Best Body Pillow - Ultimate Buying Guide

February 1, 2020


The best body pillow is designed to bring support and comfort to your entire body. It is therefore obvious that these pillows are distinguished from ordinary pillows. The body pillow can be filled with different materials such as memory foam, down, microfiber polyester ... They can also have several shapes and sizes, including rectangular, U-shaped, C-shaped, etc.

best body pillow

Why buy a body pillow?

The support provided by a body pillow makes it a sleep accessory interesting and useful. As it was mentioned, these pillows offer different levels of support for your specific needs. By placing the cushion along your body, you position your knees, legs and back in a comfortable and healthy position for your vertebrae. While preferences and needs vary from one sleeper to another, body pillows are particularly useful for People who sleep on the side, People who sleep on their stomachs, Pregnant women, young moms, and people who also suffer from back pain as well.

Factors to consider before buying bodypillow

Body pillows provide increased support for the entire body. They reduce the weight on the back and relieve tension and pressure points in the shoulders and hips. There are so many different factors to consider as well.

body pillow buying guide


Body pillows also have different shapes. There are body pillows that have the standard rectangular or square shape. Some may also be profiled to provide more specific bodysupport. There are also a ton of other shapes as well, such as U or C-shaped ones. The type of support that these body pillows provide will vary.

Height and weight

Most body pillows measure between 120 and 140 centimeters in length, although the dimensions may vary to suit different sizes of sleepers. In terms of width, these pillows are typically 50 centimeters wide, although this measurement may also vary.


Use your size as a reference to choose a body pillow. Although most models are between 120 and 140 centimeters long, they will fit most adults who want to place the pillow between the knees without reaching the ankles. There are also longer models that fit larger people, as well as those looking for a pillow that can fit between the ankles.

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The body pillows are made of different synthetic and natural materials. Common fillings include memory foam (solid or flake), polyester, latex, feathers and down. The cover is also made from various materials, but most body pillowcases are made of cotton or a synthetic fabric such as polyester microfiber.

What is your budget?

Body pillows are usually more expensive than ordinary pillows because they are larger and include more padding. Of course, you may want to purchase pricier body pillows since they may be comfier for you.

Features of the body pillow:

The pillows for the body are long and wide. Unlike conventional pillows, they provide constant support and relieve tension throughout the body. Multiposition, most models adapt to all sleeping positions and can be used in many ways. These features explain why this type of pillow is very popular with pregnant women and people who suffer from back pain.