Leesa Mattress Review: What makes it perfect?

August 24, 2018


Is the Leesa mattress any good?

Leesa mattress is undoubtedly one of the biggest leading bed-in-a-box retailers in the world. When you are in search of a mattress in the bed-in-a-box market, it is one of the names that will come up. Leesa offers two different mattress models with an additional number of various bedding accessories. Their hybrid model is the Sapira and their all foam mattress is the Leesa mattress.

The Leesa mattress is developed to keep you cool and comfortable in all kinds of positions. To do this it is incorporated with three kinds of foam.


Leesa mattress construction

The Leesa mattress is 10 inches tall with a containment of three layers. This will provide a balanced feeling of support and pressure relief. The cover is pretty soft as it is made of a polyester blend. The cover allows for airflow inside the mattress for temperature regulation. It is also a bit thicker than other mattresses thus making it a durable piece of fabric.

The Leesa mattress’ comfort layer consists of 2 inches of a proprietary Avena Foam. It is quite bouncy and has a latex-like feel. The bouncy feature comes from Avena having a quick response to pressure, therefore making the mattress bouncy. This bounciness allows people to switch positions without much interference from the mattress.

The Avena material has excellent cooling properties added with the holes at the top of the layer and a convoluted design on the bottom. This greatly assists in regulating temperature and keeps the sleeper cooler.

Leesa mattress is made of 2 inches of memory foam in the middle layer. The memory foam contours to the body of sleepers allowing them to sink a bit into the mattress for pressure relief. Leesa has added a safeguard for overheating by placing the memory foam layer under the latex-like Avena foam because memory foam has a good reputation in retaining heat.

Leesa mattress has a base of 6 inches of high-density poly foam. It helps in supporting the comfort layers above as well as the sleeper on top. The layer serves as the foundation of the Leesa giving the mattress its shape and also providing it with some durability.


Reasons to choose Leesa Mattress

  1. Medium- firm mattress

The Leesa mattress is almost at the center of the firmness spectrum. This means not too firm and not too soft

  1. Average weight combination sleepers

Considering that Leesa mattress is almost in the middle in terms of firmness, it is very comfortable in a number of positions. You will get the proper support and pressure relief on your back, stomach, and side, as long as you are not overly heavy.

  1. Hot sleepers

People complain that at night memory foam mattresses make them hot. This is not the case with the Leesa mattresses. The Avena foam is developed to assist with the airflow which keeps people from sleeping hot.

  1. A Memory Foam Feeling Without Getting Stuck

The top layers of memory foam are quite soft and also quite fast to respond. With Leesa, you will get nice pressure relief and still be able to switch positions around on the mattress.

From the above, you can see that Leesa mattress is on the higher end of the comfort spectrum. It is one of the best balances of comfort and support mattress and it is very comfortable in all of the three main sleeping positions.