Wonderland mattress Reviews: Read why this is a great mattress

January 7, 2020

Wonderland mattress and beds

Ever since 1969, Wonderland has provided good sleep. It gives you perfect rest so you can get the best start on your day. The Norwegian bedding manufacturer specializes in high-quality individual bed solutions. You can have a personal bed that is tailored to your needs and your optimal comfort.


Beds from Wonderland mattress

Wonderland is a Norwegian brand specializing in beds since 1969. Today, Wonderland is one of the leading brands in Scandinavia in bed solutions, and all their beds are created for optimal sleep and rest. The high quality of the beds with carefully selected materials is highly prioritized in their product development, and much attention is paid to customized solutions.

Most people prefer lying on the side when they sleep, and in combination with the wrong surface, pressure on especially shoulder and hip over time can have a rewarding effect on the entire body. Norwegian Wonderland specializes in beds that adapts to your body's unique needs for optimal comfort and well-being both inside and outside the bed.

Wonderland Mattress with shoulder zone and the ability to adjust the firmness under the hip helps to relax the right muscles and provide a good night's sleep.

A Wonderland mattress is not made like other mattresses as they mold the individual components together according to a patented method. With a Wonderland bed, you also receive a warranty against harmful materials and 25 years of warranty against springs and springs. You can, therefore, sleep perfectly with the certainty that your bed is of the highest quality.

Wonderland beds and continental beds give you the sleep and rest that the body needs, so you can perform on a busy day. You will find a wide selection of beds and continental beds here, so there is definitely a variation that suits you.

bedroompedia.comMinimal maintenance

A healthy bed is a clean bed, and beds Wonderland has an air renewal and moisture regulation that keeps the maintenance requirement to a minimum. All beds from Wonderland come with a cover that is easily removable for washing. In addition, all mattresses are reversible, which helps extend the bed's life.

Wonderland's continental beds are among the best pressure-reducing beds in the market and are suitable for people with special needs for an optimal surface and those who just want the best night's sleep. Beds like Wonderland Harmony, Wonderland Octave, and Wonderland Windsor combine beautiful, high-quality design. Wonderland mattress also excels in making edge-stable beds that provide extra peace of mind for sleeping, turning around in bed during the night.

Among Wonderland's popular models with legs and potential storage space under the bed, you will find beds like Wonderland Harmony and Wonderland Note. If you want to try the bed before you decide, you are always welcome at your nearest furniture store.

Find your right Wonderland mattress

A bed is a big investment - also in your health. Therefore, when finding your new bed, it is not only important to find one with the right look or the right size. When buying a new bed, it is very important that you find a bed that matches your needs. A bed should support your body, and therefore Wonderland has a lot of different variants, so there is a bed for anybody.

The beds and mattresses are divided into different zones, with different firmness, so you can have an optimal sleep. As most people prefer to lie on the side when sleeping, it is a good idea to adjust the firmness around the shoulders so that they can sink softly and comfortably into the mattress. Finding a bed that provides optimal equality ensures you a good support, relaxed muscles, and a good night's sleep.

With a bed from Wonderland mattress, you will wake up refreshed and ready for a new day. All beds from Wonderland have washable covers that make it easy to keep the bed clean and without dust mites. The exclusive materials used for Wonderland beds are also very durable and are available in several colors.

Buy Wonderland Beds online

Most Wonderland beds come with different top mattresses in the Superior, Premium and Classic models. All models are made of quality materials that fit the individual body and provide high ventilation and minimal humidity. Wonderland Superior top mattress is particularly innovative in its regulatory fabric that adapts to the body's temperature.

To complete the soft-edged look, consider completing the purchase of a Wonderland bed with a matching Wonderland Qube bedside table.

Wonderland Box mattress


With roots in western Norway, Wonderland's beds reflect the classic Scandinavian style with clean lines and an easy expression. When you buy a Wonderland box mattress, you'll have a high quality bed. It provides a sleek comfort that's better than usual.

You get a bed with adjustable firmness so you can get exactly the support you need. In addition, you will have an edge-stable and reversible mattress that stays comfortable year after year. The box mattresses are all built with pocket springs and come with top mattress.

Note High box mattress:

If you want high quality and comfortable bed comfort at a reasonable price, the Wonderland Note high box mattress is an obvious choice.

Here you will get essential features like Standard Pocket suspension and shoulder zone, ensuring a comfortable and comfortable sleeping comfort. The mattress is also reversible and is provided with a detachable washable cover.

All in all, you will find a delicious boxing mat, which is of absolute top quality for its price range.

Harmony High box mattress

Wonderland Harmony Box mattress delivers both high quality and good comfort for the money. You'll get a box pad with latex padding and an adjustable hip zone, so you can adjust the bed to suit your needs. Harmony is also equipped with the shoulder zone and Comfort Pocket system. This will adapt to the body, ensuring optimum support and relief. In other words, you get the best conditions for a good sleep.

Wonderland continental beds

bedroompedia.comFor almost 30 years, Wonderland has developed innovative solutions that will give the Scandinavian people a good sleep. Wonderland developed, among other things, the very first continental bed. The common feature of all Wonderland continental beds is first and foremost the high comfort and the ability to customize beds specifically for your needs. Most of the models are available with several comfort levels. Two layers of Pocket springs in the mattresses, adjustable firmness and suspension base.

All beds also have removable covers that can be washed at 60 ° C.

Octave continental beds

Wonderland Octave Continental Bed is a modern bed with shelf and full cover. The bed is perfect for you who are looking for a good sleeping comfort at a very good price.

A side-stable mattress ensures comfortable bed comfort throughout the bed. And with Standard Pocket springs in the main mattress and a separate shoulder zone, the body gives the right support and relief.

Windsor continental beds

The Wonderland Windsor continental beds give you outstanding sleep and relief for the entire body. With Exclusive Pocket in the main mattress and Standard Pocket in the underframe mattress. You get extra pressure distribution and comfort. Exclusive Pocket is our most exclusive Pocket fjeder and a progressive spring that's particularly soft at the top. While it's getting denser, the more the mattress is loaded.

The Windsor continental bed is a bed that provides excellent pressure relief while providing extra support for the heavier parties of the body.

Top mattresses from Wonderland

bedroompedia.comWhen you are going well, a good top mattress is absolutely indispensable. Wonderland has developed a series of top mattresses that, with a number of functional features, ensure optimum sleep comfort - all night long.

3 good reasons to choose a Wonderland top mattress

Temperature-regulating technology

RapidDry moisture transport and ventilation

Pulse latex - Flexible and comfortable

Do you dream about the perfect sleeping temperature? Textile37 ° C is a temperature regulating technology that adapts to the body's temperature and keeps it at an optimal level. The technology is also ØkoTex-certified.

Experience optimum ventilation and moisture transport with RapidDry custom-designed hollow fiber. The fabric will transport excess moisture away and ensure a dry and comfortable sleep.

All Wonderland latex top mattresses are with Pulse Latex, which incorporates the latest technology in latex production: SonoCore. Pulse Latex in the top mattresses is both soft and elastic, has great ventilation and is also extremely durable. All in all, this helps to provide a wonderful sleeping comfort and a perfect sleeping environment.