Best Pillows for the Side Sleepers

October 3, 2023

Sleeping on your side can help to reduce the risk of back pain and other injuries. When you lie down with adequate cushioning, it is much easier for muscles around different parts of our body including shoulders or hips not to be overworked when we sleep, especially if that area is injured! Benefits include lessening inflammation in these areas by promoting even spinal alignment which helps avoid pressure points all across one's physique from head to toe (and everywhere else).

Side sleepers need a lot more support than back or stomach sleeping individuals to keep their heads oriented correctly while they are asleep. If you’re looking for the proper pillow, it should be thick enough so that pressure points don't occur and interfere with spinal alignment but not too thin either - otherwise these same issues will come up again if there isn't adequate cushioning beneath your head .

We tested pillows for side sleepers. We narrowed the field to six finalists, then gave them all a spin and put together this list based on our experiences with verified owners and customers as well product research into what makes good ones so we could share it with you!


What's the Benefits of Side Sleeping?

Side sleeping is the most popular position among U.S adults, and for good reason! It can minimize snoring by keeping your airway open; back sleepers often snore more because their tongue falls into a blockage in their throat as they rest on it while laying down.

Benefits of Side Sleeping

Side sleeping can provide some relief for people with sleep apnea and acid reflux. Even pregnant women will feel more comfortable on their side than they would be in other positions, so it is important to consider this when trying out different types of pillows or mattresses that are available on the market today!

Side sleeping can help to reduce discomfort in the shoulders, hips and other areas where pressure points tend to develop. Side-sleepers need a mattress with enough support for their heads as well as pillows that align them correctly so they don't end up compressed against one side or another all night long!

How to Choose a Pillow for Side Sleepers

Side sleepers will want to ensure that their pillow provides adequate support for the head and neck. Pillows which are too deep or feel too thick can interfere with spinal alignment, leading to aching in your shoulders as well! In order to find out what type of sleeper you are (side vs back), take into account how firm it feels when laying on them.

How to Choose a Pillow for Side Sleepers

Some people prefer softer pillows while others like something with more cushioning. For those who have trouble sleeping through the night because they toss around significantly during slumber; consider grabbing an extra-firm one so there's less movement from side awake straight arm crucifixion position.

There are many pillow manufacturers who claim their products offer universal comfort for all sleepers regardless of body type or personal preference. However, if you’re looking to buy one that works with your side sleeping style then be sure not only take into consideration what position the manufacturer suggests but also how firm or soft it is so as not to end up with an unpleasant night's rest!

The marketing claims that these pillows are making seem misleading. Each pillow was designed to provide a unique feel, but given the demands of different sleep positions anyone can get one better suited for themselves depending on their needs and preferences in bedding items at home or elsewhere!

What do pillows have that make them so great? Here's what you should consider when shopping for new ones.

Rather than using marketing jargon to guide your pillow search, focus on the following attributes instead: ão provide support áfeel like they're made just for me (or maybe someone else in my bedroom) covers almost all parts of head and neck and defends against overheating.


It's important to find the right pillow for your needs. Most side sleepers need medium or high loft pillows that provide enough cushioning without sinking too low when sleeping on their back and sides, but you may also want adjustable levels depending upon how much support is needed each night!


A good quality pillow will provide you with excellent support to allow for comfortable side sleeping. A sinking or elevating surface of the head can disrupt spinal alignment, which is crucial when it comes time to rest your weary body in order that all parts get their needed refreshment as they work hard keeping everything going on around us!

Firmness Level

Finding the perfect pillow can be difficult. You want one that feels good and provides you with proper alignment, but there are so many options out in stores today! It is important to find a balance between firmness and softness because if your head sinks too much into its depths then this could lead towards alignment issues as well as potential discomfort around the neck or shoulders area depending on how high up it goes against our bodies while sleeping.

Pressure Relief

A side sleeper's mattress should be supportive and contoured to support the body. Pressure can develop in many areas if a person sleeps on an inappropriate pillow, but this type of posture is less likely for head or back sleepers since their pillows help keep aligning muscles aligned with the spine during rest time.


