Novaform Mattress - A complete review of the models

December 4, 2023


Is Novaform a good mattress

A good day always starts with a good night's sleep. And a good night's sleep requires a good mattress. It should fit the body and accommodates personal preferences and allows us to relax and fall into a deep sleep.Recently Novaform mattress upgrades its wide range of quality mattresses. Using recent research and material development, focusing on sustainability. The upgrade involved its entire range of mattresses and inbedded better durability, better support, and comfort as well as improved user-friendliness. Here at, we like the new series and the new Novaform mattress warranty. Novaform is a brand of memory foam mattresses that are known for their comfort, affordability, and cooling properties. They offer a variety of mattress models to suit different sleep preferences, including plush, medium, and firm options. Novaform mattresses are also available in a wide range of sizes, from twin to California king.

Key Features of Novaform Mattresses

  • Gel Memory Foam: Novaform mattresses use a combination of memory foam and cooling gel to provide a comfortable and pressure-relieving sleep experience. The gel layer helps to dissipate heat and keep sleepers cool throughout the night.
  • Dual Comfort Zones: Many Novaform mattresses feature dual comfort zones, with a softer layer for the shoulders and a firmer layer for the hips and lower back. This helps to contour to the body and provide support in key areas.
  • Thick Layers: Novaform mattresses typically have a thickness of 8 inches to 14 inches, which provides ample support and comfort. The thicker layers also help to reduce motion transfer, so you're less likely to be disturbed by your partner's movements.
  • Cooling Cover: Novaform mattresses often have a cooling cover made from breathable materials like Tencel or Coolmax. This helps to wick away moisture and keep sleepers cool.

Novaform Mattress Models

  • ComfortGrande Plus: This is a popular model that offers a balance of comfort and support.It features multiple layers of memory foam and a cooling gel layer.
  • SoFresh Responsive Foam: This mattress uses a responsive foam that provides more bounce than traditional memory foam. This makes it a good choice for people who want a mattress that doesn't feel too soft.
  • Signature Series: This is Novaform's flagship mattress line.It features the thickest layers of foam and the most advanced cooling technology.

Novaform Mattress Reviews

Novaform mattresses have generally positive reviews from customers. They are praised for their comfort, affordability, and cooling properties. Some common criticisms include the smell of new memory foam and the firmness of some models.

Overall, Novaform mattresses are a good option for people who are looking for a comfortable, affordable, and cooling memory foam mattress. They offer a variety of models to suit different sleep preferences, and they have a good reputation for quality and customer satisfaction.

Large and improved Novaform full mattress selection

For over 125 years, Costco Novaform mattress has been working to create the best sleeping experience. And still today, working to improve its products after the latest sleep research and material development. Novaform upgraded its range of quality mattresses recently for even better durability, better support, and comfort as well as improved user-friendliness. The Novaform Comfort Grande and the Innocor Comfort are great examples of this. Novaform's new mattress range counts five different mattresses with different prices, making them available to a broad audience. You can find a real Novaform mattress deal out there. The new Costco Novaform mattresses have between 3-5 asymmetric built-in comfort zones, comfort layer of latex and detachable washable cover. The mattresses are suitable for all Novaform beds and bedsheets. It comes in single or double size or double size with two cores. At Novaform you can have a large mattress with two different hardnesses. There is a Novaform memory foam mattress for everybody!

SoFresh Queen

We are introducing the Novaform 10 in SoFresh Responsive foam mattress which we have infused with copper and a cover which is machine washable and anti-microbial. Product Details: This Novaform mattress features a three-layer design that relieves pressure points and comfortably cradles a sleeper all night for better sleep. The construction of this mattress is durable and will last for many years. The mattress cover is removable, zippered, washable, stain and mold resistant, and antibacterial. This mattress features a 2 inch top layer of LURAcor Foam which is infused with copper and is medium-firm. A blend of minerals is introduced into the fabric containing actual copper, which is naturally anti-microbial, keeping the mattress fresh longer. A second layer consisting of 2 inches Memory Foam, adding to the comfort a sleeper feels while it eliminates pressure points, letting one sleep deeper for longer. Our final foam layer is 6 in of memory foam to distribute weight so that a sleeper's movement won't disturb the sleeping partner. This mattress is comfortable, stays fresh, and is guaranteed for ten years.
  • Premium three-layer construction with medium support
  • Eliminates pressure points promoting deep sleep
  • Minimizes motion transfer to your sleeping partner
  • 10 years warrenty
  • Machine washable, anti-microbial cover

