Continental Bed Review: Why You should buy one

November 28, 2019

How to find a Continental bed

When choosing a continental bed, keep in mind that good sleep and good sleep comfort starts with the quality of your bed. It is the mattress who carry and supports your body throughout the rest. Only if the bed is okay, you can stand well and refresh in the morning without feeling any physical nuisance from your sleep.

Continental beds are one of the most popular bedding types at the moment. That is why we have written this guide, partly explaining what a continental bed is, how it is built and what you need to be aware of when finding the perfect continental bed for you.

Continental bed

What is a continental bed?

A continental bed consist of up of three different layers:

  • A box pad that forms the bottom of the bed
  • A spring mattress in the middle that adjusts the comfort of the bed
  • A top mattress, which is the top of the bed you are laying on

Another distinctive feature of the continental bed is that it does not use a frame and a slatted base, as known from other bed types. The bed consists exclusively of the three mattresses and therefore becomes a lot higher than the usual beds. It is convenient if you either want to prevent or suffer from back or joint problems in the legs.

At the same time, you avoid the problem of a crack in the middle of the bed because of the top mattress as "double continental beds" of 160 x 200 and 180 x 200 cm respectively are covered by a top mattress that extends over the entire bed surface. The thick top mattress also promotes your sleep comfort, because, in the right quality and conjunction with the bed's other mattresses, the body supports significantly better than if you only lay on a single mattress type.

It is also possible to change the hardness of the top mattress, making it possible to adjust the sleep experience without having to change the entire bed. But in the end, it's the overall experience of the three mattresses that determine the whole sleep experience in the bed. A firm top mattress can easily feel soft if the spring mattress on top of it is.


Three good continental beds

Southerland mattress

southerland mattress

Southerland No. 1 is a continental bed, which has gradually been the best seller in the market for a few years because of its good price. This is shown in the "180 x 200" large edition with optional top mattress with 40 mm core with a washable cover. Furthermore, you can choose the firmness of the spring mattress individually on each side.

As a standard, the bed will come without a gable.  At extra cost, a wall-mounted ridge can be purchased in two different heights, as well as pads that are comfortable at the headroom of the roof.

Novaform mattress

novaform mattress

Novaform Lux No. 2 is another popular choice for continental beds, especially for people weighing over 95 kilograms. It is a somewhat more expensive bed than Aireloom No.1. On the other hand, you can choose between different types of bugs on the mattresses, as well as the individual hardness on the spring mattresses.

If you want to save money on the bed, you can downgrade the spring mattress to a lower weight type, as well as having the opportunity to purchase bedspreads in four different heights for wall mounting.

Dynasty mattress

dynasty mattress

This perfect luxury bed belongs to the costly end of continental beds. Here you will get spring mattresses with five comfort zones and an AEGIS treatment that will ensure you an antibacterial bed that does not cause allergy problems.

Also, choose individual firmness on the spring mattresses in the bed and choose from three different types of latex mattresses. Also, you have the option to purchase bedspreads for wall mounting. Bed for feinschmeckers.

A favorite "princess on the pea" bed

It is not entirely wrong to call a continental bed for some "princess on the pea" bed because of the use of three different mattresses. It provides natural comfort at a price that is significantly cheaper than its closest competitor: the Elevation Bed. Here's an intricate system of motors and controls electronics to immerse the bed.

At the same time, a lot of people experience a significantly better sleep because the combination of different mattress types provides better support for the body during the night. The high entrance and exit height also makes it much easier to get up in the morning - and lay in the evening. Something most grows happier and happier with age.

What should I look for when I buy a continental bed?


When you need to buy a new continental bed, you should proceed along this checklist. It ensures that you get a position on all the main parameters of your choice of continental bed:

  • The size of the bed
  • The overall quality of the three mattresses
  • Selection of box mattress
  • Spring selections and hardness in the spring break
  • The quality of the top mattress
  • Let's look at each of the five steps in your choice of continental bed.

The size of the bed

The size of the bed is essential for your sleep comfort. It is very individual how much space we need when we sleep. Some can handle a narrow bed, while others require more room to turn and turn around.

As you stand alone, the choice is typically between a 90 x 200 cm continental bed or the slightly wider triple bed of 120 x 200 cm. Here, the narrow version is probably the most suitable for you, which does not turn you very much. If you need a little more space, it may be nice with the extra 30 cm in width.


The triple bed is also available in a slightly wider version of 140 x 200 cm. It is perfect for you who sleep alone and want extra space, or for you who occasionally sleep with overnight guests from time to time. The bed is also a good choice for the small bedroom in, e.g. a more modest apartment, although it may be a bit cramped to sleep two in the long run. At the same time, you can effectively fight the square and perhaps wake each other several times at night because you have moved into each other's halves.

Here the more real double beds of 160 x 200 cm and 180 x 200 cm is a significantly better choice. It gives much more room for each of you, so you avoid waking each other. With the width and the more extensive mass, the bed is also less sensitive to your partner's movements, which makes it easier to propagate into a narrower bed.

Remember the height

It is also important to keep an eye on the height of those lying in bed. The closer you reach the 2 meters, the standard length of most continental beds, the worse the bed can support your body during sleep. At the same time, you may also feel that the bed is not long enough and it may even affect your sleep experience in the bed.

