Elevation bed Review: Our Ultimate Review on Best Adjustable Bed.

January 2, 2020

Elevation beds have long been among the most popular bedding types. It is especially the ability to extend the use of the bed as well as to adjust the substrate more perfectly to the body and, for example, prevent circular problems in the legs that have made this bed type popular. Read here on bedroompedia how to choose the best elevation bed.

Why it’s important

You spend up to one-third of your life in bed - average around eight hours each day. So, therefore, there is every good reason to make your stay as comfortable as possible. An incorrect bed can thus have a decisive influence on how to get through the new day. You should preferably be well-rested every morning. If not,  there is every reason to be thorough when choosing the new one.

If the body does not prober rest, you will not get disconnected after a stressful day. The reason may be that you wake up with joint and muscle pain several times during the night because your legs or arms have begun to sleep. If you experience any of the above problems, the elevation bed is an obvious option.

What is an elevation bed?

elevation bed

An elevation bed allows you to change the height and shape of the bed base. The height of the elevation bed can then be adjusted individually to the height, body shape and preference of the individual. At the same time, it is also possible to prevent or remedy joint pain, as the bottom of the elevation bed typically consists of several individually adjustable parts. Correct setting of these can even cure genes like sleeping legs and arms. Besides, genes caused by poor blood circulation - especially in the legs - can be helped with a raised bed.

Typically, the elevation bed is made up of a bottom that can be raised up and down. You can change the height of entry and exit of the bed. The bottom, in most elevation beds, is divided into three individually adjustable parts. This makes it possible to change the substrate, and lie higher with the head or legs without having to stack pillows under the neck or lay.


bedroompediaThe adjustment options are done with a remote control and one or more electric motors, rods or hydrostatic pistons in the bed base. The number and quality of these contribute to the price level of the elevation bed.

The individual adjustment of the bed base parts also makes it possible to adjust the bed so that you avoid or remedy the previously mentioned genes and pain in the body. This makes the elevation bed more comfortable. It helps to ensure a restful and painless sleep, and that you do not have the feeling gene of lying in it.

The possibility of changing the shape of the bottom also makes it possible for example. To sit comfortably in bed if you want to read a good book or watch television after you go to bed. Finally, the elevation bed also provides better support for a variety of sex positions than you usually get a traditional bed.

Elevation beds are a popular choice

Just because of the many options and the ability to use the bed for more than only sleeping in, elevation beds are a popular choice. Initially, it was used in hospitals where it has been common since the late 1980s. But up through the 1990s came the first commercial models on the market and in the last 10-15 years, the elevation bed has become available to the general people's wallet.

How to choose the right elevation bed

When choosing a bed-size bed, proceed systematically. For example, use the checklist below to rate the different beds with. The individual points are explained in the rest of the article, as well as examples of some good elevation rates at the end of the article.

  • Start by figuring out the size of the elevation bed that suits you or you
  • Which setting options are most important to you
  • Which bedside structure is most optimal for you
  • Check engine quality and bed construction
  • Choose mattress according to your weight and desire for sleep comfort
  • Add a top mattress that increases the support of the bed and creates the right temperature
  • Select optional accessories like bedspreads and the like

What size is the right one?


Elevation beds are wider than traditional beds. Although it is possible to get them in the conventional single bed size of 90 x 200 cm, this dimension is used as part of the elevation beds sold as double beds.

The most popular single bed is an elevated bed with a width of 120 x 200 cm. It gives a little more space to lie on than the narrower 90 x 200 cm elevation bed. This gives you better area and does not feel that the bed is too small.

It is also possible to have elevation beds of 140 x 200 cm, the traditional one-man or 3/4 bed. However, even though it is the same bed size, as many with a small bedroom occupy two people, it is not recommended to use elevation beds in a duel size for this purpose. There is just too much difference between people's lie preferences that you can use a 140x200 cm high bed as a double bed.

As a single bed, you get excellent space to wrap you on. Should you be in bed for two, you can put the bed down to normal. Then you get the same options for sleeping in bed as you would have with a traditional bed.

Elevation beds as double bed

If you need a double bed, you can have elevation beds of 160 x 200 or 180 x 200 centimeters. Here there is room for individual bedside beds for each person. This allows you to individually adjust your bed so that you are in the best position. It gives you the best sleeping comfort each. The 180x200 elevation bed is the most popular of the two double bed sizes because it provides the broadest possible width.

The most significant disadvantage of using a double bed is that there is often a considerable difference between your settings. This is not only the crack in the middle; you have to fight every day. Also, different height settings and selection of varying bed settings allow for freedom of movement.

A split top mattress relieves the crack in the middle

bedroompediaHowever, it can be remedied by choosing a so-called split top mattress. It is united in the middle, but unlike ordinary double top mattresses, it has a distinctive crack in the top and bottom. A split top mattress allows you to adjust each side of the bed. Find your preferences without causing an annoying rupture or obstruction in the middle.

It is fair to say, however, that the particular split-top mattress sets some natural limitations on how severe differences can be between the two bedside sides. If you need more significant differences than that, you have to live with a greater or lesser obstacle between your two bedside sides.

What size elevation bed should I choose?

Are you single,  you should be fine with a 120x200cm elevation bed. Are you a bit more luxuriously, it seems kind to have space to wrap you on, or sometimes you get overnight guests, you should go for a 140x200cm elevation bed. As mentioned above, it can lay down if you have to sleep two in it.

If you have bought a bed as a double bed, you should go for elevation beds of 180 x 200 cm. Only if there is no room for it in the bedroom or the economy makes it imperative, you should go for the smoother elevation bed of 160 x 200 cm.

Which options are the most important?

When choosing elevation bed, it is important to consider what genes and possibly pain you want to prevent or remedy.

