Bamboo mattress

Bamboo mattress
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Bamboo mattress, bedsheet, and beds


A bamboo mattress contains bamboo. A woody recurrent evergreen plant in the grass family category. It is the fastest growing plant on earth. The best part about it is, it does not strip natural resources. It is also known to create a colony mainly because that is what most grass families do.

A good mattress is one that is made of high-quality products. One that can relieve pressure points after a busy day of work. You should be able to sleep like a baby in such a mattress. It cradles your body while straightening the spine and all of this is benefits of a bamboo bed. The bamboo is usually either on the cover or the composition of the foam; it can also be in both.

Bamboo mattress material

bedroompediaThe bamboo fibers are typically heated to an extreme heat to create a powder charcoal. This coal is mixed with other memory foam, in their liquid state. The process is called the bamboo infusion. It is what makes the bamboo mattress better than the rest.

Here are some of the benefits of having a bamboo mattress:

Well, we all know that spills can happen anywhere and anytime including your mattress. With Bamboo mattress, one can quickly clean the spill with no hassles. All you got to do is use a quarter cup of liquid soap with 1 cup of lukewarm water. Mix it well and use a brush to clean the mattress.

Bamboo is a renewable natural material that is healthier for your body than other mattresses. It is well ventilated and breathable. It is also able to dissipate about 80% of heat. This is because of the semi-open cells that are porous.

Bedbugs and bamboo mattress

Bedbug hates bamboo. For long, bugs have been associated with hygiene, but it is not the case. They love places with heat retention. They reproduce in a short period. The reason they hate bamboo is that of the antimicrobial, antifungal, antiallergenic, antibacterial properties of the bamboo. They also retain less heat compared to other mattresses. Dust mite also hates bamboo and cannot survive in it for an extended period. The fact that is anti-allergen, those who are allergic can use this mattress comfortably.

It has a fresh fragrance. This is because it has anti-odor properties. This ensures you sleep comfortably with no disturbance of stale smell.

It is very comfy. This is because of its high hygroscopicity (it can absorb moisture in the air) and permeability. It helps to keep you cool during the summer this is because it retains less heat.

It is also durable, and this is because it has not been exposed to weakening chemicals. The fiber which makes the bamboo mattress are stronger. The bamboo mattress is also firm and can withstand heavy weight. It has a long lifespan.

Let’s not forget that they are aesthetically pleasing. And their color and design always complement the room décor. It comes in different sizes, and one can buy the one that suits his budget and lifestyle.

Brentwood mattress


One of the best bamboo mattress we have tested on is the Brentwood  Bamboo Gel 13.  We believe that you get great value for your money here. If you are a Side sleeper, this will be a great choice for you. We are sure you will find this mattress very comfortable. Coming to motion transfer, you will not find a better mattress. Rock solid, but still comfortable.  It has a cooling gel layer that helps to stay cool during the hot summer nights. The bamboo mattress cover will also assist with breath-ability. For those who run on a budget but don’t want to compromise on quality, this really is a perfect choice. This bamboo mattress absolutely ranks way up there along with top brands.  You will get a great sleep and still save thousands of money, our best recommendations for this mattress.