Serafina pearl plush

The softest Novaform mattress

With advanced cooling technology and super responsive layers, this mattress is great. The plush feeling Novaform Serafina mattress boasts two extra features to ensure cold nights of deep sleep. The ComfortLuxe® Gel Pearls that offers advanced temperature regulation and middle layer of ultra-responsive foam.

 Product Features:

Beginning with a 3-inch layer of gel pearls to regulate body temperature. The pearls keep a sleeper twice as fresh as a traditional memory foam mattress. The second layer of foam has air channels to distribute weight. It supports the body, eliminates painful pressure points, and ensuring airflow, which helps keep a sleeper cool and fresh all night long, every night. The final 8-inch layer provides super durability, stability, and long-lasting sleeping comfort. This mattress has a quilt top that wicks moisture and stays cool the whole night. The comfort features of this plush queen mattress combine insure one falls asleep more comfortable and stays asleep longer.
  • 3 Premium layers of foams with a plush feel
  • Superior quality cover that cools and wicks moisture away
  • Eliminates pressure points promoting deep sleep
  • It offers a warranty for 20 years(limited)
  • It is made without ozone reporters, phthalates and VOCs

Serafina pearl firm

The firm Novaform mattress

This Novaform mattress has a firm feel and has two Superior extra features- gel pearls. The most advanced cooling system and a middle layer that is ultra-responsive. These features allow for a comfortable and deep sleep one has to experience for oneself. This mattress also comes in medium and plush.

 Product details:

Our Serafina firm has a 2in layer of gel pearls that stay twice as cool as traditional foam mattresses. The next 3 inches are LURAcor foam which adds even more comfort to the mattress. The final 9in is a supporting foam that helps weight distribution to allow for better sleep. The mattress is topped with the superior AdaptiCool fabric quilted cover which wicks moisture and cools. Our Serafina mattress combines these three layers to eliminate pressure points and keep one cool so they can sleep deeply and wake refreshed.
  • Quality design with 3 layers of firm foam
  • Superior quality cover
  • Eliminates pressure points promoting deep sleep
  • Vacuum packed for faster transport and quicker delivery
  • Meets the requirements of federal flammability standards

Overnight recovery

The 12" Overnight Recovery memory foam Novaform mattress is designed to ensure one can fall asleep easier by containing Celliant technology. Something which is woven into the cover fabric and sends oxygen to your cells as you sleep relaxed and comfortable.

Product Details:

The first layer of this mattress is a full inch of cooling GelPlus memory foam. The next layer is 3 inch of LURAcor foam, which aids in body alignment, fewer pressure points, and cools the body. The final layer boasts 8 in of foam, ensuring stability, durability, and comfort for many years to come. Our Novaform mattresses use CcertiPur-US certified foam made in the United States with your satisfaction is our number one goal. This mattress features a mattress cover containing Celliant advanced technology to ensure your comfort and re-energization every night you sleep on this mattress.
  • Premium 3 layer design with a medium-firm feel
  • Eliminates pressure points promoting deep sleep
  • Minimizes motion transfer to your sleeping partner
  • Warranty for 20 years(limited)
  • Made in the US


The Novaform mattress ComfortGrande Queen

This mattress features a top layer called Adapti Cool which wicks away any moisture thereby keeping a sleeper fresh and cool all night. This mattress has medium-firm support eliminating pressure points, allowing a sleeper to stay relaxed and comfortable all night every night

 Product Details:

