Serafina pearl plush

The softest Novaform mattress

With advanced cooling technology and super responsive layers, this mattress is great. The plush feeling Novaform Serafina mattress boasts two extra features to ensure cold nights of deep sleep. The ComfortLuxe® Gel Pearls that offers advanced temperature regulation and middle layer of ultra-responsive foam.


 Product Features:

Beginning with a 3-inch layer of gel pearls to regulate body temperature. The pearls keep a sleeper twice as fresh as a traditional memory foam mattress. The second layer of foam has air channels to distribute weight. It supports the body, eliminates painful pressure points, and ensuring airflow, which helps keep a sleeper cool and fresh all night long, every night. The final 8-inch layer provides super durability, stability, and long-lasting sleeping comfort. This mattress has a quilt top that wicks moisture and stays cool the whole night. The comfort features of this plush queen mattress combine insure one falls asleep more comfortable and stays asleep longer.


3 Premium layers of foams with a plush feel.

Superior quality cover that cools and wicks moisture away.

Eliminates pressure points promoting deep sleep.

It minimizes the transfer of motion to your sleeping partner.

Vacuum packed for faster transport and then quicker delivery.

Easy to follow setup, use, and care instructions.

It offers a warranty for 20 years(limited).

The mattress meets the requirements of federal flammability standards.

It is made without ozone reporters, phthalates, VOCs, flame-retardants,  or heavy metals.

Dimensions: 80″ X 60″ X 14″ Weight 93 pounds.

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