6 Best Mattresses for Back Pain Side Sleepers

October 3, 2021

Side sleeping is considered to be the most common position for people who sleep. Side-sleeping also has major benefits including reduced back pain, improved breathing and digestion but often suffers through shoulder and lower back pains when their mattress isn't supportive or comfortable enough due in part by how much weight it supports with each night.

If you’re a side sleeper, we have the perfect mattress for your needs. Mattresses that contour to our bodies and provide pressure point relief reduce back pain while cushioning the areas of our body that press deeper into them- this is especially helpful during sleep as it relieves tension from sore muscles!

Our testers also examined each one for criteria like durability or neutrality in temperature - so no matter what time of year it gets too hot under oath it dies down again just let usether mattresses keep up by providing excellent support all through winter months without overheating.


What to look for in a mattress

The back is a complex structure, incorporating many parts. Sleeping on any mattress that doesn't support your spine in the appropriate way could lead to discomfort and even pain for you!

What to look for in a mattress

But luckily there are plenty of options available - just make sure they have soft or hard surfaces depending on what feels best after getting out from all those pillows at home...

To avoid the adverse effects of poor sleep, it is important to have enough time in bed. A lack of rest can lead not only bad backs but also impacts your mood and mental clarity for days afterwards!

Every day we get up and go about our business, but did you know that your mattress can affect how healthy or unhealthy you are? A good quality one will make sure the spine stays in a straight position while contouring pressure points such as hips and shoulders so it's comfortable no matter what position they're most commonly found sleeping.

Firm mattresses are good for your back, but there is a downside. Studies have shown that firm mattress owners experience more pain and disability than those who sleep on softer surfaces such as feathers or down pillows.

Especially if they're old enough to remember when air conditioners had coils in them! The 2003 studyTrusted Source found different results: medium-firm beds helped reduce lower spine inflammation amongst participants while producing little negative effect elsewhere.

However another 2008 experiment by Drs Zwillinger & Courneya Trustedsource showed just the opposite result. People with chronic joint problems said sleeping too many nights on hard surfaces aggravated their symptoms greatly which led them into difficulty mobility around home.

6 Best Mattresses for back pain side sleepers

The right mattress should keep the back in a neutral position and distribute pressure evenly throughout your body. Below, find options that may reduce or eliminate pain while you sleep which will increase energy levels!

Best Mattresses for back pain side sleepers

1. Helix Midnight Mattress

Helix Midnight Mattress

The makers of this mattress claim that it's a hybrid, meaning it has both memory foam and coils. They say the layers allow for better pressure relief on hips or shoulders with its medium firmness overall across multiple types of materials- which gives you more sleep all around!

The Helix mattress range is world-renowned for its quality and comfort. This particular model has won multiple consumer awards, not just within Australia but also internationally!

The Helix Midnight mattress is the only one designed specifically for side sleepers. If you have difficulty switching positions while sleeping because of shoulder pain or stiffness, this product will give enough room so that you can enjoy your sleeping experience without any discomfort!

As soon as you lay down on the Helix, it's hard to keep your arm from creeping across and touching one of its foam layers. The thicker parts are Memory Plus-grade which relieves pressure off shoulders and hips while thinner but still equally comfortable sections provide ultimate comfort for side sleepers with their dual layer system providing different densities throughout--perfectly adapting itself depending upon how each individual person moves around at night!

The Helix mattress is designed to support your body's natural shape, with individually wrapped coils in the base of the bed minimizing motion transfer and circulating air. The top layer gently contours around you as it supports any position from side sleepers all the way up high on their back! This soft but durable foam provides comfort for sleeping through each night without fail.

It's a durable product that receives high praise from happy customers who are confident in their purchase because it comes with an impressive 10 year warranty as well as 100 night sleep trial all before you even lay down on the bed itself.

2. DreamCloud Mattress

DreamCloud Mattress

The DreamCloud is a hybrid bed that excels across various performance categories. The strong balance of contouring and support makes it suitable for many types of sleepers to enjoy their rest thanks in part, due its dual layer design which combines latex with foam layers under the comfort padding on top creating just enough give while still providing adequate support when needed most!

The mattress is the most comfortable place to be, and if you haven't tried it yet then you're missing out. The cover of this amazing product starts off with a breathable cashmere blend that's been quilted for softness against skin while underneath lies layer upon layer in memory foam!

It provides close contouring so every curve feels covered without being too stiff or bulky and thanks to gel infused within its cells we can all stay cool during those hot Texas summer days when nothing else seems working anymore.

