The 7 Best pillow for Tailbone Pain [Dr. Trust]

October 3, 2021

It's hard to stay alert and focused when you're sitting all day. Your body naturally wants to find a position that allows for comfort, but it can be detrimental in doing so because an unwell posture will make people feel more tired before even starting their workday! Wouldn't life become much easier with just one little reminder from their chair?

Avoiding slouching at desk has never been easier - rather than manually correcting poor postures every time they reappear (which might take hours!), occupants should look out windows.

Not sure where to start? It's OK, we did the research for you and found out about best seat cushions that shrink when wet. Most also help soothe aches already in place from years of poor posture!


What is Tailbone Pain?

The coccyx is a small triangular structure of 3-5 bones located at the bottom of our spinal column. It's responsible for supporting most of your weight as well as some extra stability when you stand up straight; even though it doesn't have much strength itself!

What is Tailbone Pain

A tailbone injury can be very painful and take several weeks to heal depending on how bad things get with said bruising injuries happen from time being pushed too far into an already overworked area due its lack of massiveness making these types' simpatico.

Over the last few decades, coccyx injuries have become more common in women. The reason for this trend can be attributed to their broader pelvis structure that results with a prominent tailbone and heavier load when sitting down compared to men who often sit less because they generally don't work as hard at physical labor on an everyday basis.

Additionally, childbirth may also lead some moms experiencing Coccydynia symptoms - which include severe pain below one's hips or lower back after vaginal delivery of infants (also known as levator syndrome).

7 Best Pillow for Tailbone Pain Review in 2021

Best Pillow for Tailbone Pain

1. LoveHome Memory Foam Lumbar Support

LoveHome Memory Foam Lumbar Support

LoveHome’s seat cushion is almost twice as thick and has extra memory foam, making it the perfect choice for those with an active lifestyle who need to sit at their desk all day. It also helps you maintain good posture since its streamlining ergonomic design keeps everything in place

In addition to being thicker than other models by about 4 inches (11 cm), this particular model features specially-designed durable elastic straps that work alongside adjustable couplings on either side so they can be securely fastened without relying exclusively upon velcro closures like some competitors do!

It's a good time to buy new furniture. Why? Because the 13 by 13 inch seat cushion is available in a wide variety of colors with a removable cover and can be used for 60 days before you have your money back if it doesn't work out! LoveHome makes similar cushions that are slightly larger, too--the company has over 40 options so there'll always be something perfect just waiting on your style-o-meter (or elbow).

2. SOFTaCARE Seat Cushion - Best Seat & Back Support

SOFTaCARE Seat Cushion

You're sitting on your soft, squishy SOFTaCARE Seat Cushion with orthopedic pillows. You should have bought this years ago! It's the perfect way to keep a good posture while still being comfy in these long meetings or classes. Not only will it help alleviate sciatica pain and herniated discs but also lower back issues like lumbago because of all that cushioning below you as well.

The two best memory foam pillows are the perfect pick-me up for any type of sleep. With their 100% Memory Foam, you'll be dreaming in comfort and feeling refreshed all morning long!

The breathable mesh construction of the lumbar support pillow makes it an excellent choice for those who want to avoid getting too hot in their seat. It also comes with adjustable straps and a pocket where you can store your Smartphone, making this item perfect as not only a backrest but also arm rest!

The innovative design features include its easy adjustability so that regardless if someone has large or small shoulders they will still find one setting that works best without feeling uncomfortable during use. Additionally there's no need for extra pillows since one compact size fits all individuals nicely at just 8 inches thick when resting flat against one's body no matter what shape it is.

3. Aylio Coccyx Orthopedic Comfort Foam Seat Cushion - Best Design

Aylio Coccyx Orthopedic Comfort Foam Seat Cushion

Aylio’s seat cushion has a special, ergonomic design that makes it ideal for larger bodies. But Aylion also works well with smaller people and those who have back or hip issues because of its firmness in the right places!