At least the bed should always be at least 10 cm longer than the height of the longest person to lie in bed. So already at heights above 1.90, you should consider buying a more extended continental bed. You can have it in lengths of 2.10 and 2.20 at most well-stocked stores and webshops.

Check that the quality is okay on all three mattresses


If you want to be sure to choose the best continental bed, it is crucial that you make sure that all three layers of mattresses are of the highest quality and fit the best for your bodybuilding.

Especially the bottom box mattress is often saved, and the most affordable continental beds have entirely avoided the bottom food rack away. Therefore, it is essential that you check all three food strokes and that they are present in the bed. If you buy the bed in a store, you should ask to divide the bed and try each team as the layers are left in bed.

If you buy the bed online, you should check if the webshop you buy the bed gives you a trial period that extends beyond the typical 14-day cancellation right you have online. Also, make sure that you have the opportunity to replace the spring mattress as it is usually possible to adjust the sleep quality of the entire bed by having a spring mattress with a firmness and springs that fit your body weight.

But the adjustment only makes sense if the quality of the other two mattresses is okay, as well as any individual customization of the two sides of the bed is dependent on the spring selection and the hardness of the box mattress. So be sure to check these as you collect the bed at home.

Selection of box mattress

Be careful when choosing box mattress. It is the basis of the entire bed. It is usually delivered with one's firmness and the same spring type on both sides. This means that the boxing stroke will in most cases be a bit harder than you might think comfortable. This supports the mattress pad better and makes the bed more stable to lie in.


Here it is essential to check that there are springs in the box mattresses. The cheapest low-cost continental beds, as mentioned, usually save this layer away. That's why you often see continental beds for entirely unbelievably cheap money in department stores and discount stores online.

If you choose a continental bed without springs in the boxing pad, it's only the spring and top mattress that determines the comfort of the bed. This gives the bed not the same benefits as you will experience in a continental bed with springs in both the box and spring pad.

Spring selections and hardness in the spring break

With the help of the spring mattress, it is possible to individualize the sides of the bed for different weights on you to lie in bed. So when choosing a continental bed, it's this layer of mattresses you need to focus on.

The two mattresses are usually assembled in the same cover. But they can be replaced individually, and at most webshops, you can either choose the same hardness and spring type or different on each side when you book the bed.

At the same time, the spring mattresses can usually be replaced within 30 days from paying the freight to and from the store. This allows you to try the spring mattresses in practice at home. It gives a significantly better insight into how they are lying than if you try the bed in a store. Here you will usually only lie in bed for a maximum of a few minutes. Therefore, most people choose a soft mattress type for their weight and lay preferences.

Be honest about your weight and sleep better!


The choice of hardness is primarily about your weight. Here it does not matter that you lie for yourself - or for the partner or the expedient - and makes you more relaxed than you are. This can lead to a more reduced sleep comfort and, in the long run, cause back and joint problems because especially the spine does not get the most optimal support of the mattress layers.

So be honest about your weight and choose hardness on the spring mattress after this weight scale:

  • Under 75 kg: Choose a spring mattress with pocket springs and medium fastness
  • From 75 to 95 kg: Choose a spring mattress with pocket springs and firmness
  • Over 95 kilos: Choose a spring mattress with multi-pocket springs and firmness

The firmness tells you how soft the springs are. A medium firmness has a bit more elastic springs than a bed that is stuck. Similarly, the difference between a pocket and multi-pocket springs is about the spring density per. Square meters. Here are more springs per. Square feet in mattresses with multi-pocket springs, why these are more suitable for people with a higher weight.

At the best suppliers of continental beds, there is 300 springs per. Square feet in mattresses with pocket springs while up to 150 springs per. Square feet of mattresses with multi-pocket springs.

The quality of the top mattress


Just like the spring mattress, it's essential that you choose a top mattress that fits your body. If you are two lying in bed, it is vital to select a top mattress, both of which are comfortable. The top mattress is in one piece that runs across the entire bed. Then you do not have to have a crack in the middle of the bed.

Here it is essential in advance to opt out of the top mattresses consisting only of foam rubber. These mattresses feel softer, but in practice do not provide any support for the body.

Instead, go for either latex or so-called memory foam mattresses. The latter is a top mattress that adapts to your body based on your body heat. They are quite comfortable to lie on. On the other hand, they are struggling to get rid of excess heat from the body. So they can also be very hot to lie on, which can cause great discomfort to anyone.

If this is the case for you or your partner, you should instead choose a top mattress of latex. It also adapts to the body's shapes and provides a very good support. At the same time it is a natural material, and therefore it has a much better thermal conducting effect. This ensures that you do not get too hot or start to sweat when lying on a latex mattress.

The pillow top mattresses are available with different hardness, and the latex mattresses are available in special natural latex grades, which are preferred by many, rather than other latex types.


Customize your bed

As a starting point, it is possible to tailor the different parts of your continental bed to your very personal preferences. However, it makes the bed a little more expensive as you move beyond the standard models that stores and web shops usually have in stock.

Parameters such as height and weight or the dimensions of the bedroom can make it imperative to have the custom-built bed on purpose or with special food types. It naturally increases the price, as it usually prolongs the delivery time on the bed. But at the most serious bed shops and webshops, it is possible to order on special targets. It will most often appear on their website.