The DreamCloud mattress is rated “medium firm” and offers adequate support to the shoulders, hips, joints and spine. The polyfoam provides enough pressure relief for those who have trouble sleeping on their back or side due to discomfort while asleep but still supports you adequately if lying all throughout other positions as well!

It may run too warm though so be careful depending what kind of sleeper you are; however it has coils inside which will help keep air circulation moving through them causing less overheating during use, especially after long nights.

3. Nectar Mattress

Nectar Mattress

The Nectar offers a very balanced sleep experience. A thick memory foam comfort layer contours to the body and cradles your spine, but also provides just enough firmness for support so that you can feel comfortable in any position--including sleeping “in” rather than using an old-fashioned mattress top cover!

The Nectar is made of high-quality materials and has an excellent design. This mattress features gel-infused memory foam that spreads weight evenly to allow for better motion isolation, as well as breathable Visco elastic polyfoams which prevent sinking into the bedding while providing support where it's needed most: on top!

Nectar offers a generous 365-night sleep trial, so you can try out the mattress for at least one year. The warranty is lifetime and they'll replace any defective product with no charge if it's under ten years old!

4. Saatva Classic

Saatva Classic

Side sleepers often experience discomfort when they try to use an innerspring mattress, because the layers offer little cushioning for the shoulders and hips. Side sleeping places extra pressure on these areas that can be uncomfortable or even painful if there's no padding present at all.

Saatva Classic mattresses are unlike traditional innersprings. This coil-on-coil mattress is available in three firmness levels, including a soft option for side sleepers who weigh less than 130 pounds and medium or heavy people can choose between 8 different degrees of support based on their needs as well!

The patented ComfortFur Mattresses are designed for long-term comfort. The mattress features aEurotop made from high quality materials that combine to give you the ultimate in plush, pillowy feel without any of those icky chemicals found on cheaper mattresses! No matter what level your preference is (or if it's not clear yet), this one will meet all requirements with its 11" or 14", base layer either four inch thick coils making it extra supportive and resilient against pressure points OR seven inch height providing more resilience than other models while still being soft underfoot thanks.

The Saatva Classic is a luxurious mattress that combines two types of coils: perimeter rich layers to prevent sinkage and circulation throughout the interior. A breathable organic cotton cover wicks away moisture from your body while you sleep!

This pillowtop style innerspring provides incredible comfort with its cool temps, great support system for any type or position (including side sleeping), AND it's environmentally friendly too--so go ahead take the first step into better rest today.

5. Birch Mattress

Birch Mattress

The Birch Mattress is a great option for side sleepers looking to support their head and shoulders while they snooze. With natural Talalay latex, organic cotton coverings that are eco-friendly as well as bio-dyed wool batting in between layers of this mattress; it should provide the perfect amount of pressure relief without feeling cold or hard on your skin at night time!

The bed is medium firm and offers a responsive feel due to the combination of springiness from its pocketed coil support layer, as well as bounce memory foam. The coils are zoned out for reinforced edges so you can use every single inch!

The Nest Bed's supportive core is designed with ample support for heavier sleepers who weigh 130 pounds or more, while its wool and latex comfort layers provide just the right amount of contouring to relieve pressure points.

Lighter side-sleepers may experience a floating sensation; however, depending on personal preferences this could be considered by some as an advantage since they won't bottom out when turning over in their bed!

The company offers free shipping to customers within the U.S., which is backed by a 100-night sleep trial and 25 year warranty!

6. WinkBed


The WinkBed mattress is a hybrid design that provides the perfect amount of support for any side sleeper. No matter what type you are, this bed will soothe your spine and help reduce back pain! The Soft to Firm scale offers four different firmnesses: medium soft(our recommendation), Medium;firm;plus hard or extra-firm., respectively - all with 10 points in between each level.

Mattress makers have been dreaming up the perfect bed frame for years and finally they're here! The WinkBed is a brand new type of furniture that offers an elegant design with extra comfort. It's made from sustainable materials like Tencel cotton coverings.

Gel infused polyfoam layers in between two euro top frames to provide support where needed while allowing air flow through; this will make you feel cool at night (or during warm summer months) thanks to all those ventilation gaps around it too - great if sleeping hot feels unbearable no matter how much AC tries its best not to fill rooms.

A bed's comfort is a function of how it responds to pressure and movement. The coils in this model respond quickly, while also providing support where you need it most--such as around your shoulders or lower back

A medium soft layer gives way without feeling too firm so that sleepers sink just enough into their mattress core without ever experiencing any uncomfortable sinking sensations; plus the extra transitional polyfoam adds another level for more cushioning across all areas under one’s head!

