Spring Mattress: An ultimate buying guide for 2019

May 25, 2018

Is a spring mattress a good choice?

When choosing a spring mattress, it's first and foremost about finding the right size and the proper hardness. It's not just about to be as hard as possible. So read here and find out how to choose the best spring mattress for you.

A good night's sleep is a prerequisite for you to get a nice day. Without proper night sleep for a long time, you may suffer from some complications such as depression. At the same time, you may experience weight gain and may in the long term also have problems with the back, pelvic and blood circulation.

So it's about sleeping well at night. It requires first and foremost a good mattress that fits and supports your body. This gives you the best conditions for sleeping and not getting up well rested in the morning.

Spring mattress review

Three good spring mattresses

Brentwood mattress

Brentwood mattress is a spring mattress with 300 pocket springs per square meter. It fits perfectly for people under 95 kilos. The Brentwood mattress can be further adapted for use by persons under 75 kilos because you can freely choose between medium and fixed firmness.

Loom and leaf mattress

Loom and leaf mattress is a spring mattress for people who weigh over 95 kilos or more or you who need extra support for the body. The bed is equipped with a total of 513 multi-pocket-quarters per square meter and is available in two hardnesses.

Novaform Mattress

Novaform Mattress is perfect for people under 75 kilo or less than 95 kilos who want to lie softly. Here are only 250 pocket springs per square meter, but still the option to choose between two hardnesses.

The spring mattress is the traditional first choice

Here the spring mattress has been the classic first choice for many years. Where it was a luxury product when it arrived, it is available today in many different price ranges and is usually also a constituent of the finished beds that can be purchased at most furniture stores online and in IRL.

Since its inception, the spring mattress has made a quantum leap - especially concerning the technology that hides within its interior. Especially since the turn of the millennium, it has gone fast. So today it's a matter of choosing the right spring mattress.  It requires insight into both spring construction, the use of comfort zones and the hardness of the mattress.

Furthermore, you should also know a bit about anatomy. Here it is especially important that the spine is straight and the waist is perpendicular to this when selecting a spring mattress. It depends again on the hardness of the spring mattress, spring density, and the comfort zones. But all of this we will come back to in a while.

Start finding the right size

bedroompediaWhen you go out and choose a spring mattress, of course, it's about finding one that fits the bed you have. However, should the bed also be replaced, it is an excellent time to consider whether the size of the spring mattress - and thus on the bed - should also be adjusted up or down.

Here it is a good idea to start with the height. It is essential that the spring mattress is 10 to 20 cm longer than you are. This will prevent you from feeling that there is not enough room in your bed. If you think that you will unconsciously lie down at night. This can cause problems with the back and thighs, which in this way will lie in an unnatural and perhaps also excited position.

At the same time, you avoid practical problems such as to get stuck toes or feet at the end of the bed or lie down and knock the head up in the headboard. It can cause both the neck and tension in the shoulders and the upper part of the back.

The size is also about the width. If you are restlessly in bed at night, it is good to have extra space to spread on. Then you will not get out of bed or will fall into your partner next to you.

Choose a hardness and springs that fit your body

You've probably heard that it's about staying as hard as possible. It does not fit at all. But still, there are many who buy spring mattress after the show and therefore will be too hard at night.

How hard the bed feels like is in the hardness of the springs and partly the number of springs per square meter in the bed. Finally, any comfort zones in the spring mattress have a lot to say. These three essential factors must match your weight and body structure. Only when they fit perfectly together will you lie with the smoke column as much as possible when lying in bed.

Be honest about your weight and feel good at night

bedroompediaSo whether you're going to choose a spring mattress or bed, it's not worth lying about your weight - even if you're embarrassed by it. Because you lie more easily than you are, you may risk buying a running mattress that is too soft to rest on.

The little white lie - albeit only a few kilograms we are talking about - may end up giving you back or other problems later. So be honest and be sure that you get the best conditions for a good night's sleep.

