Hästens bed

November 30, 2019



A masterpiece is not an end - it is a new beginning. Exactly the moment when we finish one of our beds signals the beginning of the next. At the same time, it is a platform on which we can promote the experiences and creative talents we surround ourselves with.

We do this because we want to be challenged. If there's one thing that has elevated Hästens to world-class quality throughout our 167-year history, it's our insatiable appetite for new ideas, new knowledge, and new techniques.

You could say that the challenge of the conventional lies in our DNA. Just as our checkered pattern once shook the traditional interior designers, it continues to evoke strong emotions here 41 years later. That is why we take new thinking and new interpretations from today's leading designers - especially the masterful designers who have nothing to do with bed making.

The latest display of timeless design. When we enter into a new design collaboration, this is precisely what we are looking for. Just call us curious. However, we are convinced that working with other design disciplines can inspire the most surprising creations.

What can we learn from an haute couture designer? How can an interior design inspired by cultures from all over the world make our beds even more beautiful? What happens if an architect gets his fingers in one of our bed models? Legendary results are not created by sitting on your hands. They are created through daily, creative collaboration. The results can be seen below and - of course - in our beds.


Miracles can happen while we sleep.

The body and consciousness work together harmoniously so that we can live a better life.

All you have to do is sleep.

We make beds, yes, but Hästens has always been driven by a love of sleep and the benefits that rest has for body and soul. It is sleep that makes a difference in life, a natural process that cannot be copied, purchased in a store, or taken in pill form. You may not cheat yourself for perfect sleep, but you can do some things to understand why it is essential and ensure that you give yourself the best options for a good night's sleep.


Our whole philosophy summed up in one bed.

Do you dream of owning a real Hästens bed? Here it is. The whole Hästens vision of a more awake world, summed up with the love of one bed.

Curly hair, wool, and cotton are carefully assembled by hand, of course, using our specially developed layer-by-layer technique. It not only serves to make Hästens Marquis exquisitely comfortable but also to transport moisture away from the body and allow the air to circulate freely.

The result? A dry and calm sleep.

A dual spring system provides every part of the body with exactly the support it needs to relax. Each bag feather (wrapped in its fabric bag) responds individually, so you are not disturbed by your partner's movements.

If you examine the bed base, you will find a sound-insulating flax that also discharges static electricity. Robust finger joints link planks of slow-growing pine from Northern Sweden to a massive wooden frame. And, of course, everything is wrapped in a wonderfully soft yet durable cotton fabric.


Strong and silent. An energizing haven.

Hästens Excel is your reliable haven from the world. Surrender to 15 layers of carefully selected curly hair, wool, cotton, and flax, as well as a double spring system and reassuringly solid pine. Whenever you need to recharge, you can search into the lovely embrace of the bed.

As in all Hästens beds, the natural materials in Hästens Excel provide free air circulation and then ebb comfortable sleeping temperature.

The spring systems and the wooden frame are encased in natural linen so that the bed components do not rub against each other. Flax helps to make the bed silent and at the same time, dissipates all naturally occurring static electricity. Even if you choose to slumber in nylon nightwear, the sparks that pop in a Hästens Excel are purely romantic.


The best bunk bed we've ever built.

The feeling you get when sleeping in Hästens Superia is best described with the word: bottomless.

There is no resistance or pressure from below, so you almost sink weightlessly into bed. Exactly deep enough to make sure your spine is held straight, whether on the side, back, or abdomen.

Our most fantastic frame bed so far has been created for you to relax and wake up completely rested. Hidden beneath the surface is a double spring system and 15 layers of selected natural materials on a sturdy wooden frame. This part is invisible, but the effect will undoubtedly be noticed.

And since perfection is not something to be rushed, our frames are made of particularly slow-growing pine from Northern Sweden. It gives your bed extra stability that is enhanced by our choice of traditional finger joints in the corners rather than screws and nails.

The Hästens Superia combines weight and craftsmanship in silent elegance, so you can almost forget you're in a bed.


The epitome of cloud-like comfort.

When you are in Hästens Maranga, you get a feeling of weightlessness. This bed is the very definition of complete flexibility. When you sink into it, it feels like a gentle embrace. When you get up, the beds follow your movements, but it immediately returns to its original, stable state.

The most beautiful natural materials collaborate in Hästens Maranga: curly hair, wool, cotton, and flax. They are joined by hand using a layer-by-layer technique we have devised - and perfected.

The side seams to complete the work. That alone takes two hours. The stitches follow our iconic dices to the point - or rather from dice to dice - so every single stitch sits where it should.

Maranga derives from the Moorish word for "wake up." A clear reference to the effect of just a single night in this masterpiece.


The bed that unites stability and softness.