This NovaForm mattress called the ComfortGrande contains three luxurious layers of foams that combine to provide a sleeper with deep comfort. Entering a combination of unique memory foam, the evencor gel plus keeps one comfortable no matter how warm the room is. It helps you to be restful and healthy in your sleep every night all night. The Comfort grande mattress contains three soft layers that combine to provide a sleeper with deep comfort. The first layer consists of 3 inches of EVENcor GelPlusl foam, which is refreshing and soothing, promoting deeper sleep and keeps a temperature that allows one to sleep longer. The next layer is 3 inches of superior foam, which has air channels to relieve pressure points while keeping one calm and fresh. The final segment of layers is 8 inches of supporting foam, adding premium durability which will last for many years to come. This premium mattress comes with a high-quality quilted layer top that features advanced fabric technology. It will keep one cold, comfortable, and without pressure point pain all night long every night.
  • It is a High-quality design, consisting of three layers of foam
  • Quality cover that cools and wicks moisture away
  • Eliminates pressure points promoting deep sleep
  • It offers 20 years(limited) Warranty
  • Meets the requirements of federal flammability standards

Health, energy, and well-being

Novaform Mattress Review.
A good day always starts with a good night's sleep. And a mattress that fits ergonomically to your body has the right firmness and has the proper support for a good night's sleep. It's essential that the mattress is moist-regulating. You wake up fresh and well-ventilated. The different comfort zones with pressure relief that ensure the right body weight distribution, so you sleep comfortably.

Fast delivery

All their products are manufactured in the USA. Away from that, you don’t have to worry about order delivery. Your mattress will be delivered in three days if you need it. In most cases, you will find out that their beds come in a wide range of firmness ratings. Therefore they will always suit your sleeping preferences. People who have purchased these products have attested that indeed they are perfect in motion absorption. This makes them the ideal choice for couples. Also, they last longer under the manufacturer's instructions. These mattresses are designed into different sizes, but the exact specific models might not be available in your desired dimensions.


A new mattress is undoubtedly a significant purchase. Therefore you need to think about it before making the final decision. In most cases, quality products are relatively expensive. In those cases, mattresses are no exception. Do you know that a quality mattress plays a significant role in your overall life? It is not only relevant when you are asleep, but also when you are awake. All in all, a remarkably comfortable mattress promotes a sweet sleep. Good sleep will play an essential role in your day to day body function. In fact, if you have a good sleep trust me, you will never experience chronic health ailments. What is my point here? You need to have ample knowledge of the specific mattress before purchasing from the local mattress store. Here are some factors you should consider when shopping for a new mattress.
  • Customer feedback. Arguably the most important thing you should look at when buying any product. How will you know that it’s durable without other people's attestations? When making your purchase, you have little time to test whether the new mattress is reliable. What do you need to do in that case? You need to check on reviews and feedback from previous buyers. You will be able to know whether the bed lasts and also some issues you need to check with the mother company before buying. If you don’t take this information into account, you will come to regret buying that product.
  • Motion isolation. What is motion isolation? This is how your mattress vibrates. A bed with better motion isolation will ensure that your partner does not disturb you when sleeping. Their movements will be minimal. Novaform is one of the very few mattresses that boast of sound motion isolation. The mattress is manufactured of quality materials.he mattress This makes it a better choice than other conventional mattresses.
  • Temperature regulation. Are you sure that your sleep temperature has a high impact on how well you will sleep at night? People complain about the extreme heat. This is a common complaint. If you feel too hot, you will toss and turn throughout the night.
Eventually, you will wake up exhausted. To avoid all this, you should go for a mattress with the recent cooling technology. Memory foam mattress without cooling technology will give you uncomfortable nights. They have been manufactured with materials that retain heat. What are some of the techniques that come with cushions? Modern mattresses are designed with open-cell foam and charcoal infusion features.
  1. Cheapest Novaform mattress - The comfort grande gel plus mattress
It is the most affordable model by the Novaform mattress company. It will provide you with average support that will leave you satisfied regardless of your body type and sleeping posture. PROS
  • Relieves pressure
  • Durable.
  • Cooling features.
  • Heavy and hard to move.
PRESSURE RELIEF The memory foam mattress will be of great help when it comes to alleviating pressure points. Also, it will drastically minimize back pain and tension. COOL SLEEP EXPERIENCE It has a breathable cover. The top layer of this mattress will never overheat. Also, the foam layer encourages the free flow of air. GOOD FOR COUPLES This mattress has no coils. The layers isolate motion entirely. Therefore you should consider purchasing it if you have a partner.
  1. The firmest Novaform mattress - Serafina pearl firm mattress
This mattress will not only provide you with a luxurious sleep but also a pleasant sleep experience. Do you want something less firm? You can either choose Plush or medium models. PROS
  • Supportive base.
  • Relieve pressure points.
  • It will sag after some time.
PERFECT FOR COUPLE The active layer supports your body correctly. This mattress has been manufactured with a unique foam for customized support. ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY MATERIALS All its foam has been manufactured in the USA. They have been carefully tested. EASY TO SET UP Have you been looking for a quality mattress that will make your delivery processes easier than never before? It is not only easy to set up but also it does not require flipping.
  1. The softest Novaform mattress - Serafina pearl plush gel memory foam mattress
Are you a side sleeper? This is the right Novaform mattress to purchase. It will comfortably cushion your hips and shoulders. Away from that, soft beds are recommended to lightweight sleepers. What is the reason behind this? Light people won’t sink too far. PROS
  • Easy to set up.
  • Relieve pressure points efficiently.
  • Cooling technology.
  • Too soft for heavyweight people.
EXTREME SOFT COMFORT The presence of air channels increases plush softness is this mattress. It provides customized support to you and your partner. COOL SLEEP EXPERIENCE The manufacturer included cooling technology that ensures that it dispenses a neutral temperature.
  1. The Novaform mattress for hot sleepers - Essential gel memory foam mattress
You should go for the mattress with cooling features if you sweat at night. PROS
  • It works for all sleeping positions.
  • Easy to move on.
  • It is quite expensive when compared to other models.
SOFT DESIGN Soft mattresses are the best for lightweight people. Your body weight is concentrated around your hips and shoulder. This makes it more comfortable for you. EASY TO CHANGE POSITIONS You might have come across models that are hard to change positions. This mattress does not sink you too far.