You already know that your mattress is a big investment. But did you also consider the pillow? A flattening or sunken head could be an indication of poor support for sleeping positions, which may create pressure on various parts of the body during REM cycles when muscles relax and blood flow reduces slightly due to gravity pulling down at night time, a cause known as "packing." Air mattresses solve this problem with their softness but they lack deterrence features suchs metal springs found inside most pillows; so add some extra fluffing each week if using one!


The price of a pillow largely depends on its material components. Pillows made from polyfoam, down alternative and feathers typically have the lowest prices-points while those with memory foam or latex tend to be more expensive models costing around $150 in total for both queen size pillows (king is not an option). That said you can find high quality sleepers anywhere between 100 - 200 dollars which isn't too bad considering how important this purchase could potentially become!

The cost associated with selecting new bedding often varies depending upon what kind they decide: if somebody opts for synthetic alternatives such as cotton jersey rather than natural materials like silk then costs may decrease slightly; however even though these products seem inexpensive at first glance.

Quality Materials

Pillows are a great way to help support your head and neck while you sleep, but choosing the right one can be difficult. The materials used in constructing coverings for pillows often impact their durability as well its ability to maintain temperature regulation or resist shape loss over time so it's important that before making your decision find out all about what goes into each component of these products!

4 Best Pillows for Side Sleepers

1. Layla Kapok Pillow

Layla Kapok Pillow

We all have our favorite side sleeper pillow, and we're not afraid to let you in on ours. The Layla Pillow is filled with shredded memory foam that's infused with copper for natural cooling properties as well as antimicrobial effects! Not only does this keep snoring at bay (or any other sound related issues), but the luxurious feel of kapok fibers against skin makes it worth every penny - especially when compared next to those cheaper versions available elsewhere online or in stores near ya'..

The Layla Pillow is the perfect pillow for side sleepers because it provides excellent head and neck cushioning, without sinking too deeply or feeling tall. For many people this results in even spinal alignment! The snuggly option also works well as a comfortable bolster beneath your legs/knees when you're cuddling up with one at night - what more could we ask from our bedtime companion?

The Layla Pillow is one of the most affordable shredded memory foam pillows on Amazon. Its price point makes it a great buy for anyone who wants relief from their back pain, and because shipping costs are free in the contiguous U.S., this pillow will be able to provide you with regular use at home without having any high-cost surprises after purchase!

2. Eli & Elm Cotton Pillow

Eli & Elm Cotton Pillow

The Eli & Elm Cotton Side-Sleeper Pillow is an innovative design that provides plenty of support for your head and neck to keep you in comfort as well as reduce pain. The top portion features a U-shape, which is great because it allows the user's shoulder blade on one side rest while they sleep without being craned at an awkward angle; this will help alignment all over!

This pillow not only supports your head, neck and spine but also promotes a restful sleep. Made with polyester fiber fill that provides medium firmness support combined with organic cotton outer casing ideal for machine washing to maintain cleanliness while keeping allergens at bay; this is one product you'll want in every room of the house!

Side-sleepers love the Side Sleeper Pillow because of its medium to high loft that is well suited for side sleeping. It’s easy to adjust by adding or removing fill, and there are additional bags available if you need them!

The pillow also adapts in terms of firmness depending on your preference so no matter what position you take during sleep it will feel just right at every turn - but don't forget about how much more comfortable these pillows make going back into bed after getting up all day either (we know who usually does this).

The Eli & Elm pillow is made from recycled materials, which means you get to enjoy a guilt-free purchase. The company offers free shipping within the contiguous U.S., as well as a 45 day return period for any reason! And if your purchase doesn't meet your expectations or it breaks soon after delivery, they'll replace or fix it at no cost too - just contact them through their website.

3. Amerisleep Comfort Classic Pillow

Amerisleep Comfort Classic Pillow

The Amerisleep Comfort Classic Pillow is a great choice for side sleeping. The core consists of proprietary Bio-Pur memory foam, which provides incredible comfort without any sinking or hugging too tightly to your neck and head shape - making this pillow perfect no matter what type you have! It also measures 6 inches thick; definitely enough loft so that it can be used by many types of sleepers in terms not just spinal alignment but mattress thickness as well.

If you sleep on your back or side, then this pillow should be a good fit for you. People who prefer extra support and comfort when lying down can rest easier with the additional loft that it provides in those positions while snorers will appreciate its high profile design which opens up airways by elevating heads into an ideal posture for breathing control.

