The 7 Best Pillows for Neck Pain and How to Choose One

October 3, 2021

Neck pain is something that affects many people, and it can be a serious issue. While some manage to recover from their symptoms within one week or less than four days on average according to research by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS), 10 percentT Trusted Sourcepeople may have chronic issues with neck trouble-especially if they had an injury as well.

When you sleep, the position of your body can cause pain. For example, stomach sleeping may lead to neck problems because it means that our necks are on one side and the spine is arched inwards or upwards slightly.

The best way to get a good night's sleep is by following these simple steps. Experts recommend trying sleeping on your back or side, with a pillow that supports the neck and its natural curve in order for your head to feel comfortable throughout even though there are many different types of pillows available today that provide support no matter what position they're used in!


How to Choose the Best Pillow for Your Neck Pain

If you're looking for the best neck pillows to help relieve pain while sleeping, check out our list. We found that both latex and memory foam provide support as well as reduce fatigue in those with chronic neck problems like mine!

How to Choose the Best pillow for Your Neck Pain

In addition, we looked for ergonomic pillows designed to provide ample cervical support without elevating the head too much. We found that a 2016 study by Trusted Source suggests this is crucial because as you sleep on an elevated pillow your neck will be in less of an S-shape position and puts increased pressure on it which could lead headaches or even chronic pain down the line!

We've got you covered with a variety of different pillow options: some filled with feathers or down and others that are buckwheat pillows. It's important to find your perfect match because not all foam pillows work for everyone!

7 Best Pillows for Neck Pain Review in 2021

Did you know the type of pillow can dictate what your needs are? We'll take an in-depth look at nine types, and how they might work for different sleepers.

Best Pillows for Neck Pain

1. EPABO Memory Foam Pillow - Best for Firm Support

EPABO Memory Foam Pillow

You may need a pillow that is tailored specifically for you to help with symptoms of your specific condition. Luckily, there's an option out there in the form of EPABO Memory Foam Pillows!

These pillows provide just what they say - firm support and great cushioning soothe away any pain or discomfort while providing ideal positioning which helps maintain proper alignment throughout sleep hours without causing back problems down the line like other types can do if not used correctly

The contoured design of this pillow is designed to provide ergonomic support that aligns your head, neck and spine. The company explains in the first 2 weeks people may experience some discomfort as they adjust their sleeping position overnight - but with proper use it should feel much better after a few months on average!

Why We are love it

The Knees to Cheeks pillow is a popular and highly rated item with many users attesting to its firm support. One reviewer shares that this bestseller provides great relief for those who shift from their back all night long into side sleeping on it, which can be helpful in some cases where arthritis or pain makes sitting at desks throughout the day very difficult!

Needs to be improved

The pillow can be too high for some people's neck. It may also make you feel hot when sleeping on it, but the end result of this is that users wake with less pain in their head and shoulders!

2. Xtreme Comforts Shredded Memory Foam Pillow - Best for Medium Support

Xtreme Comforts Pillows for Sleeping

The Xtreme Comforts Shredded Memory Foam Pillow is a popular choice with people who sleep in any position. This pillow provides great support for side and back sleeping, as well as providing comfort when lying on your stomach or turning over to rest!

When shopping for a new pillow, you want to find one that will help give your head the right amount of support. This particular model has a vented bamboo cover and shredded memory foam filling which customizes its levels of comfort accordingly. It also resists dust mites so those with allergies or asthma can enjoy sleeping soundly through night without being bothered by allergens in their room!

Why We are love it

The fill is firm, yet soft and very comfortable. A perfect mix of support for your body as you go about doing whatever it is that occupies a day in the life of an office worker or mother!

Needs to be improved

The pillow is not at all light and it has an overwhelming chemical smell to it, which some people may find off-putting.

3. DOWNLITE Extra Soft Down Pillow - Best for Soft Support

DOWNLITE Extra Soft Down Pillow

The DownLite Extra Soft down pillow is a great choice for stomach sleepers with neck pain. It's made of 100% duck-down, making it extra soft and comfortable to rest on at night!

