The 6 Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers Review [Expert Verified]

October 3, 2021

The right mattress can make all the difference when sleeping in a different position. Sleepers with stomachs may experience pain due to lack of support and an uncomfortable surface beneath them, but finding that perfect bed is not always easy!

Stomach sleepers need mattresses which stop excessive sinking around their midsection so they're supported adequately throughout any night's slumbering session. Luckily there are plenty out on today’s market wide enough for everyone who wants convenience without sacrificing comfort or luxury.

Our research team has evaluated hundreds of mattresses to determine which models are best suited for stomach sleeping. We looked at durability, perimeter support and temperature control as well as pressure relief in order to find you the top picks listed below all with an accolade highlighting one model’s biggest strength!


How Sleeping on Your Stomach Affects Sleep

If you find yourself frequently waking up with indigestion or belly aches, avoid sleeping on your stomach. A new study has shown that this position can lead to certain physical sensations like heartburn and difficulty breathing in those who have them sensitive enough for it but others may not mind at all!

The best way around these issues then becomes finding the perfect mattress which meets their individual needs as closely as possible so they're able to reduce any drawbacks from straddling one all night long while trying to get some shut eye (although let's be honest here...who actually does).

Stomach sleeping is a popular habit for many people. However, there are several potential issues associated with this type of sleep posture and position including neck soreness from turning the head too much or an extended period of time spent in that awkward "stretch" when you first wake up before anything else happens!

Stomach-sleeping individuals often bring their leg up to align themselves more comfortably at night which could torque your hips if done without care--and even cause lower back pain as well due lack its natural alignment cues (lordosis).

For some people, the best position for sleeping may not be on their back. For example stomach sleepers can experience discomfort and aches if they don't change positions often enough or get proper support during naps from lying flat in one spot all night long!

This might lead them to toss an endless number of times throughout each 24 hour period without getting adequate restful slumber due to lack-luster spinal alignment which will result eventually causing drowsiness at work/school along with stress related issues such as high blood pressure because we are constantly fighting against gravity when trying put ourselves into these unnatural postures while asleep.

While there are drawbacks to sleeping on your stomach, it also has an advantage. If you snore when sleeping in other positions and find that goes away while laying down or sitting up then chances are good this is why!

Which Mattress Firmness is Best for Stomach Sleepers?

A mattress’s firmness and weight rating are important factors in determining how supportive it will be. A heavier person may feel comfortable on a softer, less supportive model while lighter individuals need to have one with higher degree of support for all-around use throughout the night."

For many people, mattress firmness is an important factor when it comes to purchasing a new bed. Mattresses are traditionally rated on ten point scales with 1 being the softest and 10 representing something that's very firm or rock hard depending upon what you're looking for in your sleep experience

Mouth-lighter side sleeper might prefer slightly firmer feel than back goer does because they want their midsection not sink too far into whatever type of mattresses as well improve spinal alignment

When it comes to choosing the perfect mattress, there are many different factors that can influence your decision. One important factor is how firm or soft you want your bedding to feel and sleepers who weigh between 130-230 pounds. It will favor a medium/firm model falling on either end of this scale with mattresses in between those numbers.

Describing their preference for conforming support (5-6) vs pressure relief depending mostly upon weight Classically speaking stomach sleeper would prefer softer surfaces but now more people than ever before have back issues so they too need comfort as well!

The 6 Best Mattresses for Stomach Sleepers Review in 2021

Best Mattresses for Stomach Sleepers

1. Helix Dawn

Helix Dawn

The Helix Dawn is the perfect bed for back and stomach sleepers weighing 130 pounds or more. The standard firmness provides a balance between contouring, bounciness, responsiveness as well as comfort with its materialization of latex-like feel that many people compare to rather than memory foam!

A standard Dawn also includes a polyfoam transitional layer, followed by 8-inch pocketed coils that stabilize the entire mattress and reinforce its edges to prevent excessive sinkage. If you’d like a thicker mattress with more padding than what's offered in this model lineup from Helixsleep then consider their Luxe range of mattresses which have an added 2 inches worth on top for extra comfort!

The new Dawn Luxe is the best mattress topper we've ever laid eyes on. It features an additional memory foam comfort layer, resulting in a closer body contour and sinking less when getting up from or sitting on it. The coils are divided into zones based on their thickness so you'll feel right at home no matter which part of this 7" thick number your backside happens onto!

The Helix Dawn and the more expensive but still affordable-to-the average hybrid model, The Luxe offers firmer feels for stomach sleepers. You get free ground shipping to all 50 states as well as a 100 night trial that is sure to last you longer than most other companies offer!

