The 5 Best Pillow for Side and Back Sleeper (Updated)

October 4, 2021

A pillow can make or break a good night’s sleep. The right support for your head, neck and back while you snooze will depend on what position works best with the way that person likes to rest their head at bedtime - but there are pillows out there just waiting to be discovered! Sleeping positions can be a key factor in determining what type of pillow you need.

Side sleepers who want to keep their head and spinal column aligned will benefit from using thicker, firmer pillows like those found on the orthopedic market. Back-sleepers may find success with medium lofted pillows that offer more support for both head positioning. As well as neck alignment due to its softer filling material composition.

You might think that you can just use any old pillow to fill your sleep needs, but the best ones have a range of different shapes and sizes. If it feels like there's one too many in bed with me at night or if my neck is sore from keeping one position for long periods, this will be an issue!


How We Choose the Best Pillows for Side and Back Sleepers

There are many different types of pillows on the market, but finding out which one is best for you can be difficult. However, understanding how your sleep position affects this decision should help make things more obvious and easy to understand!

Best Pillows for Side and Back Sleepers

1. Pillows for Back Sleepers

The most uncommon sleep position is back sleeping, which accounts for about 10% of all naps. This allows the spine to align itself and benefits those with poor circulation or neck pain as it’s less stressful on their body than other positions might be.

Pillows for Back Sleepers

Be sure to buy a pillow that will support your neck and head while sleeping on the back. The higher loft of this type of mattress is best for those who sleep mostly at night, so don't skimp out when choosing what feels comfortable!

a) Medium Memory Foam Pillow

These pillows are designed to help you sleep better, no matter what your needs might be. Whether it's sleeping hot or suffering from night sweats they will have the perfect shape and support for an optimal spinal alignment. Plus with a variety of firmness levels available there is sure to be one that fits just right!

b) Medium Firm Latex Foam Pillows

Latex foam pillows are great for sleepers who need the support and comfort of memory foam, but want to stay cool.

The latex material naturally regulates temperature better than other materials like cotton or synthetic fibers in order to keep you feeling refreshed all throughout your night's rest!

c) Shredded from Foam Pillows( Customize)

If you don't want a stiff, unmoving pillow that doesn’t move around when your head shifts positions throughout the night then shredded foam pillows are what you need. These kinds of mattresses retain their shape but allow for some give so they're easier on sensitive skin or those who have back problems and still offer great support without any user error!

2. Pillows for Side Sleepers

Side sleepers makeup 74% of all people who find themselves sleeping occasionally. Side-sleeping isn’t necessarily bad for your spine, but it can cause pressure on joints and back which are especially troublesome when side slept at night without a pillow that has enough loft to keep you aligned correctly. A firmer headrest makes sure there's no strain put onto any area not intended as support: neck/upper shoulders (especially).

pillows for side sleepers

a) Firmer memory Foam

Sleeping with a pillow is essential for healthy sleeping and memory foam provides the perfect amount of support. You’ll want to make sure you pick out one that has enough loft, so your head doesn't sink into it or anything crazy like that!

b)High Loft Latex Foam Pillows

Memory foam is a great option for people who like the feeling of sinking into their mattress, but it may not be right for those looking to get up on any quick notice. Because latex compounds are both supportive and contouring with quick responsiveness that helps relieve tossing and winding while also being breathable; this type would make an excellent choice if you know someone who tosses about at night or constantly twists around during sleep periods!

c) Shredded foam pillows (with very little stuffing removed)

Pillows are often the best way to get comfortable on a bad night’s sleep. It doesn't always work for everyone though - some people just can't find that perfect spot, no matter how hard they try! Shredded foam pillows usually come over-stuffed and you will have an easy time adjusting them.

By removing some of their stuffing which will allow you to find your own good fit as a side sleeper or back Sleeper with little effort from the start. The key thing is making sure there's enough give when laying in certain positions without bending too far forward at neck level (which would make shoulders press into the mattress).

How to choose a pillow for your sleep position

If you’re not sleeping as well as before, changing pillows might be the first step to solving your problem. Your pillow may have worn out or need updating for better results; if that is not it there are other things that could make a difference in quality of sleep including diet and exercise habits (both internal plus external).