best Costco Novaform mattress
A healthy life with lots of energy begins with a good night's sleep. At Novaform they have the starting point that a good night's sleep can always be better. For more than 125 years, they have worked with passion and curiosity every day to find tomorrow's ultimate sleep comfort. Here is high quality, comfort, design and sustainability at the center. Specialists design the bed and mattress with an eye for detail. The production is at the factory in Deventer, The Netherlands.

Quality Test

Novaform produced sustainably, safe for people and the environment. This sustainable approach allows them to test all products so that they can continuously improve.

Quality rating

Both Dutch and international quality agencies regular test the product. For example, the Dutch Consumer Agency again in 2015 voted the Vivo mattress as "Best in Test." The Consumer Agency tested a number of mattress types from different manufacturers and importers. The mattresses tested on a number of aspects, such as support and moisture regulation. The Vivo mattress was the winner when it comes to lifetime and support. In 2012, the International Judging Panel at the Red Dot Design Award awarded the Costco Novaform mattress a Product Design Award for the remarkable design. The Red Dot Design Award is one of the world's most prestigious design prices. Novaform mattress also has a Cradle Two Cradle Silver certificate. The Cradle to Cradle certificate guarantees that a product consists of more than 50% recycled materials or materials that is recyclable.


Costco Novaform mattress is aware of the increasing scarcity of energy, minerals, and raw materials and the impact of ecosystems. One establishes a sustainable relationship with the environment, the environment, and the man. It is their ambition that all work processes, products, and services should be viable by the end of 2020 and the policy with three pillars:

Circular economy

Novaform has taken the Cradle to Cradle principle. Cradle to Cradle literally means "from cradle to cradle" and assumes that waste is no longer discarded, but reused as a raw material for something else. Thus, a circular circuit of elements. The materials are entirely biodegradable or 100% recyclable in a new product of the same or higher value. As a Cradle to Cradle company, they, with the support of EPEA (Environmental Protection Encouragement Agency), aim for an infinite circuit of raw materials and materials.

