Kingsdown mattress

February 5, 2021

A Kingsdown Mattress - Good Value For Your Money?

Kingsdown makes three ranges of mattresses; the Kingsdown Perfect Partner, the Kingsdown Plush Sense mattress, and the Kingsdown Body System mattress. Each offers different characteristics to give the consumer a comfortable bed. But to review Kingsdown mattresses and then decide if they provide good value for money, one must understand the niche market that Kingsdown fills.

The history of Kingsdown mattress company

Companies like Sealy and Serta are well-known in many countries, and many consumers feel confident when buying their products. However, Kingsdown is a small, independent mattress manufacturer that specializes in making mid-to-high-end mattresses. The company has also been in business for a long time, over 100 years.

Over the last 30 years, there have been many new designs of mattresses using many different technologies. We have seen the rise in popularity - and then fall - of water beds; we can now buy air mattresses like the Simmons Luxaire mattress; pocket coil spring mattresses like the Beautyrest Pocket Coil system, also from Simmons; the latest innovation of memory foam mattresses from Tempur Pedic; and the marrying together of conventional mattresses with memory foam from Sealy and others.

Do what they know best

Kingsdown does not manufacturer any of these types of mattresses. Instead, it sticks to what it knows best; innerspring mattresses. This is no bad thing as over 90% of mattresses sold use conventional, innerspring coils. The plain truth is that most consumers feel more comfortable sleeping on an innerspring coil mattress. Kingsdown does try to make the best, most comfortable mattress in the mid-to-high-end price range.

Kingsdown mattresses use good quality materials but so do all of its rivals. What Kingsdown claims makes its mattresses better than the rest is the use of computer technology in its mattresses' design process.

The Kingsdown body system mattress

The latest offering from the company is the Kingsdown Body System mattress. The coil springs and the materials used are no better than other comparable manufacturers. Still, the company claims that it will be the most comfortable you can buy when used in conjunction with its Dormo-Diagnostics Sleep Machine. The Kingsdown Dormo-Diagnostics Sleep Machine is a computer system that analyses your body shape and weight distribution. It uses this data against measurements from studies involving millions of people, thousands of mathematical formulas, and 18 vital statistical measures. The system is available from all licensed distributors of Kingsdown mattresses and only takes a few minutes. A data readout will advise you on the Kingsdown Body System mattress that best suits your requirements.

Whether or not a machine can do a better job of choosing your mattress than your judgment is debatable, but maybe it can? After all, when selecting a mattress, you're supposed to lie down on it for at least 15 minutes, try out your various sleep positions, and, ideally, lay down on it in your pajamas - or whatever else you sleep in. Doing this is not easy as most consumers feel very self-conscious when lying down on a busy department store's mattress.

For you and your loved one - Kingsdown partner perfect

Many people sleep with a partner, and Kingsdown has designed a mattress especially for couples: the Kingsdown Partner Perfect. The company claims this mattress is the best and most technically advance mattress for couples. I doubt this is true. The biggest problem with traditional innerspring mattresses is wave-motion. This is movement felt by one partner when the other moves. This movement is inherent in all innerspring mattresses because all the coils are interconnected. The wave movement is more pronounced when one partner is significantly heavier than the other. If you have this problem, you might be better off looking at different types of mattresses like memory foam from Tempur Pedic or a pocket coil system from a manufacturer like Simmons

Superior edge support with Kingsdown Plush Sense mattress

Finally, the company makes the Kingsdown Plush Sense mattress. The main selling point of this mattress is the ProEdge Spring System in the mattress and box spring. The claim is that the ProEdge gives greater comfort with a 20% firmer perimeter, providing better edge to edge support. Does a firmer edge offer better support? Probably not, but some consumers do like mattresses with firm boundaries. If you like a firm edged mattress, then the Kingsdown Plush Sense mattress is the right choice.

Kingsdown does manufacture top-rated mattresses, and many reviews of Kingsdown mattresses are highly favorable. Before buying a quality mattress, you should decide what type best suits your needs. If you prefer traditional, innerspring mattresses, then a Kingsdown is probably as good as Sealy, Serta, and Simmons mattresses of the same type.