How to Find the Best Pillow for Neck and Back Pain

September 28, 2021

When you have neck and back pain, it can be difficult to find a comfortable position. It's no wonder that many people rely on their pillows to help them get the rest they need at night! However, not all pillows are created equal. In this blog post we will explore how to choose the best pillow for your needs so you can sleep soundly without any discomfort.


Why You Need the Best Pillow for Neck and Back Pain

Your mattress may be the most important investment you make for your health and well-being. Invest in a good night’s sleep by buying one that will alleviate some of chronic neck pain, but also take into account what other factors are affecting it like posture or temperature to get an adequate amount of rest each day.

Spend a few minutes each morning deciding what kind of pillow you want for the day. You’ll feel better and be less likely to get any neck pain by making sure that your head is resting on an appropriate support system!

If you are looking for a pillow that will help ease chronic pain, then it is important to find the right kind. Pillows can make or break your night's sleep because they provide cervical support. Which in turn relieves tension on our neck and back muscles from some of our worst sleeping positions. This makes them very beneficial when trying to alleviate chronic discomfort caused by stress at work (or any other source). However, not every type has been designed equally!

Looking for the best pillows? We combed through tons of online reviews and spoke with assistant professor Nicole Nagle, DPT at Rutgers University. All 12 options on this list offer both comfort and support to prevent future aches!

10 Best Pillow for Neck and Back Pain

Best Pillow for Neck and Back Pain

1. Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Neck Pillow

Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Neck Pillow

Tempur-Pedic has been a household name for years in the sleep world. They have excellent products, and this ergonomic pillow is no exception to that rule! The company knows how to make quality mattresses by using their unique Tempur material which never loses its shape even after long periods of use - making it perfect as an everyday support or when you're traveling without luggage .

The wavy design ensures your head follows along with natural curves while lying down (for better alignment), keeping pressure off the neck during night time rest situations.

The contour pillow is a lifesaver for those who suffer from neck pain. The reviewer noted that it's "the only thing" to keep their chronic issues at bay, and they added "this has been such an improvement on my nights!"

2. Epabo Contour Memory Foam Pillow

Epabo Contour Memory Foam Pillow

Chronic pain sufferers, take note! A pillow that contours to your body, especially the neck area--can make all of those days worthwhile. The memory foam pillow from Epabo is designed to help you sleep better. It features an ergonomic shape, which cradles and supports your head as well as neck while offering great side support.

So that the weight of our head never falls on just one area too long! You'll wake up feeling refreshed every day with this awesome new product in your arsenal - order now before they're gone forever!"

Online reviewers were pretty impressed with the pillow. One reviewer said it's perfect for anyone who has chronic neck pain, likes to sleep on one side or tends to flip from their preferred sleeping style throughout the night! I love the curve built in for when you sleep on your side or back and both sides give great support no matter how contorted my body gets throughout the night.

3. Misiki Memory Foam Pillow

Misiki Memory Foam Pillow

The Misiki cervical pillow is a traditional, yet innovative choice for those who suffer from neck pain. This memory foam cushion has an arc-shaped design that supports your head while aligning it with the rest of your body and spine - perfect if you're looking to get some sleep!

The special armrests on either side make sure there's room for arms as well; helping provide complete comfort throughout even longer than just one night's worth of slumber sessions .

This reviewer loves their pillow so much that they would even go out of the way for a free two weeks worth of sleep. One five-star review raves about how this particular neck support has made all the difference in relieving pain from nighttime sleeping positions like side or back!

4. Eli & Elm Side Sleeper Pillow

Eli & Elm Side Sleeper Pillow

Eli and Elm is a company that specializes in pillows for side sleepers. They have created this one specifically to support your neck, align it with the spine naturally while you are sleeping so as not to inhibit any breathing or movement along its length. The unique shape of their S-shape pillow will ensure proper spinal alignment all night long!

The pillow is adjustable, so you can find the level of firmness and fill that works best for your needs. It's also anti-microbial, mildew-proof and dust mite resistant which makes it a great choice if allergies are an issue!