The cutout allows your tailbone to take less weight so you don't end up feeling like it's under ya all day long while still providing support where needed most- namely on top of your hips.

The cut-out area also distributes your weight more uniformly, so sitting on the chair becomes easier. This means that you can give your spine a break and enjoy comfortable seating like never before!

This loveseat is perfect for those who want to spice up their living room without taking the place over. With its edgy, cool gray velvet fabric covering and lightweight design that only weighs about one pound when in use - this sofa will be someone's new favourite seat!

4. Kieba Coccyx Seat Cushion - Best Memory Foam

Kieba Coccyx Seat Cushion

Kieba’s new lower back support seat cushion is made with memory foam that has been layered in gel to help you stay comfortably supported and improve your posture. With an U-shaped design, this lumbar pillow will keep tension off the spine so users may enjoy a better night's sleep without pain or discomfort!

The KIeBa Memory Foam Lower Back Support Seat Cushion allows its user relief by distributing weight evenly across multiple points on their body for increased comfort during long periods of time spent seated at work desks as well relaxing after hours spent studying doing schoolwork . This product also helps promote good health because those who use them are less prone than before.

The memory foam is a breathable material that provides excellent support for your back, hips and tailbone. It also allows you to sit in place without any discomfort because it's pressure relieving while letting air flow around areas where there are no obstructions or indentations from previous users leaving their mark on this cushion as evidence of comfy meetings!

The Memory Foam Cushion will keep form even after long periods at work - thanks to its ability Brittleness restoration effect which helps maintain resilience by breaking down damage caused during use so regular wear won’t leadysore accidents anymore.

The cushion is made of a durable vinyl that's easy to clean and will withstand years on your chair. It can be removed for those times you need an extra seat or if there are always people coming over! The dimensions are 14x18x3 inches so it should fit any kind of desk perfectly well - even stools sometimes get busy during these long days at work (or school).

5. Xtreme Comforts Office Chair Cushions - Comfortable One

Xtreme Comforts Office Chair Cushions

The Xtreme Comforts Seat Cushion is one of the largest seat cushion pillows on our list. This way, it also has plenty of space for your favorite chair and distributes weight more evenly to prevent back pain or other problems caused by improper seating posture!

It measures 19 x 17.5 x 3 inches which makes this pillow perfect whether you're looking at an office desk job from 9am - 5pm four days per week (like me) with limited movement throughout most shifts. If sitting all day long driving does not agree well either then take note because these cushions can be found in both small/medium size options as well.

The large seat cushion is comfortable and conforms to your shape, thanks to a two-layer foam system that never flattens out. It helps relieve tailbone pressure as well numbness in the lower back due to its support for long hours of sitting or driving on bumpy roads!

It also has an incredible honeycomb core which supports spinal alignment while giving you total comfort all day long with every use  no matter what position we are talking about when referring those types of activities ending here: office work being seated at desk writing lines down; playing games like League Of Legends (not gaming) standing up from a prone position taking breaks occasionally moving around.

This seat cushion is perfect for travelers who need a durable, breathable and washable option. With an attached carry handle it's easy to take with you anywhere so that after work or on your next trip you can use this seating solution!

Plus, the non-skid bottom ensures stability while using it outdoors in any type of setting including train carriages during travel time; also indoor spaces such as offices where there may not always be furniture nearby at all times due t0 its lack size (or if someone else has already claimed them).

6. Purple Back Cushion - Best Splurge

Purple Back Cushion

As you can tell by its color, the Purple double seat cushion is for those who want to show off their status. It has 18 x 16 inches and 2 inch thicknesses of hyper elastic polymer which make it durable as well as providing a comfortable seating experience in any situation - from work environments or leisurely moments at home!

The Grid is a thick and soft seat cushion that can be used to alleviate leg pain as well as back injury. The unique design of the product allows it to wrap around anything inside your pocket, which means you will never feel your wallet or keys again!

