Best single mattress for child

December 3, 2019

What qualifies as Best Single Mattress for Child can be tricky. It should be chosen with slightly different considerations than one would typically opt for an adult.

For example, it is essential that the mattress has excellent breathability so that the child can turn around on his stomach while asleep and still be able to breathe.

Moisture should be able to penetrate so that the child's body temperature is not affected, but at the same time, there must also be some protection in case the child is peeing in bed.

And of course, the best mattress for children must also provide the right support so that the small body can develop most healthily.

If you are a little on the floor with all the details, you need to be aware of before buying your baby's new mattress, read this quick guide, which in a matter of minutes will dress up for your mattress purchase.

You must not forget to look for a good bedsheet. Because without a bedsheet, you can't use the mattress.

The four mattresses that the guide describes are some of the best children's mattresses available to your child and give an excellent example of what characteristics the best mattress for children should have.

Baby Dan roller mattress ECO-Tex in size 60 x 120 cm

This delicious Baby Dan mattress roll mat is ready to put on the mattress in the stroller, crib, or crib.

The size fits perfectly on a 60 × 120 cm mattress, but due to the soft and thin material, the rolled mattress can also easily be used for other sizes.

The best mattress for children should be safe for your child to sleep on.

The soft fabric on this mattress is therefore also Ecotex certified, and you can be sure that no toxic chemicals are released into your child's bed.

In each of the corners, the rolled mattress has elastic bands so that it grips the mattress thoroughly and does not slip off as the child moves.

The white color is incredibly easy to hold, and the mattress can be washed at 60 degrees.

Zebra mattress baby/junior in cold foam and Oeko-Tex®

The Sebra Baby / Junior mattress is a two-piece mattress specially made to fit Zebra's pull-out bed.

The beautiful thing about this mattress is that when the baby has to go from cot to junior bed, then the extra piece of mattress is added, so the length becomes complete.

This means you do not have to go out and buy a new mattress when the baby has become too long for the cot after a few months.

Sebra has made every effort to produce the best mattress for children so that both comfort and safety are paramount. The ecotex certification guarantees a product without toxic substances.

And the cold foam with flax fiber on both sides ensures that moisture is dissipated away from the baby while sleeping.

The cover is made of 100% cotton.

• Baby mattress: 70 x 112.5 x 7.5 cm

• Junior mattress: 70 x 150 x 7.5 cm

How to find the best single mattress for child

Cocoon Company roll mattress in size 60 x 120 cm

The best mattress for children is the one that protects your child from chemistry and harmful substances.

The Cocoon Company's roll mattress is filled with organic kapok fibers, which are silky soft and free of harmful chemicals.

Kapok is also an allergy-friendly material.

Another benefit of kapok fill is that dust mites and bacteria cannot live in these natural seeds.

Even if the rolled mattress has been tucked away for months, there is no risk of uninvited guests moving in.

This roll mattress is temperature regulating and insulating at the same time, thanks to the high air content of the kapok fibers.

Therefore, you can improve the comfort of any baby mattress by putting the rolled mattress on top.

The Cocoon Company roll-up mattress is upholstered in 100% organic cotton and can be washed at up to 60 degrees.

The roll mattress measures: 60 x 120 cm

Cocoon Company best mattress for children with kapok 70 x 140 cm

If you are looking for a bed that should be able to hold little sister or little brother too, then this junior mattress with kapok fill is an obvious option.

In addition to providing the mattress with excellent and firm support, the kapok filling also has the great benefits that come from the natural fibers.

For example, neither dust mites nor bacteria can live in the kapok fibers, making it the best mattress for children to inherit from siblings.

You will also find that the high air content of the fibers makes the mattress so temperature-controlled that the baby will not throw the duvet off during the night because it gets too hot.

The Cocoon Company's delicious kapok mattress is 100% organic in both the filling and the soft cotton cover. The mattress is also hand-sewn and filled.

Angel sheet crib mattress in environmentally friendly foam 60 x 120 cm

Anglamark mattress for crib or cot is both firm and flexible, so the child gets outstanding support.

This is both the best mattress for children in comfort, but at the same time, it is also environmentally friendly with the EU eco-label Flower as a guarantee.

The eco-friendly cold foam from which the mattress is made contains neither toxic flame retardants nor other harmful substances.

Besides, the cold foam is highly elastic, with a high carrying capacity to give the child the best possible support.