The Bio-Pur Comfort Classic Pillow is a breathable, open cell foam that helps to keep your head cool. The cover stays fairly cooler than other pillows because of its composition and design which makes for more comfortable sleep all around!

The pillow should retain shape well over time without losing comfort or support unlike memory foams who often change due customer feedback into an oddball version they don't like as much.

The Amerisleep Comfort Classic Pillow is a great choice for those who want to get their sleep on. This model comes in two different sizes, queen and king; it's priced fairly competitively with other memory foam pillows while still maintaining free ground shipping within the contiguous United States! You'll also receive an extra 10 years worth of warranties from this company- what more could you ask?

4. GhostBed Ghost Pillow - Memory Foam

Side sleepers who want a high-quality pillow at an affordable price point will enjoy the GhostPillows. This model’s pressure relieving memory foam and medium firm feel offer ample support, two qualities side sleepers prefer in their pillows while they slumber soundly on these soft but supportive cushions! The 6 inch lift level also helps keep your head aligned correctly all night long so you can wake up feeling refreshed after getting 8+ hours of uninterrupted shut eye.

Memory foam pillows can be uncomfortable and retain body heat, which is bad for sleepers. This pillow has a core made of solid gel-infused memory foam that's perforated to increase airflow in order to better control temperature than traditional models without this feature.

The pillow’s core is made from phase change material and covered by Ghost Ice fabric. This proprietary blend of materials keeps your skin cool, while the cotton velour side provides plushness to anyone who prefers it! The thin mesh separating these two sections helps promote airflow that will keep you feeling refreshed all night long - just like at home without any need for washing or ironing required because they can be laundered in most machines as well!

The GhostPillow is a new type of pillow that's designed to improve your sleeping experience. It features memory foam on the inside and exterior surfaces, as well as adjustable strap closure systems with four different positions: lying down flat for reading or watching TV; inclined at 30 degrees.

So you can sleep better during those times when it feels like no matter how much I move around my back just won't go away! The thread count makes sure there are enough layers between me and any surface below - meaning this product should last longer than most pillows out there today (and has a 5-year warranty!).

Other Tips for Side Sleepers

Some people find it hard to get a good night's sleep. This can be due, in part, because their bed doesn't allow them the correct spinal alignment needed for restful slumber-a condition known as side sleeping syndrome. There are some things you can do at home when selecting your mattress and pillow that will help alleviate this issue!

Select the Right Mattress

Side sleepers need a mattress that relieves pressure in various areas to help align the spine and alleviate discomfort. Side-friendly mattresses should provide ample cushioning for shoulders, hips or other heavier spots on one's body without sinking too much beneath lighter weight zones like stomachs, thighs etcetera. More plump cushions make it easier to mold around curves while providing support where needed most!

Use a Pillow Between the Knees

A pillow between the knees can also improve spinal alignment and reduce pressure in your lower back or hips. If you're looking for more comfort, a fill-in material like shredded foam may be better than nothing at all! You might want to try this position when it's time to get up from sitting down too long; place one end under your legs while resting the other end on top of an elevated surface (kitchen island works well).

Invest in a Mattress Topper

A topper is a single layer of cushioning material placed on top of your mattress, which can make it feel significantly softer or firmer. For side sleepers having the right type and thickness means closer conforming to their body shape with better spinal alignment and less pressure applied at night time when sleeping; meaning you will have an overall improved night's rest!

Final Thought

A side sleeper pillow is a type of sleeping accessory that's designed to support the head and neck while you sleep on your side. These pillows usually have slightly different shapes than standard pillows, which means they may come in various firmness levels so each person can find one suited for their preferred comfort level as well as fit into an affordable price range.

I try out several types when searching through all these options online before deciding what will work best with me personally (even though there are lots more choices available).  It took weeks until finally discovering exactly where I should put this new purchase: right behind my shoulders near both ears!"

If you are looking to sleep better, it may be time for a new pillow. However, the options can be overwhelming and confusing if not done wrong-tired of tossing and turning in pain because your old ones were too big or small? Try reading online reviews before making any purchases so that when choosing what type of bedding best fits YOUR needs!