The 5 Best Pillows For Lower Back Pain

October 2, 2021

Do you experience back pain? Your day to day life and sleep can play director of your spine. Sleep is the time where our spines need rest, so don't let bad posture during this period keep on hurting! Lower back pain is an all too common problem.

There are so many different things that can cause it, but one thing that you can do to help relieve the pain is getting a pillow for lower back pain. In this post, we will review our favorite pillows for lower back pain and recommend which ones are best suited for each type of sleeper.


5 Best pillow for Lower back Pain Review in 2021

With so many pillows on the market, it can be hard to know which one is best for your back. Luckily we’ve taken a look at all of them and broken down how they work in order relieve pain from time-to-time headaches or chronic conditions like sciatica based on their construction materials that make them worth buying!

Best Pillows For Lower Back Pain

The key thing when shopping around might seem overwhelming especially with such an extensive range available at retailers across America today (or online!).

1. Cushion Lab Neck Relief Cervical Pillow

Cushion Lab Extra Dense Ergonomic Cervical Pillow

The Cushion Lab Neck Relief Ergonomic cervical pillow provides excellent support for side and back sleepers. The gel-infused memory foam is designed to relieve pressure, while promoting healthy neck posture during sleeping hours with its concave shape that helps keep your head elevated off the ground as well allowing space in the center where you can rest comfortably without any worries about cracking or discomfort caused by an overly firm surface!

This pillow is the perfect solution for night-time discomfort. The gel infused memory foam provides excellent pressure relief and evenly distributes heat throughout your head, while also being breathable with an easy care shell that can be removed or machine washed!

Cushion Lab is here to make your neck happy! The pillow that comes with a one year limited warranty and free shipping within the contiguous U.SC-NAP1NeckR Relief Ergonomic cervical pillows are made from memory foam isolating pressure points on top of each other.

So you can sleep better all night long. while also relieving stress in various areas throughout your body like shoulders, arms/hands & head no matter what position they're sleeping upright or lying down flat facing upwards. 2 different sizes available: small size for adults 18"-22" tall; regular height 9” thickness provides medium support perfect if.

Why it's Better?

  • For Cradling the neck it has a concave shape.
  • Fully washable machine
  • Side & back Sleepers

2. Casper Foam Pillow

Casper Sleep Foam Pillow for Sleeping

While the best pillow for each person is different, there are a few factors that will influence their choice. These include your normal sleep position and height as well as what type of mattress you lay on at night (firm vs plush). The Casper Foam Pillow comes in two thickness levels; one with 1 .25 inch side gussets which makes it more pliable than other pillows while another features 2 inches worth so it's comfortable but not too much support when need be perfect!

Make sure you take the right loft for your body type! The thicker option will probably be more comfortable if you sleep on one side, while back and stomach-sleeping people may enjoy a low-loft pillow.

The pillow contains three layers of AirScape, a hybrid foam material that incorporates the gentle responsiveness of polyfoam with the adaptive contouring and breathability. Small perforations allow air circulation so it won’t absorb an excessive amount of body heat while sleeping on your side or back comfortably all night long!

The interior is encased in a soft ply spandex shell for added temperature control - you'll stay cool during hot summer months thanks to this incredible design feature which allows us help keep out any excess humidity from getting into our head spaces where they can wreak havoc inside (think hats).

The Casper pillow is a great way to get the perfect head support for your sleep. It's machine washable, so you can maintain its cleanliness without worrying about stains or odors ruining that freshness! The cover includes an elastic strap on one side and ties at both ends making it super easy to use with any kind of bedding set-up in mind.

The pillow is a great option for shoppers on the budget. It comes with free shipping throughout the contiguous U.S., and Canada, an affordable price point coupled with this service will surely make it more attractive than other pillows that charge higher prices due to their distance from your area or because they want you to pay extra just so delivery in certain regions can happen (especially if those same companies don't deliver elsewhere).

All orders come standard; however buyers may choose between either 30 days of trial use where nothing costs them unless/until something goes wrong during its lifetime - at which time everything delivered gets replaced without question-or warranty extensions such as 2 years up instead 1 year.

Why it's Better?

  • Two loft option for suitable position
  • Approachable pricing
  • Hybrid foam contours

3. Eli & Elm Cotton Side-Sleeper Pillow

Eli & Elm Ultimate Pillow

The ergonomic Eli & Elm Cotton Side-Sleeper Pillow is designed with an oblong shape. This allows you to rest comfortably on your side, alleviate pain in these areas as well as all over the back and hips when sleeping - it's great for people who suffer from chronic discomfort or just want improved sleep quality! The pillow contains a shredded blend of latex and down alternative fibers creating plush support.

While still being comfortable enough so that one can remain lying flat without cramps onsetting due this position not only does its design keep neck elevated but aligns shoulders properly too making sure no pressure points are left untreated which would cause unpleasant waking sensations during REM cycles if ignored.

The pillow is designed to be as adjustable and universal as possible. You can add or remove and adjust its loft, making it suitable for all types of sleepers no matter what their preference may be - from thin side-sleepers who need less support than back or stomach breathers do; these pillows are great!

The cover material includes a soft blend made up mostly out of cotton polyester spandex fibers which work together perfectly in order keep things cool during those hot summer nights when you're sleeping with just an old shirt over head (guilty!).

Eli & Elm provides unique, high-quality products for your home. They offer a variety of pillows that can be customized to fit any need or preference from firmness and elevation adjustments all the way down to thread count - they’ve got you covered! One great thing about these guys is their customer service: if anything goes wrong with one pillow during shipping (or even before!).

Just send it back and get another one free as long as it's within 45 days after purchase date whichever comes first along with 5 year warranty coverage on both fabric covers AND filling materials which means no worries when buying new stuff again because at least now there won't be an issue getting reimbursed due time spent waiting around by customers' insurance companies anyways right?

