Wool mattress

Wool mattress
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The unique benefits of a wool mattress

Wool is a natural material that cleans itself,  by itself

bedroompediaOur health is the most important thing we have, and if we are well, we also get a good quality of life. Many people increasingly realize that the wool does not only improve sleep comfort but also help us stay healthy.

The wool has three excellent and essential properties, which include: ensures that we achieve maximum sleep comfort and that we take care of our health.

Wool mattress property No. 1

bedroompediaWhichever temperature it is, the wool insulates both against cold and heat, due to the airiness of the wool fibers. The wool simply makes sure we keep our own body temperature while we sleep. You will neither sweat nor freeze at night, no matter what temperature you have in the bedroom. The wool can absorb up to 30% of its own weight without changing shape or become moist. This means that our body keeps its temperature and heat even when the wool is damp. The wool simply adapts to the surroundings. Humidity in textiles is harmful to humans and increases the bacterial flora, but the wool’s properties make the surface dry. The fiber absorbs moisture as steam while the fiber shell rejects all moisture in liquid form.

Wool mattress property No. 2

bedroompediaThe body produces sweat to cool down, thus increasing the moisture content of the bed as well. In the wool, there is a fat called lanolin, which is a natural fat that repels moisture and dirt. It makes the wool the cleanest and most dry material we can sleep in. With wool as a bed material, you avoid sleeping in a cold and damp bed. Lanolin and the wool’s natural function with constant work and breath cause the wool to keep the body from freezing and sweating. The wool mattress keeps your bed clean and dry at night and prevents you from sleeping soberly because your bed is moist with sweat. Many people with, among other things, asthma and eczema choose wool as a textile in bed, thus keeping the respiratory system free of midst dust.

Wool mattress property No. 3

The fibers of the wool also give us body therapy – a form of micro-massage at night. It helps, for example, stiff joints and muscles, restless legs, poor blood circulation, cramps, and eczema.

Natural benefits of the wool:

  • Breathable
  • Hygienic
  • Skin-friendly
  • Provides good sleep
  • Is fireproof
  • Easy to clean
  • Allergy Prevention
  • Regulates humidity
  • Reduces static electricity
  • Insulates against heat and cold
  • Is durable and lasts long
  • Stimulates blood circulation




The wool carries your body while you sleep. It regulates your body temperature and keeps you dry, so you are rested when you wake up.


Mites are the primary cause of asthma and allergy. Dust mites are a small microscopic spider animal that thrives and best fits in damp, hot and dark places, such as our beds.

The mites do not tolerate cold and dry climate, and since our bedrooms are usually hot and humid because in many cases we have too high temperatures in our bedroom, the mites propagate and survive.

We spend about 8 hours each night in our beds, which makes the mites have plenty of food. The insect is primarily living by our dead skin cells, which we have in an abundant amount. But it’s its stool and laying that is detrimental to our health. It is this mites dust we inhale at night, which causes us to feel nose and throat irritation when we wake up in the morning.

The first symptoms of myalgia are clogged nose, eyelid, sneezing, and asthma. In many cases, chronic eczema is also found due to mite allergy.

Wool mattress prevents mite allergy


Wool is moisture and dirt repellent and the cleanest material we can sleep in. The wool mattress keeps the bed dry due to its high ventilation in the fibers, which also means that the temperature can be lowered in the bedroom. By using pure wool as the textile in bed, the mites cannot survive.

As a protection against mite allergy, you can Prevent by airing thoroughly and adequately cleaning. Avoid carpet in the bedroom and ensure proper ventilation. The World Health Organization (WHO) places sixth-ranked mite allergy among world diseases.

Feather are popular materials for bedding, but they absorb and bind moisture. It means that we lie and sleep in a humid climate, which is detrimental to our health. This causes us to have problems with stiff joints and sore muscles that can develop into chronic rheumatism if we sleep with a feather topper.

But thank goodness, you can get these mites and the wicked moisture away by using pure wool as a bed material.

Wool mattress helps your sleep

More than 50% of the inhabitants of the country sleep poorly – we will do something about it

On the basis of several studies worldwide, it can be found that approx. 50% of all people sleep poorly.


We sleep 25-30 years of our lives, which is equivalent to about one-third of the lifespan, so it is essential that we sleep well. It’s not just the number of hours we sleep that should be focused on, but also the quality of those hours. It is crucial for how we wake up when we wake up. The wool carries your body while you sleep. It regulates your body temperature and keeps you dry, so you are rested when you wake up.

Wool prevents diseases

Many different factors can affect our night’s sleep. There may be diseases, personal problems and stress, just to name a few. Lack of night sleep affects us not only in the short term by making us tired in the morning, but also, in the long run, affects our physical and mental health negatively. By sleeping in a healthy environment, and by using the right material in bed, we can merely avoid and prevent some of these diseases.

Lack of sleep can make a person sick

bedroompediaSeveral studies have shown that sleep deprivation can make a person sick. If a person is completely deprived of the opportunity to sleep, he or she will soon suffer from a lost sense of feeling and get hallucinations. The first symptoms are poor mood and irritation, less capacity and fewer forces. Also, we feel overburdened, as the brain has not gotten enough sleep and rest. It shows how important sleep is for both our mind and the rest of our body.

Thank goodness, there are solutions and help. Simply by sleeping in a good environment with the right material.

Research in wool mattress

The Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Sydney has proven the natural benefits of wool

Many years of research, at several universities around the world, have confirmed that wool in the bedroom is a perfect choice.

bedroompediaAfter years of research, the health sciences faculty in Sydney, along with the Woolmark organization, found that researchers who slept in natural virgin wool “fell faster asleep and slept healthier in bed linen of wool.” Virgin wool, therefore, gives the best sleep!

Studies have also been carried out at both the Polytechnic Institute of New South Wales and the Hohenstein Institute in Germany, and it has been found that sleeping with untreated natural wool reduces the heart rate and helps regulate body temperature (which means that you do not have to unpleasant sweat at night).

A study at Center for Family Research at Cambridge University1, about premature children, has shown that wool helps the children to relax and sleep better and therefore, they can use their energy to grow.

More research projects and studies

It is widely researched about wool and how this phenomenal natural product can be used in every conceivable context, including – of course – in the bedroom.

The University of New England in Australia has its faculty, where only research is being done in getting o gold. With the help of fellows from the Australian Wool Education Trust, many research projects have been supported for many years. The Wool Research Organization of New Zealand also supports and invests in surveys.