This hypoallergenic design also allows you the convenience of machine washing when needed--no need to worry about buying another one because your current cover has stains from food or drink years ago (happens more than we'd like).

Why We are love it

The best way to describe this pillow is as the perfect mix between firmness and softness. It compresses flat enough for stomach sleeping, but still has some give when you need it most-such as after a long day at work or during those hot summer nights where sleep just doesn't come easy. Some reviewers say they like how "sleep cool" keeps their heads even if temps are rising inside our homes!

Needs to be improved

If your bed is just not the same without a little extra bounce, then you might want to try out this pillow. It has been proven to give people more than enough support for changing positions throughout their night's sleep and provides great neck pain relief too!

4. Nature’s Guest Cervical Support Pillow - Best for Headache Relief

Nature’s Guest Cervical Support Pillow

The Nature’s Guest Cervical Pillow is a great pillow to try if you often wake up with headaches. The higher sides of the pillow support your head, and it can help keep any curving motion from occurring while sleeping on ones side-back position transition into laying down flat in bed at night time

This could be one option worth considering so that we don't end up giving our neck pain!

This pillow is more than just one thing. It can be adjusted for firmness and has an all-natural cotton cover that's hypoallergenic as well, so you won't have any side effects from it like some people do with other pillows! The filling also helps give back support thanks to its microfiber material which will make sleeping easier every night without feeling discomfort or pain in your head when drifting off at night

Why We are love it

This pillow is well made and reviewers agree that it changed their life by banishing morning headaches. Others enjoy being able to adjust the fill for support just right without ever feeling uncomfortable or insecure about what they're wearing around their neck at night!

Needs to be improved

When your pillow starts to lose its bounce, it's time for some fluff. Not only will a new layer add back the support that was lost in years of use but also make you feel more comfortable at night with how high-quality and lofty these pillows are!

5. Sleep Artisan Luxury Side Sleeper Pillow - Best for Side Sleep

Sleep Artisan Luxury Side Sleeper Pillow

Designed to alleviate sleepers’ pain and discomfort, the Sleep Artisan Side Sleeper Pillow is a one-of-a-kind pillow. Made with organic latex in addition to down alternative microfiber fillings that are antimicrobial as well hypoallergenic for your needs on top of being nonrestrictive when sleeping at any angle or position; this product will change how you view side sleeping forever!

This pillow is meant to mimic how many side sleepers scrunch their pillows when trying out new positions. The natural materials and lack of strong odors make it easy on your body, so you can rest comfortably without worrying about chemical fumes or a bad smell bothering you while sleeping in different locations with only this one travel companion!

You may want more support if that’s what works best for space around where the head meets shoulders. Simply add some filling into any open sections until desired softness has been reached (or remove as much air). All adjustable parts are made from durable elastic polyester cord which stretches over all three dimensions: lengthwise along the axis between handles.

Why We are love it

The pillow's unique design is said to be both comfortable and functional. Not only does it provide support for the neck, but also shoulders, arms and wrists providing maximum relief from pain while you sleep on your side or back!

The fabric regulates temperature which helps keep people cool all night long without overheating in warmer weather months like summertime where we tend not want our bodies heated up too much before morning because then they'll need more blankets under them than usual (or else suffer discomfort.

Needs to be improved

For some users, the filling is not as smooth and creamy-looking. Others don't like that you need to remove any leftover fillings before washing up because it could be difficult on your hands or cause discomfort when going through security at an airport. The texture of this product was really interesting for me since I’ve never felt anything quite like how soft these creams seemed while using them!

6. COHOME Memory Foam Pillow - Best for Back Sleep

COHOME Memory Foam Pillow

The COHOME Memory Foam Pillow is designed to suit the needs of those who sleep on their backs. It comes with additional filling, so you can adjust its height and provide comfort for your entire body while sleeping!

