Brentwood Mattress Review: Our Ultimate Guide on Brentwood Mattress

May 24, 2018


 Brentwood mattress- Well designed, for perfect night's sleep

Brentwood mattress

Brentwood home mattress is a unique company. They produce with a focus on safe, natural products. In this review, we have tested the Bamboo mattress, bamboo Gel 13. It's pretty much aligned with the rest of the Brentwood home series. So most of this review goes for the entire Brentwood mattress line.  A lovely bed, produced with attention to detail. The bed is inviting and excellent to lie in. Last but not least, the bed comes with a promise of a significantly improved night's sleep.

At Bedroompedia, we believe that the small details mean a lot for your overall impression. The  Brentwood mattress is wearing exclusive fabric fabrics along the sides. Something that makes it a beauty for the eye. The bed is produced at a height that makes you get out of bed and not up, and the Brentwood mattress is made of the best available raw materials. At Bedroompedia, we do our best to get the best night's sleep, and the Brentwood home mattress, Bamboo Gel 13, is extraordinary. Not only an extraordinarily comfortable bed, but also a well-designed furniture that fits into any modern bedroom.

Brentwood Bamboo Gel 13

bedroompediaThe Brentwood mattress, Bamboo Gel 13, is part of a luxury collection. To emphasize this, the bed is produced in the Us, where American artisans today take care of production. Brentwood home has received excellent reviews from the customers, and it is no coincident. Production takes place under some of the best working conditions in the world, and that benefits you. The beds are subject to strict control, and Brentwood home mattress will guarantee the quality of each bed. As they state “We know that the high demands come true to our customers and we are very pleased with that.” At Brentwood mattress, the beds are all made for the American market, and the Bamboo Gel 13 is no exception. The bed adapts to the climate, which means that Bamboo mattress and the rest of the Brentwood mattress line are cold in summer and warm in winter.

Four reasons to choose Brentwood mattress

  •  They have a high and resistant wood frame at the bottom
  •  The temperature sensitive Cooltex foam around the springs, which provides significantly better comfort and longer life
  •  Brentwood home mattress offer the choice of several different types of legs
  •  Brentwood mattress are coated with exclusive furniture fabric that is durable and easy to clean

Unmatched comfort in bamboo mattress beds

bedroompediaThe Bamboo Gel 13 comes with two top mattresses. These form the bed's platform and the basis for the bed's high level of comfort. The box mattresses are located in and surrounded by a 14 inch tall and resilient wood frame. The wooden frame extends above all the bed's lifetime, but it also helps to give the Brentwood home bed its distinctive and famous height. The top mattress is a reversible spring mattress, with pocket springs. The buoyancy of the feathers affects your body so that your pressure points, such as the neck, shoulders, and hips, are subjected to minimal back pressure, ensuring a deeper sleep.

A spring mattress at the top is a perfect complement to a box mattress. The combination of the two mattresses gives a comfortable sleep comfort, and this is immediately recognized in The Bamboo Gel 13. The spring mattress buoyancy gives you a healthy, natural lying position, while the underlying box pad provides a stable and comfortable platform. This double reduction ensures you a deep and relaxing night's sleep and, among other things. Making The Brentwood bamboo mattress a favorite bed.

Cooltex foam

The spring mattress in Bamboo gel 13 has also been further upgraded. Between the mattress pocket spring, there is installed Cooltex foam, rather than latex foam. Cooltex foam has the advantage that it is temperature regulating. This means that the foam adapts to both your body and the room temperature. It makes you have a comfortable climate to sleep in each night. The foam can both release and store heat in its constant maintenance of a healthy temperature. Another reason why Brentwood home mattress is a fantastic bed for the American market. The foam is also pressure-reducing and ventilating, which means that your mattress will stay healthy for many years to come. Also note that spring mattresses consist of two food strings, assembled in one cover. This makes it possible to choose different firmness on both sides, which both improves your comfort and prolongs the mattress's life.

Brentwood mattress beds have many advantages over regular beds and box mattresses. First and foremost, several bamboo bars give a more balanced support, while the high profile of the bed makes it more comfortable to get up. Instead of getting up from the bed, you stand straight out of it. It may seem like a little detail, but Monday morning it can make a big difference.

 Upgraded and optional top mattress


Another advantage of the Brentwood bamboo mattress collection is that an optional top mattress is included. The upgraded top mattresses to the Brentwood have a thicker core and a silky soft cover with cooling and ventilating bamboo fibers that help keep your mattress fresh for years to come. You can choose from our elastic Latex top mattress and our temperature sensitive Celcius top mattress. Celcius is a top mattress that forms and take care of your needs and your body temperature. The mattress lets you sink and relieve you where you are warmest, and in this way, you are guaranteed personal support.

The mattress is made of Memory Foam. A foam that adapts to your sleeping position and relieves your pressure points. Because the mattress stores your body temperature and uses it to shape, the mattress also tends to get quite hot during the night. This can be a disadvantage, and if you tend to get it warm for overnight, then you should look at a Latex top mattress.

Latex mattress topper

The latex top mattress is elastic, which means it pushes back where it is emphasized. Your weight is placed on the mattress at what is called pressure points. These spots are just those that can get irritated and hurt after a long night in a regular bed. The latex top mattresses relieve you where you weigh most, and your pressure points are minimized in this way. The latex top mattress is a good choice across weight classes and is also breathtaking and cool to sleep on, which goes well with the comfortable and healthy profile.