Cariloha mattress

August 18, 2021


Why The Cariloha Mattress is Your Best Sleeping Choice

How many times have you woken up in the morning and felt like you never slept? For me, I feel this way every day. The Cariloha Mattress is a unique solution to my problem that has been working wonders for my sleep quality. This mattress gives me the comfort of being surrounded by water while also providing an incredible amount of support for your back and spine. 

With its open-cell design, it does not trap heat or moisture so I am able to completely relax at night without feeling suffocated. Plus, with its healthy properties including antimicrobial protection from bacteria and fungi as well as ozone deodorization technology, it's perfect for those who suffer from allergies or asthma! You can't beat that! 

What is Cariloha Mattress?

Cariloha mattresses are made of 100% natural latex and cotton. We use no harmful chemicals or synthetic materials in our production process so it's safe for all members of your family to sleep on including babies, children, adults as well as those with allergies or asthma.

The Cariloha mattress is Oeko-Tex certified which means that it has been tested by an independent laboratory (Oeko-Tex) against international standards ISO 20473:2012 "Textiles - Flammability - Determination of ignitability using a compression machine" and found to comply with the requirements under normal conditions if used properly without exposure to extreme heat sources such as open fires or high powered domestic appliances like hairdryers.

Why Choose Cariloha?

We use no petroleum-based foam, toxins like formaldehyde, boric acid (which can be ingested by kids), lead as well as heavy metals such as mercury which are often found in other mattresses on the market today. All you will find inside our product line are organic cotton layers sourced from the United States and natural latex from Thailand.

Many people across the world suffer from allergies or asthma so we have gone to great lengths to produce a mattress that is antimicrobial, ozone deodorization technology as well as dust mite resistant for these individuals who need relief every night!

Our mattresses are made in America using eco-friendly materials and processes which ensures you can sleep easy knowing your product was created with respect and care. 

Angela has been sleeping on the Cariloha Mattress for over a month now and she is finally getting the rest her body needs every night without waking up feeling like there was no sleep at all. She loves how durable this mattress is made of natural latex because it will last much longer than other mattresses with harmful chemicals in them. Plus, 

Angela likes that they use no petroleum-based foam so she knows that her family is safe while resting comfortably each evening - even if one of her children decides to jump around on bed too close to the edge.

Thanks to all of these healthy properties, Angela is finally waking up refreshed and happy because she's getting a full night's sleep!

Lastly, Cariloha mattresses are handcrafted which means you will not find any seams or stitches inside our products - just 100% natural latex foam! This ensures lasting comfort as well as durability for years of use without sagging or losing shape over time. All these reasons make it easy to understand why we think every household should have one!

Why Is Cariloha Mattress the Best for Sleeping?

  1. It is designed to have a more open cell structure that provides superior airflow for hot sleepers.
  2. No harmful chemicals or synthetic materials are used in production.
  3. Antimicrobial protection from bacteria and fungi, as well as ozone deodorization technology makes this product perfect for those who suffer from allergies or asthma
  4. Hand crafted without any seams or stitches inside the mattress which ensures lasting comfort and durability over time.​

How to Choose the Cariloha Mattress?

  1. Know your bed size.
  2. Find the perfect firmness for you (soft, medium or firmer).
  3. Choose a mattress height that works best with your individual preference. Choose low if you want to feel more grounded and high in case you are looking for an airier sleep experience.

How to Wash Cariloha Mattress

  • Spot clean with a cloth or sponge
  • Air dry
  • Remove sheets from the mattress and cover it with plastic wrap to avoid stains.

The Cariloha Mattress is made of two layers - a soft, plush top layer and a firm bottom layer. The mattress is designed to provide the perfect balance of support and pressure relief for your body. There are six different levels of firmness so you can choose the one that's right for you. 

It's hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant, which means it will keep your allergies under control. Plus, it comes with a 10-year warranty against defects in workmanship or materials. You'll wake up feeling refreshed because the Cariloha Mattress offers optimal sleep positions to prevent back pain while sleeping on your side or stomach.

How To Save Money?

The Cariloha mattress is not only affordable but it also has multiple financing options available including no credit required plans which makes this product accessible by everyone who needs one! The company is so confident about their products that they offer free shipping anywhere in the United States as well as 100 nights of risk free trial. 

It means if I don't love my new mattress from day one, I can return it to them for a full refund. Plus, with their free exchange policy that allows you to get an even more comfortable mattress up to 12 inches thicker than what you originally ordered - no additional cost!


With the Cariloha mattress, you get a bed that is going to give you amazing support and comfort. The materials used are all-natural, so they feel great against your skin while being comfortable for sensitive sleepers. If this sounds like something that would work well with your lifestyle, then check out our website today! We’ve got an incredible selection of mattresses in stock right now at affordable prices.