Safe Slumber Mattress

January 13, 2020


Safe Slumber Mattress – Best Slumber Safe Cot Mattress For Safe Sleep

Safe slumber mattresses help ensure safety while sleeping for babies as well as adults suffering from allergies. A mattress is the first thing one should upgrade when detoxing the home. And this is very true when considering crib mattresses.

Lullaby Super Lightweight


  • Waterproof
  • Allergene safe
  • No chemicals
  • Lightweight


Naturepedic 2 Stage classic


  • Organic cotton
  • Allergen friendly
  • GreenGuard
  • Made in USA


Milliard Memory Foam


  • Memory foam
  • Washable
  • hypoallergenic
  • Last for years


Your baby needs a safe mattress

Babies and kids spend a lot of time sleeping, and you must make their sleep environment as clean and safe as possible. Regular mattresses contain chemicals that can cause several respiratory problems. Safe slumber mattresses provide a way to get a safe place to sleep and dream. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the best slumber safe cot mattresses available.

Best Slumber Safe Cot Mattress for Safe Sleep – 2020

When looking for non-toxic, safe cot mattresses to ensure safe sleep, you can find several options to choose from. We have found these are some of the most popular and recommended models in 2020.

Lullaby Super Lightweight Eco-Plus Crib Mattress


Weighing just seven pounds, this lightweight crib mattress from Lullaby makes the job of bed-making easier. It features WaveSupport core that provides a firm yet comfortable support ideal for the crib. Squared corners and reinforced edges create a secure and snug fit that is desirable for babies.

The mattress is waterproof and made using safe components, avoiding any mold, bacteria or mildew growth resulting from leakage. A fantastic feature of the Lullaby mattress is its score on safety.

It meets the flammability regulations and is free of any harmful materials like PFCs, phthalates, and vinyl. They are also free of any allergens. It is an excellent choice if chemical safety and budget is something you are concerned about

  • Greenguard gold certificat
  • Lightweight means easy bed making
  • Waterproof
  • Free of any harmful materials

Naturepedic Organic Cotton Crib Mattress


An example of a fantastic organic crib mattress, the NaturePedic classic 150 seamless 2-stage cribs and toddler mattress weighs just 20 pounds. It features a heavy-duty innerspring and is a great way to create a safe sleeping environment. It has a dual-sided design with comfortable, firm support and flat surface ideal for babies and a softer side for toddlers.

It features squared corners that facilitate a secure fit in the cot. The mattress is certified to be organic and contains layers of organic cotton and kapok for a great balance of comfort and firmness. It has a waterproof, stain-proof surface that is easy to clean. Seamless edges keep bed bugs and dust mites away and make the mattress more durable.

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Stain Resistant
  • JPMA Certified Care and Cleaning
  • Flame-retardant

Soaring Heart Organic Latex Crib Mattress


Designed to provide a safe, healthy, chemical-free environment to your baby, the Soaring Heart organic latex mattress is crafted out of the highest-quality material like organic wool, cotton, and natural latex. It is free from any chemicals or retardants and saves your babies and toddlers from accidents and allergens. The mattress is constructed using firm yet supple latex ideal to support your baby during initial months. The latex passes the flame test with a combination of organic cotton and organic wool.

  • Firmer side for infants, and a softer side for toddlers
  • A supportive foam layer will keep your baby sleeping safe
  • Unique waterproof, organic cotton blend
  • Certified CertiPUR-US foam

Milliard Memory Foam Crib Mattress


This mattress provides the right balance of support and comfort for kids. The memory foam mattress for the crib is made of luxurious and high-quality certified foam intended to contour to the baby’s body. The stiff foam prevents the child from sinking and minimizes the SIDS risk. Adding another layer to the stiffness is a polyester cover that keeps the baby safe from suffocation.

It is non-porous and hypoallergenic. These properties also ensure that the mattress stays free of allergens, bacteria, mold, and dust mites. The cover is washable and waterproof. The memory foam mattress is designed to relieve muscle pains and stress. What sets it apart from others is the affordability in combination with amazing features.

  • Top quality memory foam
  • Removable machine washable ultra-soft bamboo cover
  • Hypoallergenic Certi-Pur certified foam
  • Will not lose its shape and is made to last for years

My Green Mattress Crib Mattress


The organic crib mattress from My Green Mattress is constructed with a layer of breathable, organic GOLS certified pad bound together by organic latex. This creates a supportive, firm, and relieving layer that makes the mattress ideal for babies.

The mattress includes a firm innerspring, and a cover made using GOTS certified wool and cotton from pure organic sources. These materials act as natural flame retardants. Knowing that your child is sleeping in natural materials gives you much-needed relief and assurance. The organic, breathable, hypoallergenic latex keeps dust, mold and mildew away and provides a healthy, calm, safe sleeping environment.

  • Water-resistant, removable, and hand-washable outer cover
  • Ideal mattress firmness
  • Designed to fit your nursery
  • GREENGUARD gold Certified

LifeKind Organic Mattress


The Euro is one of the most popular models from LifeKind that manufactures all-natural, organic mattresses for safe sleeping. This is a certified organic latex mattress perfect for those who suffer from hay fever, respiratory problems, or asthma. It features a thick supporting core made out of organic pure natural rubber.

This mattress is excellent for families and is available in many size options to suit people of different weights who share the bed. The mattress comes with a durable cover made using GOTS certified cotton and wool.

  • GOLS-certified organic natural rubber
  • Naturally healthful, hygienic sleep environment
  • Free of polyurethane foam, plastic, chemical flame retardants
  • America's most-trusted organic and natural lifestyle brand

Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer Crib Mattress


Little Dreamer is one of the most popular models from Moonlight Slumber because it is an eco-friendly crib mattress that is safe, hypoallergenic, and budget-friendly. It is the perfect solution for parents and caregivers who want a safe crib mattress for their infants or toddlers. It is made out of plant-based foam and features a beautiful plush surface.

The core is wrapped in a fire barrier made out of minerals and covered in water, odor, and stain-resistant material. You can be assured that the mattress your child is sleeping on is made using natural, safe materials. It comes with certifications for durability and performance, indoor air quality and material content and in-house assurance.

What makes this crib mattress different from others is the fact that it is free from PVC, polyethylene, lead, vinyl, phthalates, etc. It features a non-toxic, waterproof material. It has a simple design and is affordable. The infant side is constructed using an extra firm foam that supports babies till they are nine months old, and then the mattress can be turned to the toddler side which contains high-density foam which has more plush. The Little Dreamer offers excellent support for babies as well as toddlers. It is also lightweight and easy to move. Overall, it is a great crib mattress that is safe and affordable and will keep your kids supported and secure for years.

  • Dual Surface Mattress is a two-stage sleep system
  • Medical grade waterproof, durable stretch knit fabric
  • GreenGuard and CertiPUR Certified
  • Hypoallergenic material