Loom and Leaf mattress review: The Expert's Review on a perfect mattress.

May 29, 2018


Loom and Leaf mattress - what a great bed

Loom and Leaf mattressAt Loom and Leaf mattress, they have developed a bed for personal customization. By sharing the beds and mattresses into different zones - with different firmness - you get an optimum sleeping position and experience total relaxation. You can adjust the firmness under the hip, while at the same time ensuring the shoulder zone provides excellent relief for the shoulder. You can choose up to 4 stitches. Therefore a Loom and Leaf bed will give you great sleep for many years.

Sleeping Position

Most people like to lie on the side when they sleep. In this position, the load on the shoulder and hip partition becomes extraordinary. By adjusting the firmness, you will get a resting position that ensures good back and shoulder support. Your muscles relax, and you get a good night's sleep. You will wake up refreshed and ready for a new day.

Adjustable firmness


For you to sleep as much as possible all night, it is essential that the muscles in the body relax. The goal of a sound sleep is to find a shelter where the spine is as straight as possible. Adjustable hip zone helps the bed to fit your body. By adjusting the firmness below the hip portion, you control how deep the hip should sink relative to the shoulder. How to customize the bed to your body and your individual needs.

Shoulder Zone

At Loom and Leaf mattress they design to give your body maximum rest. The vast majority of us prefer to lie on the side when we are going to sleep. Then there will be a slight pressure on the shoulder. Therefore, all Loom and Leaf mattress has shoulder zones. This causes your shoulder to sink into the bed, so you get a real relief for your neck, shoulder, and back.

Edge Stable


Continuous sleep is important. In a Loom and Leaf mattress, you sleep more relaxed, even if you move in your sleep. Even though you get close to the edge of the mattress, you do not get the feeling of falling out, because the bed is edge stable. A Loom and Leaf mattress is different from other mattresses. We mold the individual components together according to a patented method. This provides a highly edge stable mattress with a long service life.


By turning the mattress, you extend the bed's life and ensure that you can maintain comfort year after year. You can turn the other side up and swap your head and foot. Doing this a couple of times during the year gives you a mattress that gives you the same good and even comfort for a very long time. Velcro and zippers on the textiles make this easy.


A clean bed gives you better sleep comfort. Dust and mites occur naturally in our environment. Cleaning and washing are essential for the hygiene. You can remove the textiles in a Loom and Leaf mattress and wash at 60 ° C. Delicate zipper makes the sink easier.

Quality batches from Loom and Leaf

bedroompediaLoom and Leaf started their production back in 1969. Today, Loom and Leaf mattress appears to be one of the leading players in bed solutions worldwide. The skilled staff makes sure that all the beds are built for good sleep and rest. A high quality of the chosen materials has always been a priority in Loom and Leaf product development of customized bed solutions.

The perfect mattress for everybody

The feeling of the bed and comfort is determined by the suspension and material choice. The number of turns in the springs determines the pressure distribution, but a good suspension must also provide good sensitivity.

Round-by-turn spiral - each spiral is cured to provide extra durability and is sewn into a bag. The most exclusive suspension has eight wins, each win is carefully crafted with varying resistance to provide comfortable support.


Loom and Leaf mattress come in three or four firmnesses. The choice of soft, medium, firm and extra fast makes it easy to find the right bed for your body and sleeping position.

From order to delivery

Loom and Leaf gives you every opportunity to create a bed where your body and your needs are essential. The production is tailored to your requirements, and with solid craftsmanship as a starting point, you are ensured delivery of a personalized bed for good sleep for many years to come.