The Ultimate Guide to Choosing The Best Pillow For Neck Pain

October 2, 2021

Pillows are a necessity for those who suffer from neck pain. There is nothing more frustrating than waking up with a stiff neck after a night of sleep, or trying to find relief from an already present stiffness. In this blog post, we will talk about the best pillows for neck pain and how they can help you get rid of your chronic headaches and discomfort!


What Is Neck Pain and What Are the Symptoms?

The neck is the most important part of our spine. It holds up a big portion of your head, and it often causes pain when you start to feel stressed at work or in life in general. Neck pain can be diagnosed by stiffness on one side or both sides of the neck, headaches that are usually accompanied with tenderness.

What Is Neck Pain

Around the base of your skull and upper back regions, nausea and vomiting , dizziness upon standing quickly from a sitting position, numbness/tingling along areas.

Such as fingers, arms, shoulders, legs after sleeping for long periods of time (usually more than four hours), loss of strength within hands feet also known as extreme cases. But this rarely happens unless someone has been suffering from chronic conditions over an extended period of time .

In order to get rid of these symptoms, it is advised that you visit a licensed chiropractor or physiotherapist. These professionals will be able to give you the right exercises and stretches for your neck in order to help relieve some stress off of it!

You can also try out sleeping with different pillow types (we will talk about this below) if pain occurs every morning upon waking up. It's best not t o rush into having surgery but wait until all other options have been exhausted before opting for an invasive treatment such as spinal decompression .

How We Choose the Best Pillows for Neck Pain

So, you're looking for a good night's sleep? If your neck pain keeps interrupting the process of catching then it's time to invest in some new pillows. We rounded up our favorite consumer-rated foam and latex options that can help relieve all those muscle irritations so we could finally get some rest!

According research published by The American Academy Of Neurology (2020), both types are beneficial when used as support during one’s slumber--this includes reducing fatigue caused due lack thereof while aligning body parts properly without excessive strain on any single area too much weight being placed upon them.

In addition to neck pillows, we looked for ergonomic designs that would provide ample cervical support without elevating the head too much. A 2016 studyTrusted Source suggests this can lead to discomfort and pain in your spine or joints over time!

This report also recommended different kinds of pillowcases so you're not constantly Resting Your Head against rough fabrics.

 5 Best Pillows for Neck Pain Review in 2021

When it comes to choosing the perfect pillow for your needs, there are many options. We’ll walk you through each one and what they offer so that when all is said and done, not only will sleep be more comfortable but also an enjoyable experience!

Best Pillows for Neck Pain

1. EPABO Memory Foam Pillow - Best for Firm Support

EPABO Contour Memory Foam Pillow

For those who are looking for the most comfortable pillow, this might be your best option. The EPABO Memory Foam Pillow is designed with a contoured shape to provide ergonomic support that aligns all parts of your head and body while you sleep - including neck pain relief! In our experience using these pillows over two weeks now (and no longer than 2 months), discomfort was experienced as we adjusted during use but after about week 3 or so it subsided entirely into something more manageable.

The support of this pillow will keep you comfortable no matter how much time passes. It’s great for people who move from their back to side a lot overnight and needs the extra firmness, or those looking into orthopedics as an option!

The pillow may be too high for some people to sleep comfortably. The synthetic material and low density stuffing can make it hot, which is not good if you're looking for a cooler alternative to traditional down products like pillows!

2. Sobakawa Buckwheat Pillow - Best Ancient Pillow

Sobakawa Traditional Buckwheat Standard Size Pillow

The Sobakawa Buckwheat Pillow gets high marks for keeping your head cool while you sleep. This handmade pillow is filled with buckwheats and rice, which are pre-soaking agents in Japan traditionally used to improve blood circulation during the hot summer months.

When people often suffer from heat stroke or other ailments that can lead up to high fever due lack of moisture on their skin cells caused by dryness The best part? It's comfortable!

The high-quality pillow is designed to support and align your head while you sleep. The hulls shift at the neck area, creating proper positioning for a restful night's slumber with reduced discomfort in key areas like headache sufferers know well!

The reviewers of this pillow are raving about how it has worked wonders for them. One person even experienced whiplash, but was able to sleep soundly with no more pain! Another sufferer reported that after just one night on the bedside cushion her chronic neck issue went away altogether-amazing!!

You should get yourself a pillow that is filled with buckwheat hulls. It may be hard at first, but after some time and patience you will find this new sleeping habit much more enjoyable than anything else!

3. Avocado Green Pillow - Best Organic Pillow


With the recent increase of people choosing a vegan lifestyle, it's important to have quality products like this one. This pillow is made from all natural materials which means you can sleep soundly without worrying about any harmful chemicals coming into contact with your skin!

This pillow is a comfortable and customizable option for anyone who suffers from neck pain. Some reviewers say that after adding more stuffing, it caused their old discomfort to return while others report decreased back problems when they removed some of the filling material.

This pillow is a great way to get comfortable sleep. It's made with organic latex and kapok, meaning you can brag about it being eco-friendly! The outer covering on these pillows are removable so that they're machine washable if need be; or just require some gentle cleaning by hand when guests come over unexpectedly for brunch...

I think we should all take care of our health as much as possible because there isn't always someone else who will do what needs done around here (or ever)!