How to choose a pillow for your sleep position

Some people sleep on their back while others prefer to lie down with just one pillow between them and the ground. It's important, however you choose your bedtime setup for rest all day tomorrow - whether this means using both pillows or only going at it alone!

The side-sleepers, who sleep either in a fetal position or with their bodies relatively straight need the most pillow support (roughly 4 to 6 inches). According to research from The National Sleep Foundation and other sources such as self reported surveys on this topic.

People are more likely than any other type of sleeper to have found it necessary to use pillows because they tend not to lay flat against them but instead rest atop them at different heights depending upon where you want your head when resting.

Finding the right sleeping position is one of the most important things when it comes to overall health. Sleeping on your back can be very good for you, but some people are more susceptible than others.

If they have chronic pain or ailments that affect their spine structure such as spondylitis. These individuals need less loft under them in order not feel any discomfort at night while sleeping pillow top mattresses offer enough support.

Without additional filling there's no chance whatsoever of hurting yourself by accidently touching anything harder than what’s intended like wood against someone else’s skin which could possibly cause a rash due to friction burns.

5 Best pillows for Side & Back Sleeper Review In 2021

Best Pillow for Side &Back Sleeper

1. The Purple Harmony Pillow

The Purple Harmony Pillow

This pillow is great for side and back sleepers who want an instant relief from their discomfort. It has a Talalay latex core with Purple Grid Hex technology which will keep it soft, making you feel comfortable as soon as you lay down on this product!

The size options are perfect when considering how different people like to rest in bed each night. There's something here that suits just about everyone out there looking for better quality. Slumber-time moments spent getting some much deserved shut eye time after hours of working hard during the day (or week). A perfect gift idea too because what good company doesn't need more success?

The Harmony pillow is a wonderful addition to any home. It has an amazing 4,000+ reviews with 5 stars and comes with 1 year of warranty coverage as well! The only downside? You can't put it in the wash because there's no way for water molecules to get into its core (so be careful). But otherwise this product rocks, I recommend giving them all your money now before someone else does first."

2. Nectar Lush Pillow

Nectar Lush Pillow

This pillow is made of memory foam, which means you can sleep comfortably. The material contours to the shape of your head and shoulders for extra support while also being pressure relieving so that any strain disappears without leaving a mark on healthy skin!

Plus it's gentle enough an average person would be able to use this regularly-sized version as their everyday go-to bedding piece or put them in front of someone who has back problems because they offer relief no matter what position one finds themselves sleeping.

The Nectar Lush Pillow is new, so there are only a handful of reviews to go on. But they all praise it for easing neck pain and making sleep more comfortable with some even claiming better than lying down altogether!

3. Casper Foam Pillow

Casper Foam Pillow

Three layers of Casper’s signature “huggable,Cooling and supportive foam cushion are both comforting for the whole family. The low density layer provides excellent back support while you sleep thanks to its thick padding that spreads weight across several inches.

This adds extra comfort when sleeping on your side or stomach as well! Plus it has an ergonomic design so even if somebody is lying against you they won't be able to find any hard spots. Where their shoulders meet upper arms because everything curves around inwards providing maximum shoulder room without being bulky .

The foam is designed to align the head and neck for proper support, whether you're on your side or back. Try it at home for 30 days with free shipping! Casper offers returns so that shoppers can get their money back if they're not happy with their purchase - an unheard of guarantee in today's market.

4. Leesa Hybrid Pillow

Leesa Hybrid Pillow

The Leesa Hybrid Pillow is an innovative, dual-purpose pillow that can be used in two ways. The first way it's best suited for sleepers who want to stay cool all night or side Islanders looking to get their recommended six hours of restful slumber on each half!

The second use scenario sees this hybrid model being utilized as either an extra soft cushion when lounging at home watching TV before bedtime; alternatively you might take advantage its ventilated gel layer design by placing one over any existingAir Mattresses sold outside America which don't support Rapid rebound effect (like ours do).

Leesa offers a 30-day trial and 3 year limited warranty. In between the quilted outer layer, which provides support for side sleeping or back sleepers when you need it most; cooling gel that helps regulate temperature so every night feels like home instead of an uncomfortable hospital visit!