For those suffering from neck pain, the Eli & Elm pillow is a clear winner. One sufferer found it to be soft and supportive while still being gentle on their sensitive area of skin; this was what made all other pillows seem too firm or bulky in comparison!

The curve of the pillow supports your head and neck in all the right ways. It's like sleeping on a cloud, they said! The only problem I've found with this great product is that it makes getting out of bed seem impossible - you're so comfortable at night when using an ergonomic cervical traction device (C-Toucher).

5. Core Products D-Core Cervical Support Pillow

Core Products D-Core Cervical Support Pillow

The best part about this pillow are the features that make it great for neck pain. Its D-shaped center cradles your head while its cervical roll aligns and supports you throughout each night's sleep, which makes getting quality rest easier than ever before!

One of my favorite things about these pillows? The fact they come with a firm feel so next level support is never an issue when I'm sleeping on either one at home or travelling abroad."

With this pillow, you can have a comfortable sleep position that will “almost immediately” provide relief for neck issues. One user said they never would have thought about using one with an opening before but has since realized how amazing it was and continues to use their Alo Yoga Extra side sleeper pillow because of its effectiveness in providing support when needed most!

I used to be constantly shifting around, never able to get comfortable. I woke up with a neck ache and sometimes even had headaches from sleeping improperly! But now that you showed me how important it is for my spine’s alignment in order for me not only to have better sleep but also feel much more balanced during the day thanks so much pillow!!

6. Belly Sleep Memory Foam Pillow

Belly Sleep Memory Foam Pillow

The Belly Sleep Memory Foam Pillow is the perfect match for those who sleep on their stomachs and suffer from neck pain. This thin, flat pillow can help you get into position easily while reducing unnecessary movement that might cause discomfort in an unhealthy sleeping environment as well as increase spine alignment to promote better quality rest without any of the drawbacks!

The best bed sheets are soft and silky, they keep you cool all night long without compromising on comfort. This bamboo-polyester blend fabric will feel fabulous against your skin as it helps regulate temperature while sleeping in this amazing product!

7. Nest Bedding Easy Breather Pillow

Nest Bedding - The Easy Breather Pillow

The extra-firm level is perfect for those who need their pillows to be firm, but not too hard. It’s also stuffed with breathable materials that will keep you cool all night long! The pillow offers you the same support of down but in a more comfortable and affordable way.

The luxurious, high-quality memory foam in this pillow provides the support you need and helps relieve neck pain. The reviewers say it's so comfortable that they have been able to sleep better with their new bedding! One reviewer wrote "Within three nights my chronic backache was greatly diminished."

8. Beans72 Organic Buckwheat Pillow

Beans72 Organic Buckwheat Pillow

When it comes to environmentally friendly products, new parents are always on the lookout for ways that will keep their life simple and stress-free. One such product they may want to consider is this organic cotton pillow from Beans72!

Not only does its material make up come naturally without any harmful pesticides or chemicals in sight but you can also customize how soft each side feels by adding your own filling. Whether something as light weight like feathers or heavy duty foam like polyester just depends what kind of sleep experience YOU want.

The buckwheat hull filling is a little different than the feel you’d get with down or memory foam pillows. Some people liken it to sleeping on an old-fashioned beanbag, and for some that may not be so comfortable but those who like this type of pillow will rave about how well it supports their head while they sleep!

It seems that this pillow is the perfect way to avoid those pesky aches and pains we all experience when our neck is in an awkward position. One reviewer says they never wake up with soreness thanks to their new support, so you can bet I'm going out to get one for myself!

9. Mediflow Water Pillow

Mediflow Water Pillow

You'll never guess what the most common way to ease neck pain is. A pillow filled with water might seem a little unconventional, but it just might be your solution! The water pillow is the perfect solution for those who suffer from chronic back pain, injuries or just need an extra boost in their morning routine.

The Mediflow product has been proven to provide a significant reduction when used properly and should be considered before resorting to other options such as ibuprofen which can lead towards serious long term health problems down the line.