This pillow is not only comfortable but also durable. The filling, made of gel and memory foam combined with an innovative cover that can be washed in the sink or machine-washed on a delicate cycle when needed for easy maintenance purposes add up to a long lasting product!

Why We are love it

Reviewers say they like the cool feel of gel foam and that it quickly reverts to its original shape. Many users have reported waking up without neck pain after sleeping on this pillow, which is why many are switching over from traditional pillows for good!

Needs to be improved

A few people have issues with the zipper not working properly, making it hard to adjust the fill. A pesky design flaw that has been reported across different models is a faulty mechanism that makes opening and closing your mattress nearly impossible.

Without help from another person or firm grasp on both ends of where you need access inside but don't worry! We're here for y'all as one-person warranty replacements are available in case this happens (and also because sleep matters).

7. The Belly Sleeper Pillow - Best for Stomach

The Belly Sleeper Pillow

A belly pillow is a great way to ensure your head and neck stay in alignment while you sleep on the ground or other soft surfaces. The Belly Sleeper Pillow does this by being especially thin, which means it will be stable when positioned just below one's chest-pocket area (or wherever they prefer).

For many people who enjoy sleeping without any pillows whatsoever under their heads as an alternative form of comforting themselves during slumber time; these types put them off because even though we may not know exactly how bad things would feel otherwise at least now there are solutions!

The pillow has been designed to help you sleep better, and feel less pain. The memory foam is infused with cooling gel so that your head can be cool while sleeping.

This way heat doesn't build up inside the affected area of the spine which leads us towards discomfort at night not just during daytime naps! Furthermore it's hypoallergenic (no longer sending those allergens through, dust mite resistant too? This one sounds like a winner on all fronts!

Why We are love it

The best kind of pillow is one that you can’t actually feel. The company behind this innovative design has been creating products for people who suffer from chronic back pain or other ailments, giving them relief by making their sleep more comfortable all without taking up too much room in bed! One customer raves: “I will never use another type of pillow again; these are just perfect and I don't have any complaints at all about them."

Needs to be improved

One downside to this pillow is that it may not work well if you switch positions during the night.

Things to Do in Addition to Switching Your Pillow

Are you finding that your pillow is not providing enough support? A new study published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine found out why this might be happening. It seems as though there are different types and sizes for pillows, so make sure to get one specifically made just for side sleepers!

Addition to Switching Your Pillow

If none of these tips work or if symptoms persist after six weeks-you should talk with a doctor about getting fitted for an alternative type/size mattress instead since it may take time before optimal positioning becomes habits ingrained into everyday life again and some people never find relief.

  • Align your spine and posture when standing or sitting to achieve a neutral position. Keep the shoulders over hips, with ears positioned above neckline for maximum comfort
  • Take care of your neck! If you work on a computer for too long or do anything that stresses it out, make sure to stretch every 20-30 minutes. It may also be helpful to set reminders with alarms so we can remind ourselves about taking breaks from time to time.
  • A backpack or rolling suitcase is your best bet when carrying heavy loads. This will reduce strain and give you the freedom of movement that a shoulder bag can't match!
  • If you are experiencing pain, take a warm shower or apply cold compresses to lessen the inflammation. Injuries usually get better within 2-3 days of onset; but it may not be fully healed yet so don't give up hope just because there is temporary relief!
  • Take some of the most popular over-the-counter pain relievers, like acetaminophen or ibuprofen.

Final Thought

You may be able to relieve your neck pain with the right pillow. Different types of pillows offer many different levels of support, so it’s worth trying a few and seeing which one works best for you! A money-back guarantee often accompanies these purchases too just make sure that they provide what their adverts promise before buying yours as well.

You know that sinking feeling when you wake up with pain in your neck? It could be nothing, but chances are it's not. If the problem persists after changing pillows and positions or making an appointment to see a doctor then there may be something more serious going on for which treatment would require professional attention such as surgery.