2. DreamCloud Mattress

DreamCloud Mattress

The DreamCloud is a luxurious foam hybrid mattress that provides an even balance of support and comfort. The unique construction, which utilizes both FirmGround layers for added edge-to-edge durability innerspring coils with ultra soft OuterWalks delivers ultimate support without sacrificing anything from head to toe!

The new dream cloud combines the best features from traditional all-"natural" materials like springy natural latex rubber upholstery Foam Core forgivingly contoured edges Encasing it snugly within your preferred sleep position will give you fabulous back pain relief cradled against cool.

The DreamCloud is a high-profile bed that provides comfort and support with its 14 inches thickness, starting from the cashmere cover quilted of plush polyfoam followed by gel-infused memory foam layers. The former layer beneath has some additional contouring capabilities for moderate to higher level users (moderate). Beneath it all are pocketed coils which generate significant pushback when you sit on them as well providing excellent backrests at any time!

The DreamCloud is the perfect bed for people of all shapes and sizes. With its adjustable pressure relief features, this stylish double futon can cater to your favorite position whether you're a stomach sleeper or one who likes sleeping on their side! The supportive frame construction ensures that it will be comfortable even when filling up these soft mattresses with more than just air (or another friend).

DreamCloud is the ultimate in luxurious and cozy bedding. Dreamers may choose between nine different colors to personalize their perfect cloud, which is made with high quality materials for lasting comfort that come at lower prices than you'd think!

The company offers a generous lifetime warranty as well 365-night sleep trial so there will be no more worries about whether or not it'll last through your college years  just enjoy this expertly crafted mattress today while supplies still last.

3. WinkBed

If you're a stomach sleeper, finding the most comfortable mattress hinges on choosing an appropriate firmness. The WinkBed luxury hybrid is available in four different levels of softness depending upon your weight and preference; people who weigh less than 130 pounds will likely prefer medium-level feel while heavier users have more options for their preferred feels from extra soft at over 230 Pounds all way down to very Firm (Winkbed Plus).

The best part about this? If one type isn't really right for you then just switch them around! It's easy as could be because each new set comes equipped with dual layers too so there are no worries when going through demos or testing out something else like it before buying

The WinkBed is a high-end, responsive foam mattress that provides strong support and feels quite comfortable on top. The standard model features two layers of adaptive polyfoam with a transitional layer made up entirely out of microcoils while the Plus version includes thick latex instead for increased durability!

All beds at WinkBed feature a core of pocketed coils. These can be divided into different zones depending on thickness, which provide support for your midsection and hips while also minimizing sinkage around the perimeter as well as delivering more gentle cradling to areas like head or neck in certain models.

The WinkBed mattress is designed with an intelligent airflow system that continuously circulates air and helps maintain the perfect temperature. With cooling layers of latex, microcoils in between two supportive main coils made from memory foam to support your back as well all four limbs comfortably - this bed will have you sleeping like royalty!

4. Nectar Mattress

Nectar Mattress

The Nectar mattress provides three layers of memory foam to provide the best possible support for your body. The comfort layer cradles you as it adapts and relieves pressure points, while a transition piece helps keep spinal alignment during sleep by stabilizing with high-density core materials around any midsection that might sag over time due to weight change or pregnancy hormones kicking in!

The Nectar is the best buy for those who want to sleep hot. It has a foam construction that absorbs motion and remains whisper-quiet, but also keeps you cool during warm nights by letting moisture escape through its breathable cover or gel memory layer so it won't retain heat like other mattresses can do!

The Nectar has a medium firm feel. While sleepers from any weight group may find this mattress comfortable, it is particularly appropriate for stomach sleeping between 130 and 230 pounds or those who want topperized their lower end with another layer of comfort!

The lack of bounce-back makes them ideal as children's beds where you don't need that extra push when getting out of the bed after falling over onto something hard during wake time moments (ahem), too.

5. Tuft & Needle Mint

Tuft & Needle Mint

Stomach sleepers need mattresses that offer enough support to keep their body’s midsection from sinking, and many all-foam beds may not meet this criteria. However the Tuft & Needle Mint is an exception because its foam design provides medium firmness (6) feel.

Which can be more supportive than average for those who enjoy such materials in a bed; stomach snoozers would benefit greatly with relief through high pressure buildup areas like shoulders/low back area of most any type or brand mattress .

The Mint is a three layer foam system that cradles your body and provides enough support for many stomach sleepers. The first two layers are made of T&N Adaptive, which adapts to you as the night goes on by adjusting its thickness in order to keep an even plane.

This means no more off-kilter angles when it's time for bed! Below this comfort level lies our 7 inch core composed primarily from high density polyfoam offering just enough firmness so snoozing doesn't feel like soft marshmallowy goodness throughout the whole night.