The best way to stay comfortable is by investing in a quality pillow. The KPSURO Pillow has received countless great reviews from Amazon customers who have found relief for neck pain when using it at night, no matter what position they sleep on its surface or how much weight you put down with other pillows before try out this one! One reviewer wrote: "This thing is awesome - I can't believe how well it supports my head and yet remains soft."

 10. Coop Home Goods Eden Adjustable Pillow

Coop Home Goods Eden Adjustable Pillow

No one wants to experience the dreaded "pillow pinch," when your neck is unsupported and you feel as if it's going into an abyss. This memory foam pillow from Coop Home Goods will make sure that doesn’t happen by providing sturdy support with its premium materials!

The combo of materials used in this mask is designed to give you the ultimate comfort. Plus, with added fillings it can be customized for your needs and allergies! It also helps that they're hypoallergenic so there's no risk whatsoever of waking up after use feeling congested or stuffed up thanks to dust mites making their way into your nasal passages while sleeping at night time.

This pillow is so comfortable, and the bamboo case makes it even better. It's not too high or low, perfect for any sleeping position you want to try! Plus there are thousands of reviews from happy customers who can't believe how good this thing feels."

Perfect way to Select the Best Pillow for Neck & Back Pain

A good pillow can relieve tension in your neck and shoulders, says Dr. Nicole Nagle DPT; however to be effective it needs the right support for you as an individual. A poor-quality bed mattress or one that's too thick could result in discomfort. When sleeping due to lack of spinal alignment which will only make matters worse by disrupting REM cycles.

Pillow for Neck & Back Pain

The time during deep sleep where dreams occur . To find out if this sounds like something familiar speak up because there are many different types available including those made from memory foam materials designed specifically with chronic back pain sufferers mindfully built into them so they don't cause any unnecessary stress on tender muscles while we snooze.

Keep the Sleep Style in Mind

Different pillows are tailored for different sleeping styles and that can help with your pain. “If you sleep on your back, don't get a pillow too thin where it's sinking in," says Dr Nagle. "For side-sleepers an extra layer might be necessary to account for the distance from the headboard all the way down."

Focus on Alignment

During sleep, your head and neck should be fully supported. “Your shoulders are not on the pillow to begin with so you shouldn't incline them backwards or forwards," says Nagle . "The goal is for a neutral spine position which means that one side of your back will rest against something while sleeping."

Firmness & Material

Having a pillow that is the right firmness can help you maintain your alignment. Maintaining this optimal position will lend itself to better sleep, increased energy levels and mental clarity for work or school tasks as well as improved physical health by promoting circulation when sleeping on an angle - all without sacrificing comfort!

User Opinion

Online shopping can be challenging, but it’s a necessary evil in today's world. You want to make sure you read all of the product information and reviews before making your purchase so that once something goes wrong with one there are no surprises! And if they have good return policies- even better.

If you suffer from chronic neck pain, it is important to find a pillow that offers the right combination of firmness and softness. A good choice for this are lifestyle pillows like gel or foam cushions which can be customized according to your needs because they’re designed with two different layerings inside: an inner core filled with polyester fill fibers (which provide medium support) combined by feathers on top so as not too hard; yet still providing enough cushioning under head Shawls Sleep better at night when sleeping upright.

The perfect pillow for pain-free sleep is a memory foam or feather mattress, which provides excellent support but also cradles your head and neck to keep it in alignment. cervical pillows are another great option as they have an indentation at the center with raised edges that can provide all of this plus more!

However, these may not feel totally comfortable when first used so give them time before deciding whether it's worth investing into one (especially if you don't suffer from any chronic ailments).


If you're having neck or back pain, the first step is to find a pillow that will provide appropriate support and cushion. From there, it's up to your individual preferences as to what shape and fill might be best for you. When we tested out different pillows with our own necks and backs, we found that shredded memory foam was the most supportive option. But if you prefer something softer than go with a down-alternative instead!

Another thing worth testing before making a purchase? The weight of the pillow. Lighter options may feel too flimsy while heavier ones can be uncomfortable depending on how they fit in your bed frame. What kind of pillow have you tried so far?