SoFresh Queen

We are introducing the Novaform 10 in SoFresh Responsive foam mattress which we have infused with copper and a cover which is machine washable and anti-microbial.

Product Details:

This Novaform mattress features a three-layer design that relieves pressure points and comfortably cradles a sleeper all night for better sleep. The construction of this mattress is durable and will last for many years. The mattress cover is removable, zippered, washable, stain and mold resistant, and antibacterial. This mattress features a 2 inch top layer of LURAcor Foam which is infused with copper and is medium-firm. A blend of minerals is introduced into the fabric containing actual copper, which is naturally anti-microbial, keeping the mattress fresh longer. A second layer consisting of 2 inches Memory Foam, adding to the comfort a sleeper feels while it eliminates pressure points, letting one sleep deeper for longer. Our final foam layer is 6 in of memory foam to distribute weight so that a sleeper’s movement won’t disturb the sleeping partner. This mattress is comfortable, stays fresh, and is guaranteed for ten years.


A zippered, removable, machine washable, anti-microbial cover.

Premium three-layer construction with medium support.

Eliminates pressure points promoting deep sleep.

Minimizes the transfer of motion to your sleeping partner.

Vacuum packed for faster transport and then quicker delivery.

Easy to follow setup, use, and care instructions.

Warranty for ten years(limited).

Meets the requirements of federal flammability standards. M

Manufactured without ozone depleters, phthalates, VOCs, flame-retardants, or heavy metals.

Dimensions: 80″ X 60″ X 10″. Weight 66 pounds.

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