Those who sleep on their stomachs will feel more comfortable with the assistance of this bed, but those that weigh over 230 pounds may sink excessively and not receive sufficient support for healthy posture.

The Mint's T&N foam is infused with graphite that wicks away body heat and maintains temperature neutrality. The breathable cover helps keep the mattress cooler than average, making it excellent for couples who want to sleep soundly without disturbing each other with movements at night

The manufacturer of this brand new product claims they have created an entirely unique type of memory foam called “T-N” which will provide you better quality rest thanks to its special design features like Infused Graphitize Foam + Ceramic Gel Beads To Maintain Neutrality While Reducing Heat.

6. Birch Mattress

Birch Mattress

When you sleep on your back, the breath is pushed aside and pressure builds. This leads to heat buildup that can be uncomfortable in some cases! The Birch Mattress excels at controlling temperature due its latex hybrid design with a thick comfort layer .

Talalay Latex for added airflow near surface level as well as pocketed coils creating circulation throughout interior space while still providing support.  If needed this helps get rid of any unwanted warmth before it hurts anyone's health or longevity (even those who reside in hot areas). A fire barrier cotton cover will absorb moisture released through skin thanks to wool fabric inside which keeps things cool during summer months when they may otherwise feel too warm.

A medium (6) feel makes the Birch Mattress best suited to stomach sleepers who weigh up to 230 pounds. Those who prefer additional cushioning and find themselves sleeping near the edge will also enjoy this mattress, as deep sinkage is prevented by reinforced coils along all four sides of its perimeter.

That helps keep you in place when lying on your side or getting out from under a bed fully clothed after an overnight binge watch session! Latex responds with creative bounce helping people move across its surface more easily while couples tend touse springsier beds during sex which we know everyone can agree sounds like one happy couple.

The Birch Mattress is the perfect eco-conscious purchase for those who want a more natural sleep. The latex used in this mattress comes from trees grown sustainably and responsibly, as well as wool that was ethically sourced while also being organic cotton!

What Mattress Features Are Important For Stomach Sleepers?

A mattress is a big investment. It's important to buy the right one for your needs and preferences, including what position you sleep in (stomach or back) as well as how much weight it should support while being comfortable enough so that tossing around at night doesn't wake up those beneath.

What Mattress Features Are Important For Stomach Sleepers

There are many features mattresses have today which can make them lighter than before like memory foam where some people may prefer deeper layers of comfort on top but perhaps softer below because its responsiveness will match their body heat more closely without overheating; soft vinyl encasing protects against allergens such as dust mites.

Mattress type

Mattresses are a way to sleep on your abdomen without any discomfort. However, the type of mattress that you choose can make all-the difference in how well it feels and whether or not sleeping will be enjoyable for yourself as an individual Sleep's position (stomach sleeper vs side) does matter when picking out which kind is right for each person; study up!


The average person's stomach should be in an S-shape so that it can relax. Sleeping with too much pressure on one side will cause pain and discomfort, which is why contouring to relieve these points of strain while still giving necessary support makes for a better night sleep experience overall!

Quality Materials

The quality of materials can determine how long your mattress will last and the wear it has. Sagging in particular is an issue for stomach sleepers because they need to support their spine better with a level surface throughout the night, which high-quality mattresses often resist more effectively than lower quality ones do due to this tendency towards drooping over time.

Firmness Level

Mattresses come in all different firmness levels, but how you feel about a mattress can depend on the weight of your body. Lighter people might prefer softer mattresses to cradle them and sink into while heavier individuals often need firmer models for greater support that keep their bodies stable without allowing any sinking or muffling feeling underfoot like many other brands do with an average level of comfort-level during sleep (though this may not work well if someone has severe back pain).

Pressure Relief

A good night's sleep is important for a healthy lifestyle. It can be difficult to find the perfect mattress that fits all shapes and sizes, but mattresses are available in different shapes and sizes so you're sure to find something suitable- even if your body type means pressure relief isn't an option!

A well fitted bed will relieve pressure points on stomach sleepers' hips or shoulders by spreading weight more evenly across surface area. This makes it easier not only for them getting restful slumber which helps prevent stress levels rising during hectic days at work.

But also aids recovery afterwards because any aches felt in muscles being stretched out after waking up should diminish quickly with time spent sleeping correctly aligned as opposed to one having been jarred.


Stomach sleepers have had a rough time finding the perfect sleeping solutions. Mattresses can feel too soft or hard, and those with an iron-like quality won't offer enough support for your backside!

To ensure that you're getting what's best suited to keep it cushioned at night (you know with all those tossing about of heads), pay attention to how firm this mattress really is in comparison with other brands available on store shelves today.

In any event, make sure to take a gander at the things you should account for when shopping for your mattress and discover that this is not as difficult an endeavor as it may seem.