Änglamark's mattress for the cot is, of course also hypoallergenic, so you do not have to worry about the many hours when the child is in close contact with the materials when sleeping.

The mattress cover can be removed so you can wash it in the washing machine at up to 60 degrees.

The mattress measures 60x120x8 cm.

Popular Änglamark roll mattress in 100% cotton and quilted thermostat

Once you have found the best mattress for children, it is essential to protect it with a right roll mattress.

So it lasts longer and at the same time, avoids the accumulation of harmful bacteria in the mattress.

The rolling mattress from Änglamark is extra durable and soft, giving your child an excellent comfort. The mattress is made of quilted cotton wool surrounded by 100% cotton fabric.

You can easily take the rolled mattress off the baby mattress and wash it at 60 degrees.

This way, you kill both bacteria and dust mites and avoid allergies in your baby.

The roll mattress is also Nordic Ecolabelled, so you can feel comfortable that the material does not contain toxic chemicals and at the same time, is manufactured concerning the environment.

The mattress from Änglamark is white and measures 60 × 120 cm.

Babydan Aerosleep Evolution baby 40 x 84 cm

The Babydan Aerosleep mattress is a bit of a revolution in the market for children's mattresses.

It achieves two conflicting goals: on the one hand, to be air-permeable and breathable, allowing the child to breathe through the mattress.

So, excess moisture can be absorbed without affecting the baby's body temperature.

On the other hand, you are having a barrier against bacteria and allergens and even preventing urine and gills from penetrating.

Baby's baby mattress measures 40 x 84 cm and consists of a robust quality foam mattress, a 3D mattress top mattress that contains 95% air, and a 50% cotton and 50% polyester molded cover.

Both top mattress and upholstery can be washed in the washing machine at 60 degrees.

DreamSafe mattress 60 x 120 cm

DreamSafe is specially designed with the desire to be the best mattress for children by being able to withstand all the challenges that a children's mattress can face.

The mattress consists of quality foam, which supports the child's head, hips, and shoulders, which is a must if the child has a bunk bed or half bed.

Also comes a breathable top mattress, which has a built-in pee base at the bottom so that the mattress itself will not be damaged in case it goes wrong.

The top mattress also helps to make the mattress allergy-friendly and does not allow dust and bacteria to penetrate.

For the little ones who have a lot of trouble sleeping, the DreamSafe mattress is equipped with a handy fixed edge all around, which makes it less likely for the child to roll out.

The top mattress and upholstery can be washed at 60 degrees.

Angelica children's mattress 30 x 200 cm

If you're looking for the best mattress for kids, Änglamark's children's cushion in eco-friendly Waterlily foam might well be the answer.

The mattress has an excellent pressure relief, which distributes the weight from the child's head and body over a large area, thereby contributing to the healthy development of the child's back.

Waterlily foam is a cold foam that is less resource-intensive and lasts longer than most other types of foam. Waterlily is also both breathable and allergy-friendly.

The surface of Änglamark's children's mattress is cut into zones, which contributes to extra comfort and proper ventilation.

The mattress has the European ecolabel Flower mark, and it is entirely free of toxic flame retardants.

The cover is made of 100% cotton and can be washed at 60 degrees.

Bekid's deluxe baby mattress 60 x 120

This quality children's mattress is made of Memory Air foam with a double-sided surface, which allows you to switch between two different properties:

One side of Bekid's deluxe baby mattress is blue and contains beads with cooling gel.

This site is ideal for summer use and for children who have a lot of extra body heat during sleep.

The other side of the mattress is gray and consists of bamboo charcoal fibers.

This site takes on odors, helps the body to release toxins, and stimulates blood circulation.

The cover of the deluxe mattress is made by Tencel, which is a natural fiber product derived mainly from eucalyptus trees.

Tencel is soft as silk, durable as polyester, and 99% biodegradable.

Brief about foam mattresses:

Foam mattresses are great for both young and older children, as you can easily choose from many different hardnesses.

Foam mattresses also allow you to choose, among other things, the Swan brand or cold foam for a more environmentally friendly product.

Brief on latex mattresses:

Latex mattresses follow the body's curves and provide excellent support for the denser parts of the body such as the head and hips.

Especially for children, latex mattresses are useful as they are incredibly breathable and at the same time have an excellent ability to direct moisture and sweat away from the body. This could be the Best single mattress for child