Some people say that with all the stuffing, it’s too firm and causes discomfort. Yet others have told me about their love for these pillows because they offer great neck support! It was hard to decide which of these two options I should choose from but after some thought I decided on a medium-firm pillow so as not to feel like my head is being pushed forward or backwards when sleeping

A lot has been said regarding whether or not this type of pillow would work well based on what one might experience during sleep; however, both sides seem fairly even either way: those who claim comfort versus those claiming lack thereof.

4. The Belly Sleeper Pillow - Best for Stomach Sleep

Belly Sleep Gel Infused Memory Foam Pillow

The Belly Sleeper Pillow is designed to be especially thin and flat — ideal for people who sleep on their stomachs. The unique shape supports your head, neck or chest in just the right place so you can wake up feeling refreshed every morning!

The pillow is designed to help reduce the amount of neck and head movement while providing comfort. The memory foam material helps absorb your sweat so you'll be more comfortable throughout those long days at work, but don't worry about getting hot with this cooling gel infused design!

It's also hypoallergenic for people who suffer from allergies or asthma attacks triggered by dust mites in their room; these features make it perfect as an all-around CPAP essential tool kit accessory (or just use them without).

Sleeping on a flat pillow may feel strange at first, but after time goes by and you get used to the thin design of this particular type of pillow. One reviewer says that he would “never use another kind ever again” because they are so much better than any other ones out there!

The pillow has been said to not work as well if you switch positions during the night.

5. COHOME Memory Foam Pillow - Best for Back Sleep

COHOME King Memory Foam Pillow

The COHOME Memory Foam Pillow is made to support your back and head while you sleep. You can adjust its height according what position it fits in best, whether on a couch or at an angle against pillows for neck better alignment

A great way that will help keep me comfortable throughout my night's rest with this new pillow from CO-Home would be by adjusting the amount of filling inside!

The filling, made of gel and memory foam, keeps its shape while still feeling soft. It's perfect for side sleepers who want to hold their pillow in place or use it during activities like yoga class! The hypoallergenic cover will never pill so you can feel confident knowing that this company cares about your allergies too .

Reviewers say that after sleeping on the pillow they wake up without neck pain, and with a cool feel in place of their head. The gel foam is also said to quickly revert back into its original shape making for an easier move from sleep position one night until awakening tomorrow morning!

The corporation behind these innovations has received many positive reviews since releasing them last year - something which CEO Mark Meuller attributes as evidence enough why this product should be given consideration by anyone who spends time or money traveling every day."

Some people have had issues with the zipper not working properly, making it hard to adjust their fill.

How Does Neck Pain Affect Sleep?

You might be tired after a long day, but it is difficult to sleep when you experience any kind of pain. It could make things worse and cause more inflammation in your neck that will ultimately lead to chronic conditions such as arthritis or even TMJ disorder!

When you have chronic neck pain, it is difficult to sleep. You might toss and turn all night long in an effort to find a comfortable position for your head that doesn't cause any discomfort when lying down or moving around on the mattress at bedtime.

A 2013 studyTrusted Sourceof over 1k people found those with this condition are more likely than average individuals (21%)to experience getting less than 4 hours of restful slumber per day-a huge difference!

In an effort to better understand the effects of sleep on pain levels in teens, a recent study by Trusted Source measured both physical and mental health. They found that poor quality slumber is linked with neck discomfort among this age group as well!

Why Choosing the Right Pillow Matters?

One third of your life is spent sleeping. Pillows that are too stiff or full may strain the neck, resulting in pain! Combining a pillow with regular exercise is more effective than hot or cold packs, massage and other methods in relieving chronic neck pain.

Choosing the Right Pillow


Not only do you have to consider what type of fill your pillow has, but also how firm it is. A 2011 study revealed that those with feather fill were often rated poorly when sleep quality was measured and found several people who had trouble sleeping. Due to their pillows being too soft or uncomfortable causing pain symptoms.

People felt much better after making changes in the way they slept by switching from a down alternative comforter if possible. Since these products made using them easier on joints during rest periods rather than lying on top like some folks might prefer and opted instead for latex or polyester alternatives. Which resulted in higher ratings across the board.

Change It Up:

Do you sleep with a pillow between your head and mattress? If so, it may be time for an upgrade. In order to ensure optimal support while sleeping consistently through the night (and avoiding new pain), consider changing out pillows every 1-2 years depending on their material makeup/design choice(s).

Additionally if memory foam isn't doing its job anymore because either too much compression occurs in some areas or there's no distribution of fill throughout all sections - this could signal something is wrong!

Wash It:

Washing your pillow every six months is a good idea for people who have allergies or asthma. Wiping it on high heat will kill dust mites, and drying in direct sunlight helps avoid mildewing of the fabrics.

Last Thought

We hope you've found the perfect neck pillow for your needs. If not, we'll be happy to help you find one that is! Our team of sleep specialists are ready and waiting to answer any questions or concerns about finding a solution for sleeping soundly at night.

Whether it's chronic snoring keeping you awake, back pain from tossing and turning all night long, or just an uncomfortable pillow keeping you up during the day, our experts can provide guidance on how best to relieve these symptoms through proper rest.