Energy savings and renewals

By 2020, they will be an all-in-one C2C® certified company.  All developing is according to the principles of C2C®. Once the products are exhausted, they recycle as biological or technical "nutrients" at the highest possible quality level. With this approach, there is an infinite circuit of materials. In short, the introduction of C2C® creates new perspectives - both today and tomorrow.

A human-oriented approach

You cannot implement A sustainable policy by your self. As this is a system change, the entire business chain of suppliers and partners is involved. Investments are therefore made in relation to these partners, engaging them as possible in process-oriented methods, creating an optimal working and social conditions and stimulating their commitment and association with the company and business philosophy. You have therefore developed a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy. And to strengthen control of this, the company has signed the UN Global Compact.


Over 125 years of expertise combined with the latest technology, ergonomics, and design developments, Novaform mattress stands for high quality, ultimate comfort and beautiful, contemporary products. And over the years, it has brought in a variety of prices and certificates regarding sustainability, reliability, quality, and design.

Vivo is once again best tested in November 2013 and January 2015

The Dutch Consumer Agency has again voted Vivo mattress in 2015 as "Best in Test." The Consumer Agency tested a number of food types from different manufacturers and importers. The mattresses are evaluated on a number of aspects, such as support and moisture regulation. The Vivo mattress was the top scorer when it comes to lifetime and support. The mattress is suitable, whether on the back or the side. The test results are on the Dutch Consumer Agency website (

GIO 2014

Novaform Original won in 2014 the Dutch design award GIO (Goed Industrieel Ontwerp). To qualify for this price, a product should be more than just looking good. Functionality, originality, respect for people and the environment, utility value and innovation are equally important factors. The GIO design price is the quality label for excellent industrial design in the Netherlands. The award goes to products that are distinguished by design with commercial strength. The submitted proposals are assessed by an independent panel of experts with Professor and Engineer Wim Poelman at the forefront. The panel of experts found that Novaform Original fulfilled all the evaluation criteria and that it should, therefore, use the term "Goed Industrieel Ontwerp" - GIO.

Holland's most reliable brand

In 2013, Novaform mattress won the title "most reliable bed brand in Holland" for the 7th consecutive year. It happens as a result of the Readers Digest readership "Trusted Brands 2013". The survey involved more than 2,000 Dutch consumers. More than 1 in 3 (39%) of Dutch consumers mention them as the most reliable. The assessment includes looking at quality, the price/quality relationship, and the extent to which the brand knows the customer's needs. These "reliability factors" scored the best of all bed fires.

Red Dot Design Award

In 2012, the International Judging Panel at the Red Dot Design Award, Novaform Essential, awarded a Product Design Award for the remarkable design. It is the design company Köhler Wilms who has designed the Novaform mattress by the design company Köhler Wilms. The Red Dot Design Award is one of the world's most prestigious design prices. More than 1,800 manufacturers from approx. The International Judges Panel chose the best design among 4,515 products.

IF Product Design Award

Novaform mattress won the prestigious iF Product Design Award in 2012. The iF Design Award is one of the world's most wanted design prices. Novaform won an iF Award in the category "public design/interior design." This distinction was Novaform mattress's second international design award, as the remarkable bed model, still produced at their factory in Deventer, already had a Red Dot Design Award. The combination of high quality, innovative design, sustainability, and function got the international panel to reward Essential with an iF Award. Since its launch in April 2012, the world's first Two Cradle bed has already been featured several times.