A WinkBed is a bed that offers specialized support for your body. The base consists of individually wrapped coils, providing extra comfort under heavier areas and more space near the edge where it’s thicker in order to accommodate lighter fabrics or mattresses with less loft (like dream layer). You can also find perimeter reinforcement around this area which ensures there will always be sturdy ground beneath you as well!

The WinkBed is a comfortable bed for anyone who wants to sleep well. The multiple firmness options ensure that there's one suited just right, with different amounts of cushioning depending on your weight and height. Sleepers under 130 pounds will do best on the ample support offered by medium soft or medium-firm mattresses.

Those weighing between 130 and 230 pounds can choose from either firm version but they also have another choice in adding more pressure if needed! For heavier folks over 230lbs. This product has been designed so you get extra comfort as well because it's firmer than average without being too hard which some people find overwhelming at times.

Which Mattress Firmness is Best for Side Sleepers?

Sleeping on your side is a tried and true way of getting better sleep. There are many factors that determine how soft or firm you want a mattress, but ultimately it will depend on what feels best for an individual's sleeping preferences.

Which Mattress Firmness is Best for Side Sleepers

In terms of comfort level when laying down at night time with nothing else disturbed by other people moving around them while they try their hardest not to awaken from noise disturbance such as cars driving past outside etcetera.

For side sleepers, a mattress with the right firmness can make all the difference. Not too soft and not too hard - just right! Mattresses that are designed to work well for your body type will alleviate aches and pains by keeping pressure points cushioned so you don't feel everything when craning or turning over in bed at night- which means better quality rest overall.

There are many factors that can affect the feel of a mattress, including your personal preferences and body weight. Heavier people may press deeper into mattresses so they might prefer less firmness for support while those who weigh lighter would need to push on top in order to get full comfort from their sleeping area.

Different types of mattresses offer different levels of support for side sleepers. Memory foam is a popular material because it contours to the shape of your body, while latex provides more bounce and forgiveness with less firmness than innerspring coils provide extra comfort by cradling pressure spots on each individual's unique curves; this makes them great choices if you're looking for something soft but still supportive!

The right type will undoubtedly suit every need depending upon how one prefers their bedding- Some people like softer surfaces while others prefer harder ones - whichever option suits you best should be easy enough find at any store today as there are several options available including air beds which allow some room between yourself and whatever surface lies beneath.

Which Type of Mattress is Best for Side Sleepers?

A side sleeper's needs are different from a back or front-sleeper. Mattress types that provide consistent support and contouring comfort include the following: The best mattress for a side sleeper will offer them firmness without being too hard, allowing your partner to get comfortable quickly while also offering better spinal alignment than softer mattresses can do on their own.

Which Type of Mattress is Best for Side Sleepers

Plush foundations with extra deep layers of foam encased in Quilting fabric make up many decent products in this category  One downside however is they often lack breathability which may cause overheating if you sleep hot . So not only must these fit well but be cool as well!

Mattresses come in all different types, but there are some common traits you can expect to see if your mattress is designed for a specific purpose. For example: firm mattresses offer more support and provide a feeling of comfort while soft ones create less pressure points that allow better ventilation between layers.


A hybrid mattress has an innerspring base layer with thick comfort layers of memory foam or latex. The combination of these different types is designed to maximize benefits and minimize drawbacks, such as a transition layer beneath the polyfoam which provides added support while offering better breathability than other materials used on top.

A hybrid mattress has substantial comfort layers, which means it tends to provide contouring support that relieves pressure points and keeps your spine aligned while you sleep on an all-foam mattress without overheating for side sleeping positioners.

Such as those who suffer from acid reflux or other stomach ailments when lying flat in bed. Because they can restrict airflow due to their construction unlike hybrids which often have better heat dissipation capabilities during warmer weathers.


Innerspring mattresses are a classic choice. They have steel coils for support and comfort layers that provide just enough softness, with less concave than other types of mattress like hybrid or foam ones.

This makes them perfect if you want an affordable yet still durable bedding solution! In addition they're widely available so it's easy to find one in whatever color scheme suits your style best (traditional colors include: browns golds silver grey's blue grey green blackwhite). 

This is why you should reinforce the steel coils in your mattress. This increases its supportive surface area, ensuring side sleepers who live near an edge of their bed experience consistent support for years to come! The durability and stability can also help prevent sagging with time as well - so don't forget about that when looking out for a new partner tonight!"


A latex mattress is made with natural or synthetic materials to provide a comfortable, durable surface. In the case of Talalay latex - which many people prefer. Because it's lighter and softer than the dunlop variety (and also more affordable).