In Hawaii, you shout, "E ala!" When you have to wake someone up. After your first night in Hästens Eala, you will certainly understand the background to the choice of name. This bed is made to make you more awake, more patient - yes, even more friendly - as soon as you are not in it.

It is the extra layers in Hästens Eala that provide the extraordinary sleep. Layer by layer of curly hair, wool, cotton, and flax are masterfully handmade to create the optimal environment for a more relaxing night's sleep. And more awake days.

The natural fibers absorb the moisture the body produces at night and carry it away through the sides of the bed. At the same time, the air circulates freely around your body. Two spring systems with reinforced corners complete the experience of comfort. What is the goal of this meticulous method? To give every little part of your body, exactly the support it craves.



Three spring systems lift you to a higher dimension of relaxation.

Herlewing means "waking up" in Afrikaans. The name is no coincidence. With three collaborative spring systems and 35 handmade layers of our finest natural materials, we want to lift you to a new level of both sleep and wakefulness.

Hästens Herlewing is based on the same advanced spring system developed for Hästens 2000T. The springs in the spring mattress are individually attached and respond individually to pressure. The effect is amazing: two people in the same bed are in each sphere and are not disturbed by the other's movements.

And not only that.

The bed base has two additional spring systems. They are carefully aligned to provide the necessary support for all parts of the body.

Would you like to know what it feels like to sink into this extraordinary blend of softness and support? Then try it in one of our exhibitions.


The bed over all the beds.

When you are in a Hästens 2000T, you rest on Hästens' core values. Everything we have learned through our 167-year-old pursuit of ideal sleep is integrated into this bed. Every single deep insight into the human body, our unique knowledge of natural materials, and five generations of craftsmanship. It all culminates in Hästens 2000T.

It is difficult to compete with such exquisite quality and comfort. Nevertheless, each year, we challenge ourselves by further refining our methods. Like now, for example. Today we divide our curly hair into even thinner and fuller layers, with even thinner layers of cotton and wool in between. The manual treatment of the fibers is an art that requires equal parts patience and dexterity. And the extra effort is, of course, worth it. The springy, airy, rippled result is, in our opinion, a masterpiece of comfort.


The opposite of understatement.

To mark our 40th anniversary, we asked the award-winning design duo Bernadotte & Kylberg to come up with a modern reinterpretation of Hästens tern. Our instructions: Raise the already stunning 2000T model to new heights.

Our expectations were exceeded on all levels. The sophisticated, cubist design language creates an interesting sense of depth and lifts the 2000T to an unprecedented level.

The complexity of Appaloosa's design specifications necessitated a specially developed, double-layered weave pattern. Below, three separate spring systems work to ensure that the entire body is supported exactly as it should. Also, 37 delicate layers of our finest natural materials come with an irresistible BJX Luxury top mattress.

Appaloosa has its name after the beautiful American horse race, known for its many colors and spotted patterns.


Stylish refinement down to the smallest detail.

Here is Hästens 2000T, interpreted by the award-winning design duo Bernadotte & Kylberg. If you want something top-notch, or even better than top-class, this could very well be the bed for you. Exquisite leather details. Decorative stitches. A specially developed, double-layered weave pattern. Every little detail is made extra refined.

Hästens Marwari paid tribute to our family tradition as skilled saddle makers. For example, the fabric has the same complicated structure as the pattern on the saddle strap. The beautiful deep brown color, with its beautiful luster, is reminiscent of the majestic Marwari horses from India, with whom the bed also shares its name. Exquisite details in natural-colored leather are the icing on the cake.

Marwari is as comfortable as it is magnificent. A triple spring system and 37 layers of our finest, harmonious natural materials make the bed just as supportive and climate-controlled as your body deserves.


Our most exclusive bed.

When we created Hästens Vividus, our ambition was simple: to surpass all other beds. To redefine the boundaries of comfort, quality, craftsmanship, and ergonomics. Time and cost were immaterial.

The result is Hästens Vividus. A masterpiece in the finest natural materials and a study in traditional crafts focusing on every detail. It takes as much as 40 days to produce a single order - and that even though as many as nine of the world's most prominent bed craftsmen are on the job.

A bed like Vividus can only be experienced in a few carefully selected stores. We present Vividus to you at a private VIP trial sleep where you experience the unique structure of the bed and the many possibilities for personalization.


A bed for all aspects of life.

Hästens Adjustable is a bed for all aspects of life. Raise or lower the head or foot end with a reliable remote - or using an app.

Enjoy a delicious breakfast on the bed. Rest in exactly the position your body is most comfortable with at any given time. Adjustable responds quickly and silently to your wishes.

Under the mattress, the fabric is the same quality materials as in all Hästens beds. And the same quality goes back into the hands of those who mount curly hair, cotton, wool, and flax in 28 different layers. Carefully positioned side seams to give the mattress extra stability, while a double spring system with reinforced side springs makes it even easier to get out of bed.

