Memory foam Mattress: What to look for before you buy?

February 20, 2019


Memory foam - a mattress buyers guide

Memory foam mattress

To make a mattress buyers guide,  we must start with explaining what memory foam mattress is. Memory foam mattresses are the specially engineered visco-elastic foam, and they comprise of thousands of open cells which are sphere shaped. When it comes to memory foam mattresses, sleep science mattress are the favorite choice of many. The design of these mattresses makes them ideal for responding to body temperature as well as body pressure points. These mattresses have the ability to match themselves to a person’s body shape and then provide maximum support where needed.

What is memory foam?

Their open cell design facilitates free passage of air through the material. This helps to keep the person and the mattress cool. It also prevents excessive sweating. Beds with memory foam mattresses are quite commonly observed in hospitals and health institutes across the globe because they are capable of supporting the patients’ body effectively. They can prevent the occurrence of pressure points when the patients spend lots of time in bed.

Important factors

bedroompediaIf you have planned to purchase a bed with foam mattresses, you must take some essential considerations into account. You must consider three crucial ratings and measurements including Density, ILD Rating, and Firmness Rating for understanding the memory mattresses’ specifications. Apart from these ratings, you must also consider the following primary factors:

The Size

It is a fact that people like to spend lots of time lying in their beds. Research indicates that people spend lots of money in buying sofas and overlook the quality of mattresses and beds. However, to achieve a healthy body and mind, you must have a comfortable and restful night’s sleep. Therefore, you must focus on buying the right sized beds with foam mattresses. When you purchase a memory foam mattress, you must consider two important factors. Your budget and the size of the bed.

The Suitability of the bed for the memory foam mattress

Most mattress these days are designed to fit any base and bedstead. Some help the mattress to feel more comfortable and also perform better. If your bedstead or bed has slatted wooden bases, it is suggested that there should be 2-3 inches distance between the slats. The foam mattresses that are sold today are ideal for divan or box sprung type beds. However, the mattresses don’t require any additional support from the bed’s base. For a memory foam mattress, a reliable and stable platform is considered as an ideal foundation.

The Depth of the memory foam Mattress is Crucial

You must consider the foam mattresses’ depth since this is crucial. This is because the thickness determines the ability of the mattress to support your body and relieve pressure points.

The Density of Foam


When buying beds with memory foam mattress, you should also try to understand the memory foam’s density. You must be aware that density rating indicates the top layer’s density and not the entire mattress’ density. You must ensure that your bed consists of a foam mattress that has a supporting base made from impact-resistant polyurethane foam.

Mattress buyers guide - the list

Size, density, and depth. Remember these three things, and you will not go wrong