Why it's Better?

  • Contoured design
  • Improve alignment and reduce the pressure on neck
  • Latex & down alternative fill balances.

4. Amerisleep Dual Comfort Memory Pillow

AMERISLEEP Dual Comfort Memory Foam

The Amerisleep Flex Pillow is a highly adaptable pillow that’s well-suited to those seeking relief. This memory foam and latex blend provides just the right amount of support for your head as it cradles you into sleep, while also providing some cooling properties if needed!

The flexible design allows this comfy cushioning unit easy movement when sleeping on different surfaces be they hard or soft mattresses with varying degrees in between; additionally its unique construction ensures durability without sacrificing comfort no matter where life takes us next year (or decade).

This pillow is perfect for people who want to mold their own polyurethane fill. The easily adjustable design works well with side and back sleepers, as it's designed so you can change the shape of your support anytime during slumber. Memory foam has been known by experts in pain relief as being very helpful when waking up because of neck discomfort while sleeping. This type also offers good spinal alignment which helps alleviate any pressure points on our bodies!

The memory foam pillow regulates temperature thanks to its design features. It has a shredded memory fill that lets more air circulate than a piece of solid would typically allow, while also being ventilated by the waffle-stitch surface on the cover which helps you stay cool at night!

Why it's Better?

  • Moldability is High
  • Fill & cover are temperature regulation
  • Washable

5. GhostBed GhostPillow - Memory Foam

GhostBed Faux Down Pillow

The Ghostbed's pillow is made with aerated gel memory foam that delivers contouring support for most individuals. The medium firm feel and 6-inch loft works best on side or back sleepers alike, who will appreciate the extra lift it provides them while they're sleeping! It comes in one size so you can pair this comfortable item up perfectly to your standard case of pillows."

Gel-infused memory foam is the newest and most innovative way to sleep better. The gel in this pillow creates a cooling effect, which can help alleviate pressure buildup for Red Flashes because it keeps air circulation going so your head stays cooler than normal pillows do!

It’s also CertiPur US certified meaning that its hypoallergenic properties make them safe from dust mites too. Making these wonderful new finds perfect not just for nighttime snoozing but as an all around mattress remedy when you're feeling unwell throughout other parts of your body due allergies or asthma attacks.

The GhostBed is equipped with a phase change material (PCM) in the inner cover that draws heat away from your body and wicks away moisture. The outer covering, treated by the company's proprietary ghost ice technology can be removed for machine washability!

GhostBed is an innovative company that wants their customers to have a comfortable sleep. They offer free shipping and returns, as well as the 101-night sleep trial with 30 days off after you break it in! A five year limited warranty comes standard on all products too so there's no need for worries about durability or quality at this point.

Why it's Better?

  • Support wide range of sleepers
  • Phase Change Material
  • Night Sleep trial

What to Consider When Purchasing a Pillow for Lower Back Pain

Knowing what to look for in a pillow is important. Not all pillows provide the same level of support and comfort, so it's best not to get distracted by marketing jargon or exaggerations!

A good place start your search would be with how much you sleep at night- if five hours isn't enough then don't buy an extra thick/thick Mattress Type Compression Pillow because those types usually only have around 2 inches thickness; however something like feather filling on top but no base layer will keep delivering excellent results as long as they're just right width (or thickness).

Back pain can be a very debilitating condition. When determining what type of back problem you have, it's important to consider how long the issue has been present and if there are any previous injuries that may contribute more than just genetics for instance. To help with some practical techniques in treatment here we'll cover sleeping position as well as head size or shoulder girth measurement!

Pillow for Lower Back Pain


The loft of a pillow can be defined as its height, which is one important consideration when choosing the right sleeping position. It determines how well your spine stays aligned and whether you'll experience back pain or not.

Low lumps tend to keep our backs in better alignment while high ones may create more strain on them due their inability to get enough support underneath themselves so they need extra care during use at night-time hours. Stomach sleepers, back-sleepers and side-sleeper all have different needs when it comes to pillows.

For example stomach snorers may need a low loft pillow that will keep their head at an angle so they can breathe easier through the night while those who like sleeping on their backs often opt for medium or higher plush softness which cradles them nicely in place as well!


A pillow's ability to retain its shape is important for providing proper support while sleeping. People suffering from back pain will find that a lofty, supportive one helps them get more restful sleep as it supports their spine and reduces pressure on painful areas of the neck or shoulders caused by improper alignment during slumber hours

A good option might be an over-the-face cervical orthopedic pillow which provides cradling effects along with gentle side thrusts ensuring you're always comfortable no matter what position you end up adopting at night time!


A pillow's quality and price are inversely proportional. For example, a good polyester or down alternative pillow can be purchased for under $100 while an excellent memory foam one costs as much as twice that amount due to the material used; however if you're looking at buckwheat pillows which don't have any filling at all then expect prices across all ranges from cheap ($25)to expensive (upwards of $300).

Quality Materials:

The type of material used in a pillow can have an effect on its lifespan. For back pain sufferers, this is important because they want to get consistent and even support for their spine. So it doesn't cause any discomfort down the line as well from rough handling when sleeping every night on cheap pillows. That may change positions during sleep causing one's head/neck position altering consciously while turning over etc..

Latex bases are typically durable; however high density polyester feels too soft compared with other types. Such as feather beds which provide users better spinal alignment by providing some give but still being firm enough.


It is important to find the right pillow for your sleeping position and lower back pain. The 8 best pillows on this list should provide some great options that will help you sleep better. If you are still having trouble finding what matches your needs, please feel free to contact us with more specifics about how we can be of assistance!