All in all, a supportive and flexible bed that meets even the strictest comfort requirements.

Horse's mattress

The goal of a Hästens mattress is simple: to raise your sleeping comfort to entirely new heights. The great popularity of the mattress is partly due to our first-class natural materials, which give each mattress its fullness, and partly its extraordinary smoothness. Typical mattresses are sewn with traditional straight stitches. But Hästens mattresses are quilted, or sewn together, in a very specific way. To follow the body's natural movements in the bed, Hästens mattresses are quilted in a special pane pattern in soft, floating waves.

The mattress plays a natural and important role in the layer-by-layer effect of the bed, helping to transport moisture away and temper your sleeping environment optimally. A rolled mattress ensures a long shelf life for the mattress.


This luxurious top mattress is packed with high-quality cotton, wool, and curly hair, making it breathable and resilient, so you get an optimum cool sleeping environment. A particularly large proportion of curly hair makes the mattress extra resilient.

Height: 7 cm.


This top mattress is packed with high-quality cotton, wool, and curly hair for added comfort and breathability.

Height: 7 cm.


This top mattress is filled with cotton, wool, and soft and flexible good quality curly hair. The fine cotton core keeps the top mattress, both soft and resilient.

Height: 7 cm.


Filled with thick, soft cotton and wool. This cotton blend is both cloud-like and smart. It absorbs and removes moisture, giving you a cool, dry feeling all night long. Not available in the US and England.

Height: 4 cm.


As a tribute to our Swedish heritage, we still handcraft traditional TM mattresses for fixed frames. They are filled with millions of fine, springy, spiral curly hairs, hand-sewn, and tassel-bound in the same way we have been doing since we started. Perfect for anyone who wants a bed with a nice, firm, and airy feel. The TM mattress is most commonly used as a top mattress on one of our beds.

Choose from A-luxury curly hair and J curly hair. It is available in two different heights: 4 cm (TM4) and 8 cm (TM8).



Quality and sustainability are adhered to. That is why we use renewable resources and return only natural materials to create the perfect sleep. The best pure flax, wool, and cotton, back Swedish pine of the highest quality and genuine, allergenic curly hair.


If you cut some beds in the middle, it would probably surprise you how different they are. Especially if one of them was a Hästens. "Is it really necessary with so many layers?" you might ask. "Is it so important how to put the materials together in a bed?" Thanks to over 160 years of experience and knowledge in the field of bed construction, we know that the answer is "Yes" every time.

Pure natural materials have properties and benefits that work differently depending on how they are used and distributed in layers. When curly hair, e.g., distributed in several layers with cotton and wool partitions in between, the materials have better space to move. It provides better compliance and more comfortable support. And the curly hair itself has a capillary function that absorbs the moisture that your body produces while you sleep, to regulate your body temperature.


All Hästens beds have their combinations of the different layers of natural materials. The dimensions and ratios of the layers also vary to achieve the perfect design and comfort characteristics for each model.

Natural materials allow the bed to breathe, so the air circulates the body, creating perfect sleeping conditions. Each curly strand of curly hair acts as a small spring, promoting the function of Hästens' innerspring systems while transporting moisture and unwanted heat away from the body.

Each bed's bed is optimized according to the results of countless qualitative studies and mechanical calculations to maximize the benefits of the properties of our natural materials. No matter how you sleep, there is a Hästens bed that is made for you.


A Hästens bed is the most natural choice in the world. You get the opportunity to sleep in a healthy environment that allows natural air circulation and removes moisture - completely without foam, polyurethane, and latex.

In our competent opinion, natural materials such as cotton, wool, flax, and curly hair are much better to have close to the skin than foam made from petrochemicals.

When you choose a Hästens bed made of genuine natural materials, you get a dry sleep on a suitably ventilated surface, in which the materials closest to the body are free of chemicals.


More and more people are becoming aware that certain materials are harmful to the environment as well as humans. Health and well-being are accompanied by environmental and ethical responsibility - issues that concern us all. We here at Hästens believe that it is our responsibility to create and operate according to what is right, and therefore we aim for a deeply rooted CSR program.

All Hästens beds are made with environmental awareness and meet the most stringent requirements. This applies both when the bed is made and when it is no longer needed. All the natural materials used in our beds are naturally biodegradable.

That said, Hästens beds can be recycled, recycled, or returned to nature's cycle. You could say that a product that comes from nature wants to return to nature. It is good for body and soul, and for the world, we pass on to our children.



All Hästens beds have a 25-year warranty, and with proper maintenance, your bed will probably last much longer. Just in terms of environmental impact, this means you don't buy a bed made of oil-based and synthetic materials every 4-8 years (depending on where you buy the bed). In layman's terms, that means you can buy one natural, sustainable Hästens bed or four rubber and latex beds. It's your choice, but we hope you choose wisely.