The dual-support design of this chair cushion means you can use it on any office chair, and with its anti-skid bottom to ensure that your seat won't slide off. Other high end features include the free flowing air channels built into each side which keeps from overheating or getting too stuffy during prolonged sitting time.

7. TravelMate Gel-Enhanced Memory Foam - Best for Portability

TravelMate Gel-Enhanced Memory Foam

To say the least, TravelMate knows how to make a comfortable seat. The company designed their Gel-Enhanced Cushion for use anywhere from plane seats and car seats all the way up through your office chair!

It comes with a built-in carrying handle that makes it easy to just grab one then move around where needed without worrying about breaking or losing anything along the way.

Searching online led us here as well; they have been making these cool cushion covers since 1978 so clearly there must be something special happening inside them besides regular old fabric.

The patented gel seat cushion is made to keep you comfortable while sitting for long periods of time, as it offers plenty that can be found on a couch at home. The furniture-grade foam and memory material provide just enough bounce back from its cushioned form factor so your rear won't get sore after sitting down all day in one go!

This cushion is a great buy for the price. It’s made of tough, yet comfortable material that will keep your head from sinking in any time soon! Plus it has an anti-slip backing to ensure you can always depend on this thing no matter where or how much movement there may be while sitting atop its surface.

Buying Guide for Cushion that Helps in Tailbone Pain

If you're in the market for a new coccyx pillow, there are some important considerations. You need to think about your sleeping habits and position preferences when making this decision as each type of cushion offers something different that might suit what's best for how someone likes their bedtime stretches out or wants support during lopsided days at work!

Buying Guide for Cushion that Helps in Tailbone Pain


There are two main shapes to choose from when it comes down to a pillow: "U" shaped and O-Shaped. For those who suffer with tailbone pain, an “O” shaped pillow is often recommended because they will keep weight off pressure points; however these pillows can also be used for general postural support or hemorrhoids relief as well!

If you're looking into purchasing one of these types, find out which best suits your needs first before investing in something expensive that may not work on all three areas addressed by its name alone.


Coccyx pillows are a must for those suffering from coccydynia, but what type of material should you use? Some common choices include organic materials like small seeds and sand; man-made ones such as foam or gel. However high-density memory foam is the preferred choice because it provides comfort while being resilient enough to regain its shape after prolonged periods in use.

Memory foam is a great option for people who suffer from back pain. However, it does not work as well in the summer months because of its tendency to get hot and sweaty which can cause uncomfortable pressure points on your coccyx (the area between one's anus and genitals).

It’s best used at night with an airflow-stuffed cover that will help keep you cool throughout the day! Here are some materials available: Seeds, Buckwheat, hulls and Glass beads, CottonPlastic beads, Foam, Memory Gel .


Of all the pillows in your home, it is coccyx and tailbone support that will show most wear. The key to getting them clean can be a removable cover for machine washing or replacing at any time because they're so often clogged with dirt!

Most materials used on the pillow tend to get warm because of body heat. That warmth, in turn can become moisture which leads to a bunch of not-so fun stuff like mold - fortunately most coccyx pillows are breathable!


I've been told that the coccyx is a tricky little muscle. It's only there to support your tailbone and provide some cushion when you sit, but it can be difficult to find just the right pillow for this area! You don't want anything too high off-center or flat on top.

Other Factors

Coccyx pain sufferers will find relief with a coccyx pillow. Built-in heat, massage functions and other cool features make this the perfect accessory for those in need!

Final Thought

It's important to find the right pillow for you. You want comfort, contouring support and durability so that your neck doesn't feel sore or strain from too much use every day. There are many styles of pillows available on Amazon just like these seven we highlighted above!

They all offer great benefits including alleviating pain in the tailbone area caused by improper posture which also helps create spinal alignment as well as improving blood circulation near this region due its increased muscle activity when lying down correctly aligned with head centered over heart (or feet).

Take some time now: narrow down what kind would be best suited based off different needs such three main categories - relieve back aches/spinal habits; improve breathing & relieves headaches.