If you have trouble getting in or out of bed, it would be an advantage to be able to drive the bed higher than the bed you have today. Experiment with different settings by sitting on the edge of the bed and pushing the bedside up and down until you find the position where it is most comfortable to get up and get up in bed.

If you experience that your legs are asleep, it is essential that the elevation bed can raise the part of the mattress where the legs lie. Here it is especially important that the settings take place in such small steps that you do not end up having to choose between two positions, which in practice are just unpleasant.

Back pain?

bedroompediaIf you have back or other joint pain in your bed today, make sure that there are as many adjustment options as possible. Also, you should choose a mattress that fits your weight and with comfort zones that support the back or other joints as best as possible. We will come back to it later.

Finally, there is the headboard. Here it is vital that you are not too high with your head in relation to the rest of the body. This causes extreme height difference between the head and spine. It causes problems with the neck.

So if you are using a few pillows below the neck, you will experience fewer neck problems, by raising the head yard a little and using only one or no pillow under the neck. This divides the elevation across the back, and the height difference between the spine and the head becomes more natural. That means you're not going to bend so much in your neck.

Bedding selection

Most elevation beds come with a triple bottom, although there are also two- and four-bed beds on the market. However, they are very rare today.

The bed divides the bottom into a headboard and a legend that can be raised and lowered. The middle part can rarely be adjusted other than the height above the floor. This section is located just around the lower back and the lower part of the back, which should be entirely flat for sleeping as best as possible.

The bed itself consists of a movable and fixed part. The moving part of the most advanced bed bases consists mostly of several individual components that provide a more sliding transition between the different settings. This avoids sudden cuts in the bed base that are both harmful to the back and to the mattress you are lying on in bed.

Each element of the moving part consists of a metal or wooden frame with carpets to hold the mattress. In some versions, you can also see metal springs or fabric substrates. However, it is usually in the cheaper elevation beds.

The fixed part of the bed base is the one on which the bed stands. Here there can be a free choice between the different leg and media types. They are attached to the fixed part of the bed base in different ways. You can also get elevated beds where the fixed part of the bed base goes down to the floor, so the bed stands directly on it. These beds are similar to continental beds with a raised bed on the top.

Remember to check engine quality and construction

Select elevation beds with Linak or Okin motor. It's a good choice!

When choosing elevation bed, it is essential that you check the engine quality and the rods or hydraulic devices that move it. The engine is usually the most expensive part of the bed. Therefore, it is often this part that is spared if the price of the bed is too low.

This gives a direct correlation between the engine quality and the price of the bed. Here the expensive beds will usually be equipped with more powerful or more engines than the cheap beds have.

To make sure your bed has a good, sturdy and durable engine, go for beds with Linak engines. They are Danish-produced and have an excellent reputation in the industry. At the same time, they have a very even motor speed, and noise is minimally compared to engines from other manufacturers.

Linak initially started to provide bed motors for the elevation beds found in the hospitals. They have been doing it for over 25 years, and as they are still the preferred choice in the Danish healthcare sector, it gives a blow to the quality, not many others who can live up to.

Choose mattress according to your weight

bedroompediaWhen choosing a mattress for your elevation bed, it is essential that you are honest about your weight. If you are lying your weight down, you end up being too soft. It may eventually give you back pain and genes, and no changing in the elevation bed settings can help.

The weight determines the density of the springs in the mattress. At the same time, the firmness of the mattress is adjusted by selecting different metal thicknesses on the springs.

Today, most mattresses use the so-called pocket springs. They are available in two different solids and with two different densities of springs: About 100 springs per. Square feet (pocket springs) and up to 150 springs per. Square feet (multi-pocket springs). Do you weigh:

  • Under 75 kilos, choose a mattress with medium-strength pocket springs.
  • Between 75 and 95 kilograms, choose a mattress with fixed fastness pocket springs.
  • Over 95 kilograms, choose a mattress with solid-state multi-pocket springs.

Select top mattress according to the desired bed comfort and sleeping temperature

The pillow top mattress is of great importance to the bed comfort in the bed and the warmth of the bed. In general, you can choose between foam mattresses, with the so-called memory foam or latex.

As a rule, you should never choose a top mattress in foam rubber. It gives no support and makes the bed warm to lie in.

If you often freeze at night, you should instead choose a top mattress in memory foam. It adjusts to the body better, so you get optimal support in your body position and hold on the body heat.

If the opposite is true, you're hot or maybe even sweaty; you should choose a latex mattress in latex. It's a natural material that supports like memory foam. But unlike memory foam, it also allows bodies to breathe and efficiently remove the heat from the body.

Selection of accessories

In addition to the bed itself, you can choose different accessories such as a bedspread. It finds the bed's design and makes it more beautiful to look at, but otherwise, has no function. Some bedside doors also have light sources. It can be smart if you often read in bed.

You can also choose to have a fitted endplate, as well as some elevation beds, have the option of having a bedside or closed frame - also known as bed frames.

Three examples of good elevation beds

As promised, you will get three good examples of elevation beds, available at great prices here:

Aireloom mattress

Aireloom mattress is a double elevation bed that can be used by people of 95 kilos and upwards. The bed comes with individual elevation beds on each side. Can be supplied with headboard mounted on the wall. Here you get a lot of bed for the money.

Sleep Science Mattress

Sleep Science Mattress is also a double elevation bed for more heavily built people. The bed comes with a free wall-hung bed and has a quiet elevation engine from Linak. 60 mm Cooltext top mattress is included on both sides. A good bed at a reasonable price.

Novaform Mattress

Novaform Mattress is a truly luxurious double-bed that comes with a free bedspread of your choice. The bed is equipped with ventilation ducts that ensure that moisture is accumulated in the bed. Furthermore, pressure relief spring systems and top mattresses with Waterlilly foam.