and comfortable all night long, but these days there's even more science behind it than before! Mattresses with built-in air conditioning have been around for some time.

Now thanks to the leading industry players in this space who know how important keeping their customers at optimal levels is - not just during summer months or when we're feeling too hot from exercise (although those times happen as well.

In fact, speaking on behalf of one popular brand which incorporates our latest innovation into its line up coming later next year: "Our newest model includes patented technologies that will allow us deliver relief where most people need help."

1. Individually Wrapped Coils

As opposed to Bonnell coils and hourglass mattresses, which are interlaced across the mattress like a blanket with no distinguishing features between each thread in terms of color or design. Pocketed coil Mattresses also have pockets that make up its frame. These fabric pouches give off more air than other types while still remaining soft under pressure.

So you can sleep soundly without any worries about discomfort during nighttime hours due to their hypoallergenic material making them great choices for anyone looking out there specifically seeking what they need when it comes down to unfilled desires.

2. Charcoal Infused Foam

Some people say that charcoal-infused foam is more effective than gel memory, but it’s still commonly used to add breathability and cooling properties. It's popular with mattresses because activated carbon can absorb odors while open cell cells allow air flow through the mattress so you feel cooler all night long!

While we personally don't find ourselves purchasing this type of bedding often due our preference for high thread count cotton or silk sheets over polyester fabric covers on top layers (just my opinion), there are many shoppers out there who absolutely love how well Charcoal Infused Foam works when combined with other materials such as Gel Memory Foam

3. Graphite Infused Foam

Imagine waking up in the morning and not feeling like your skinfold is being compressed by a hundred pounds of lead. The only problem: It's still night time! But with graphite-infused foam, this will never happen again because it wicks away body heat while keeping hot sleepers from getting overheated at night.

All Tuft & Needle mattresses use these cool properties to keep their customers comfortable all throughout their sleep cycle even those who suffer fromMotion&Sciatica pain as well as other joint issues caused due t o Sleeping Posture Consequences (NPC).

4. Gel infused Foam

Mattresses advertised to have cooling properties often use gel-infused memory foam in the construction of their mattresses. Whether it be beads or infused throughout, these infusions are a great way for mattress manufacturers to combat overheating tendencies of this type of material and feel cool when touched.

Because they absorb more heat than other types such as cotton which can get warm quickly during hot periods but does not wick moisture away from your skin like most materials would.

Gel Infusion has been shown through independent studies by organizations including The Sleep Research Institute at Stanford University Medical Center (outlined below) to prove its effectiveness at regulating body temperature while also providing comfort thanks primarily to how comfortable those who slept with them reported feeling .

5. Celliant

The Bear Hybrid mattress uses Celliant fiber in its construction for better cooling. This material reacts to heat produced by the body, which allows increased airflow and breathability that's important when you're hot sleeping!

6. Lycra

Lycra is a stretchy, elastic synthetic fabric also known as spandex. In the mattress space this material offers breathability and might not feel cool to touch but it will certainly allow for ample airflow because of its ability to breathe well while still remaining soft against your skin or hair - perfect if you want extra comfort on top of performance!

A cotton cover may be less comfortable than those made with Lycras which means they wear out faster over time due their inability at providing adequate air circulation especially when being slept in hot climates where people are more likely to shed excess moisture through sweating during nights spent sleeping.

7. Tencel

Tencel is a fabric made from the woody cellulose of trees. It absorbs moisture and keeps skin cool, making it perfect for mattresses! Tents are often lined with tencels which help wick away sweat while keeping you comfortable at night.

Final Thought

A hot sleep can be a physically painful experience. New mattress companies are developing ways to keep you cool and comfortable at night, but what if your bed is too old? Here’s how older mattresses work for those who need extra relief from their discomfort!

It’s hard to say which type of mattress is best for night sweats because each person has his own preferences when it comes down to sleeping. While some promote coolness, they might not work out well in regards with your favorite position or their feel (soft vs firm).

Others can make you too cold while trying them out so there's no point in testing these types unless someone knows exactly what he wants from a bedding product that suits him most closely!