Spring mattress hardness

The hardness comes from the stiffness of the springs in the spring mattress. So how easy the springs give in to the load they are exposed to. There are three different hardnesses, but in practice, we only use two - unless we speak special mattresses.

It's about medium firmness and solid firmness. Here, medium solidity is a little softer than solid firmness. Choose the firmness according to your weight, so you get a spring mattress that can handle the weight you have. Here, light persons of 75 kilograms or less can be medium-solid, while people over 75 kilograms should choose a solid-fast mattress.

Spring springs springs

Do you control the spring mattress springs?

When it comes to the springs in the spring mattresses, the vast majority of spring mattresses today use the so-called bag springs. They are smaller in dimensions than the old-fashioned rigid crabs, found in spring mattresses that are 20-25 years old.

This means that the springs can stand closer to the spring mattress, thus supporting your body better. At the same time you experience a more even pressure on the body, unlike the old springs, often sitting at several centimeters intervals.

The more you weigh, the more springs per. Square feet should have the spring mattress. Here, there are typically two different spring springs, namely "pocket" where there is 300 springs per. Square meters and multi-pocket, where there is about 100 to 250 springs more per. Square meters.

Here, people under 95kg should always go for a spring mattress with pocket springs, while people of 95kg or more should choose multi-pocket springs.

If your weight is around 95 kilos, you should pay particular attention to your choice. Then you expect to lose weight, which means you will be too hard if you choose multi-pocket springs and you wear, you will be too soft with pocket springs.

Comfort zones and placement of the spine


Finally, there are comfort zones. There are areas in the spring mattress that are designed to carry a specific part of the body. Here, there is usually extra support for the areas of the body that are not so prominent, while the shoulders and pelvic parties are typically allowed to sink a little more into the ground.

This means that you get better opportunities to get as straight a spine as possible when lying in bed. If the spring mattress is perfect, you should preferably get a flat hand effortlessly under your lower back when lying on your back. At the same time, the pressure on the palm should be completely even.

It's also a good idea to have your partner or a good friend when choosing a mattress. Then he or she can see how just your spine is when you lie on the side. If the mattress is perfect, the spine must be completely horizontal. At the same time, the lumbar should be precisely perpendicular to the spine. Then the mattress suits you.

One or two spring mattresses in the double bed

Should you buy spring mattresses for the double bed, there are many looking at a 180 x 200 cm spring mattress. Then they get rid of the annoying crack in the middle of the bed.

However, it is easy to give at least one of the two to bed in the bed quite significant problems. Too typical, we do not have the same body structure and weight. So, therefore, one of you quickly finds it wrong every single night to come.

Therefore, you should always buy two individually customized spring mattresses when choosing mattresses for the double bed. Then you can buy a top mattress that can lay over the bed. That way you can get rid of the annoying crack.

It is also possible to buy mattress covers that can hold the two mattresses together. It is often seen in continental beds, how many people think the jump stroke is an overall mattress because of the coating.

How to maintain the spring mattress

Should you give your spring mattress the best conditions to last for many years, you should turn the mattress on a regular basis. Not only in the broader direction. Also in the long run. However, you should be aware that the mattress has special comfort zones that will then be incorrect.

It is also a good idea to make sure that the mattress is regularly aired and to make sure the mattress is always dry. Then you can have a spring mattress of it for years to come.

Get the chance to try the spring mattress at home

bedroompediaIn practice, however, it is difficult to decide solely by facts. So, although in this article we give you a set of rules of thumb, you can go forward when choosing a spring mattress, it's in the end about how you lie on the mattress.

If you shop online, you do not have the chance to test the mattress. Do you shop in a physical store, you easily cheat yourself if you base your choice in the few minutes you try to stay on a spring mattress when you're in the store. Therefore, most people end up coming home from the store with a mattress that is too soft.

If you shop online or in a physical store, you should, therefore, choose a dealer that allows you to try the bed at home. Then you have the opportunity to try the spring mattress in practice. This makes you feel better in the body, how well you lie at night. You can also find out if you experience some genes during the day that may come from the bed.