While still being able to maintain its integrity over time- harvesting rubber tree sap has been done in an environmentally friendly manner without damaging any trees!

A good night's sleep starts here: You'll be waking up refreshed thanks so much for checking out our website today., don't forget there are some other interesting things waiting just below this info prehistoric.

Latex is a highly effective material for providing the best possible sleeping experience. It contours to your body, reducing pressure points and preventing sinking in too deeply while offering superior temperature regulation that helps side sleepers enjoy their rest more comfortably than ever before!


For those who are always on the go, an airbed mattress is a great way to sleep at any time. Air beds provide comfort and support with their own built-in pump so you don't have to worry about needing another bulky item for your bedtime needs!

For side sleepers who are unsure of their preferred firmness level or needs, an airbed mattress offers customizable options.

Some models include two chambers with individual settings for each person in a shared bed so that they can adjust which part is more comfortable without infringing on one another's space concerns and preferences alike when choosing between softer surfaces like pillows versus harder ground helps maintain spine alignment as well!


Foam mattresses are a popular choice for people who want the comfort and support of their sleepers without any allergens or chemicals. Foams vary depending on what you're looking for.

From memory foam layers that react with your body heat to help maintain shape all through different phases of life (like childbirth!)pillows made out of high-quality polyfoam in order to provide better durability so they won't break easy when dropped onto the floor!

Memory foam is a blissful alternative to the average mattress. It contours closely, responding to pressure points like your hips and shoulders for better spinal alignment while also reducing aches from sleeping on other surfaces!

What Mattress Features Are Important For Side Sleepers?

Side sleepers need to think about the specific features of a mattress carefully when shopping. Mattresses can often be misleading or embellished with false advertising, so keep these factors in mind:

Bringing along someone who's familiar with both your needs and preferences for side sleeping will help narrow down what type you're looking at based on their knowledge. The number one thing is comfort--so test out as many beds until finding yours!

What Mattress Features Are Important For Side Sleepers

Mattress Type

The type of mattress you buy is important for side sleepers. Each one has pros and cons, but it's essential that your chosen bed offers contouring support to aid in aligning the spine while lying on its surface as well full-body comfort with pressure point relief across all parts—head, shoulders hips knees elbows etc., so make sure these elements match up before making any final decisions!


The type of mattress you choose for your body can make a world of difference in how well it supports and cushions pressure points. A contouring mattress, which has been designed to keep the spine aligned while providing comfort support at joints like shoulders or elbows as well as other critical places where people sleep.

Quality Materials

The best way to know if a mattress is durable or not, it's important for you, the customer as well as your money. Mattresses come in different quality levels and materials which all have their pros/cons when reliability matters most: high-quality fabrics last longer than cheaper options but cost more; while low grade cotton will wear out quickly with no resale value at all!

Firmness Level

A well-aligned spine is a happier one. The pillow accounts for the natural curves of your head and neck, providing just enough support to keep things stable while you sleep soundly at night without any worries about falling off or turning into an S shape!

Side Sleepers need more cushioning in order to maintain their alignment--they're always on display so it's important that they feel comfortable too. Consider weight preferences as well; if someone weighs more than 150 pounds APEX BEDS' Extra Soft will be great but those same sheets may not work when paired with other styles because firmness levels vary greatly depending upon preference (and body type).

Pressure Relief

Side sleeping can cause shoulder and back pain for side sleepers if they are not aware of the pressure points. Side compressions in memory foam or latex will reduce this problem as well help prevent injury from occurring, allowing you to get a better night's rest without worrying about your health!

The most important feature for side sleepers with back pain is spinal alignment. This can only be achieved through the use of ergonomic zoning in mattresses, which individual pocketed coils provide zoned support to target specific areas like your pelvis and shoulders without sacrificing comfort or responsiveness when you move around throughout night's duration

The benefits are that it helps reduce stress on a person’s lower spine by distributing weight equally across their whole body while they're sleeping (as opposed to an innerspring mattress). An additional benefit comes from how much more structured these types of beds feel compared to other models because polyfoam cores lack bounciness making them perfect if minimal motion during slumber matters most!

Last Thought

Sleeping on your side is a great way to help support the spine. However, each person has different needs and finding what they like may take some time trial-and-error with mattresses until you find one that’s right for YOU!

I know it sounds cliche but experiment in order to get into bed at night feeling relief from back pain as well as soreness all over just by changing positions every single morning? If this continues I would recommend seeing my doctor so we can make an educated decision together about how best to alleviate discomfort while also avoiding surgery if possible.