Emma Mattress Review: Is there a better mattress than this one?

February 1, 2020

What makes the Emma mattress special?

Emma mattress
Emma mattress combines quality materials to produce a dream mattress that conforms to the body. Through the combination of their in-depth research and advanced foam technology, Emma makes it possible for you to get the most comfortable sleep. The Emma mattresses offer comfort and point-elastic cut, which allows for ideal and unique fit for your body. As a result, the mattress will have your spine in a straight line. At the same time offering you the necessary support and comfort. The innovative Airgocell® layer creates a gel-like structure that optimally supports your individual body parts. It guarantees a cooling effect while you sleep thanks to its breathability. The quality foam used to produce an Emma mattress is made in Germany. The processed materials are fine, durable and manufactured by top quality manufacturers in Europe.

The story of Emma mattress

bedroompediaA few years ago, when Max and his girlfriend moved into their first apartment, they began to search for a new mattress. They thought it would be a quick and easy task, but after a long day visiting many mattress traders they became quite discouraged. The food stores were packed with all kinds of mattresses, leaving Max and his girlfriend very confused. The mattresses were either tough, too soft or just too expensive.
After a long tiring search, they gave up and became victims of a seller. The inexperienced young couple ended up buying a foam mattress for overpricing. Due to the high price they expected the best customer service. Unfortunately, the whole experience quickly became a nightmare.
A long delivery time, bad communication and a weird mattress left the couple with a sense of disappointment. After a couple of weeks of bad sleep, they finally decided to return the mattress. As if the course was not bad enough, it was found that return conditions were very difficult to understand, and customer service was virtually inexistent.
Max thought there should be a better way. After a little search, he found some food companies in the United States offering a more simple, transparent and customer-oriented buying experience. He was inspired and began to develop a product that would appeal to everyone. Max and his team were convinced that they could do better than the traditional mattress companies that were already on the market. They worked countless hours, and after extensive research and development, they could make a mattress that suits everyone. That's when the Emma mattress is born.
Today, Max and his team continue to strive for excellence, and they work tirelessly to provide the best product and best customer service.

How is the Emma mattress produced?

The Emma mattress consists of four different layers.

  • Airgocell® foam (4 cm) has an open pore structure and provides comfortable air circulation while keeping you cool even on hot nights
  • The viscoelastic foam (3 cm) ensures optimum pressure relief and conforms to the body.
  • The cold foam (16 cm) is the foundation and support for the mattress.

Will the Emma mattress fit everyone?

Emma has been working hard for a long time to find the best structure for the Emma mattresses. They believe that they have found the optimal balance between support and comfort. Most of the customers are extremely satisfied with the Emma mattress, but of course, there are also a few exceptions. There will always be someone who prefers to sleep on a hard overfall or on wool. That's exactly why Emma mattress offers a 100-day trial so you have the opportunity to decide if the Emma mattress is something for you.

Are there different versions of the Emma mattress?

And what level of firmness does Emma mattressrespond to?

Emma is a new concept that offers a type of mattress that suits everyone and accommodates all sleeping positions. Even if you prefer to sleep on your back, your side or your stomach. The Emma mattress will offer optimal comfort so you can sleep heavily throughout the night. The innovative design and combination of materials create a perfect fit for your body. This provides precise support for your spine so you will experience a natural and proper sleep. The Emma mattress comes in different sizes depending on your individual needs, but each mattress is identical in the structure.
Due to its various components, the Emma mattress is structured in such a way that it has a high degree of progressivity. This means that there will be a unique weight balance, which results in the mattress adapting to all body types between 50 and 130 kg.

How can I wash the Emma mattress?

Emma mattress topper: You can easily wash your Emma topper. Simply open the zipper from top to bottom. Treat your Emma mattress topper as your favorite sweater and wash it at maximum 60 ° and minimum 40 ° in the washing machine. Through the integrated humidifying climate fiber in the cover, it is only slightly damp after washing. Some stains can be washed away by hand using a mild detergent.
People who have allergies should wash the Emma product regularly.

Quality Guarantee

Each Emma mattress comes with a 10-year warranty on the mattress's dimensions stability and durability. This warranty is valid from the date you receive your new Emma mattress and applies to the first 10 years of use. Terms and conditions apply.
If you have a problem with your mattress covered by a 10-year warranty, you simply contact the customer service. They will ask you to send pictures of the product and it will be replaced with a brand new Emma mattress.
The warranty covers ...

  • ... cracks, bumps, or damage to the foam that has occurred despite proper use and proper handling of the mattress.
  • ... zippers production damage.

100-day trial period

It is simple. You can test the Emma mattress for 100 days to determine if you are satisfied with the product or not. If you realize that Emma is not the right mattress for you, just contact the customer service to arrange a pickup date. They will refund you 100% of the purchase price. It is recommended to give yourself time to get used to your new mattress. It is recommended that you test Emma for at least 3 - 4 weeks before returning the mattress.