5. Tuft & Needle Down Alternative Pillow Set

Tuft & Needle Down Alternative Pillow Set

Now there's a new type of pillow on the market! This one is made with synthetic materials that are hypoallergenic and insulate well. It also has an ultra soft down alternative filling, so it works perfectly for side or back sleepers who want light support without feeling like they're falling asleep at night in their own body weightinesses.

The adjustable straps let you get everything just right if your head changes sizes from morning till noon as happens to everybody after sitting too much during those long work days.

These pillows are a great way to provide your bed with the perfect amount of firmness and support. With two in each set, you can wash them without worrying about losing any loft!

The 100-night sleep trial means that if they don't work out for whatever reason after this time has passed their refund process is simple as well so buy with confidence knowing all options have been thought through.

What to Look for Before Buying a Pillow

As you research options for the best pillows, here’s what to consider. Whether a back or side sleeper each person has their own unique needs when it comes down to pillow choice and comfort level in bed every night of the week!

What to Look for Before Buying a Pillow

A significant factor that will depend on preference is whether they prefer softer surfaces under their head (side) as well elevated off ground with support behind them(rear). On top of this decision about firmness levels also rests how often do I get up out of my lying position due to regular bending at work/school etc.?


Back and side sleepers should look for a medium to high loft in order to ensure they have enough cushioning. If you tend towards one type of sleeping position more than the other, an adjustable option can be good as well because it allows for greater comfort across positions.


Back and side sleepers should look for medium firmness to ensure the right amount of contouring and support. This is largely a personal preference, but it’s important that you find a mattress which suits your individual needs because each person has their own preferences when buying furniture items like mattresses!


Do you want to maintain the shape of your pillows? Some kinds compress, and others need frequent fluffing. If that sounds like too much work for you then choose a pillow made with natural or synthetic fibers for easy care!


A good pillow will not only provide comfort for your head, but also make you feel more relaxed and free. While there are many types of pillows available on the market, it's important that they have high-quality materials with quality fillings such as feathers or cotton so they maintain their shape over time.

You're likely to find a durable product if both cover material choices in conjunction with type offer durability above all else; look out for these signs when shopping around!

Pillow Sizes

Standard and king size pillows are the most common, but there is a surprising range of other sizes available. A standard pillow measures 20 inches by 26", while a King can be found at an inch larger measuring 20 x 36". Other popular choices include queen pillows for those who want more room or child sized ones if you're looking to keep things light weight!

If you’re a combination sleeper, then this is the pillow for you. For those who spend their nights switching back and forth between sleeping on their backs or sides, it can be difficult to find an appropriate bedding item that will provide adequate support in all positions but not anymore!

A king size mattress offers just enough extra space so as long as your selection has been made wisely (i e: soft yet firm). There's no need at all times to be busy being uncomfortable during slumber hours when using these types of pillows. Because they're capable of offering quality rest without any problems whatsoever .

Tips for Side & back Sleepers

I know it’s tough to get a good night's sleep when you're constantly on your back or side. The right mattress will help make all the difference! And if buying one isn't in the budget, we've got some tips for getting more quality time with yours:

The idea behind using a pillow while sleeping is so that spinal alignment remains neutral and head weight doesn't cause any strain at the top of the neck area (Cleveland Clinic). Investing money today can save yourself from aches tomorrow. Especially if those pesky pain points are caused by poor positioning during slumber hours.

No matter which position you find yourself in bed, try to keep your arms and hands below the level of facial hair growth while lying on one side. Additionally consider adding a small pillow behind knees when back this will maintain natural curvature along spine and help prevent hip joints from collapsing. Remember ducking chin if avoiding eye contact with partner during sex session as well!

Final Thought

Sleeping on your back or side can cause pain to the shoulders, neck and head. For this reason you need a pillow that offers proper support for these parts of our bodies during sleep time so they don't hurt after waking up in discomfort from sleeping too much one position all night long.

It's important when shopping online to find out which type will work well with what kind of body types before ordering as some people prefer extra comfort where others might need less firmness depending upon their specific needs - start by looking at medium-density options first then take things from there based on personal preference!