A Comprehensive Review of the Novaform Mattress and What Makes It Unique

The Novaform mattress is a great choice for those looking for comfort and convenience. This mattress is designed to provide the perfect balance between support and comfort, making it a great choice for those who want a good night's sleep. The Novaform mattress is constructed with a combination of memory foam, high-density foam and individually wrapped coils. The memory foam is designed to conform to the body, providing support and pressure relief. The high-density foam is designed to provide a solid foundation, while the individually wrapped coils provide a comfortable sleeping surface. The Novaform mattress also offers a unique cooling technology that helps keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night. This cooling technology is designed to help regulate your body temperature by drawing heat away from the body and dispersing it away from the mattress. This helps keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night. The Novaform mattress also features a unique layer of gel memory foam. This layer of gel memory foam is designed to provide additional support and cushioning for the body. This layer helps to reduce motion transfer between you and your partner, making it ideal for couples. In addition to being comfortable and supportive, the Novaform mattress is also well-made. This mattress is designed to last and is backed by a 10-year limited warranty. Overall, the Novaform mattress is a great choice for those looking for comfort and convenience. It is designed to provide the perfect balance between support and comfort, while also offering

How to Choose the Right Novaform Mattress for Your Sleep Habitsnovaform mattress

Are you looking for a new mattress that will help you get a better night's sleep? Look no further than the Novaform Mattress! With its innovative design and advanced features, the Novaform Mattress is the perfect mattress for all your sleep needs. Here are some tips to help you choose the right Novaform Mattress for your sleep habits: 1. Choose the right mattress size: Novaform Mattresses come in a variety of sizes, from Twin to King. Consider your body size and sleeping habits when selecting the right size mattress. 2. Consider your comfort level: Novaform Mattresses come in a variety of firmness levels. Pick the mattress that best suits your comfort level. 3. Check out the latest features: Novaform Mattresses come with many innovative features, such as cooling gel, memory foam, and more. Explore the various features to find the perfect mattress for your needs. 4. Compare different models: Don't settle for just one model. Compare different models to find the best combination of features and price. 5. Test it out: Once you've narrowed down your choices, try out the mattress at a store or in your own home. This will help you determine if it's the right mattress for you. Finding the perfect mattress for your sleep habits doesn't have to be a difficult task. With the Novaform Mattress, you can find the ideal mattress for your needs in no time! So

The Benefits of Sleeping on a Novaform Mattress

Do you want to get the best night's sleep possible? Look no further than a Novaform mattress! A Novaform mattress is designed with comfort and support in mind, so you can rest easy knowing you're getting the restful sleep you need. When you sleep on a Novaform mattress, you'll enjoy a variety of benefits. One of the main benefits is that the mattress is designed with comfort layers that contour to your body shape. This means that you'll get the support you need while still enjoying the comfort that comes from snuggling into a cozy mattress. Novaform also has a variety of features that make it stand out from other mattresses. For starters, the mattress is designed with a temperature regulating technology that helps keep you cool during the night. This means that even if you tend to sleep hot, you won't have to worry about waking up with night sweats. In addition, Novaform mattresses are made with a high-density foam core that provides superior support. This helps keep your spine in proper alignment, so you won't wake up with any aches and pains. Finally, Novaform mattresses use an open-cell foam technology that helps to keep the mattress from sinking or sagging over time. This ensures that you'll get a comfortable night's sleep for years to come. So if you're looking for a mattress that's designed with your comfort and support in mind, a Novaform mattress

An Overview of the Different Types of Novaform Mattresses Available

If you're looking for a mattress that offers great comfort and support at an affordable price, you should consider a Novaform mattress! Novaform mattresses offer a wide range of comfort levels, from plush and soft to firm and supportive, so you can find the perfect mattress for you. Whether you're a side sleeper or a back sleeper, there is a Novaform mattress that will provide you with the perfect balance of comfort and support. The first type of mattress from Novaform is their Memory Foam mattress. This mattress is designed to contour to your body for superior comfort and support, and it also helps to reduce motion transfer for a more restful sleep. Memory foam mattresses are available in a variety of thicknesses, from 8" to 14", so you can find the perfect thickness for your needs. The second type of mattress from Novaform is their Gel Memory Foam mattress. This mattress is designed to support your body and reduce pressure points, and it also features advanced cooling technology to help keep you cool throughout the night. The Gel Memory Foam mattress is also available in a variety of thicknesses, from 8" to 14", so you can find the perfect mattress for your needs. The third type of mattress from Novaform is their Latex mattress. This mattress is designed to provide exceptional comfort and support while also being highly durable and breathable. The Latex mattress is available in a variety of thicknesses, from 8" to 14