Tempur Mattress Review: Our Unbiased Review on Tempur Mattress.

December 27, 2020


The amazing Tempur Mattress

The very first known knowledge that humans have of mattresses dates back to the 17th century.  During this time humans were just starting to use hay as a bed or mattress, as opposed to sleeping on a dirt floor.

Tempur mattress

One of the first mattress to be invented was the steal coil mattress, which was discovered in the 18th century. However, the steal coil mattress was not an instant hit, it only started to become popular after a few years in the US and UK markets.

Following the boom of the 18th-century mattress was the Latex mattress. It was invented in the early 19th century. By the latter half of the 19th-century rubber, beds were the standard form of the mattress. These beds were designed to hold water inside of them. This eventually paved the way for the waterbed. By the 1950s waterbeds were yielding to soft sprung mattresses in overall popularity.  Although waterbeds were not comfortable, they were seen as being good for back pain.  As the 1970’s came around the corner, foam mattresses were released to the public and gained popularity quickly.  Foam mattresses were hypoallergenic, soft, mold resistant and easy to transport. Memory foam had an edge over spring mattresses because they were very soft.  Using gel-like materials, memory foam mattresses could bounce back quickly, which would resolve issues with back pressure, unlike most older beds.

Tempur mattress review

One of the famous manufacturers of mattresses is the Tempur-Pedic International. Their mattresses are often referred to as a Tempur mattress, combining the company name with the name of their product. Tempur Mattresses were not just made from any kind of foam, they were made from the most advanced memory foam of that time period, viscoelastic foam.

The products of Tempur-Pedic International were originally based on NASA’s research. In developing a cushion aircraft seat, which would be comfortable enough for NASA astronauts to sit in.  The first ever Tempur mattress was invented by Fagerdala world foams, a Swedish company. By the year 1992 Tempur-Pedic International entered the US market and merged with the Tempur company.

By the year 2009, Tempur had won the ERA or the Electronic Retailing Association award.  Then, In 2012, Tempur and Sealy Corporation announced their plans to merge and create the “world’s largest bedding company,” according to their words. The merger cost Tempur $228.6 million.

Today a Tempur mattress is considered a top class product and it can cost quite a penny depending on the design, size and type you would like to buy.  However, a Tempur mattress is well worth the cost as it is considered the Cadillac of mattresses.  Your back is worth it!

bedroompediaHere are the top reasons why a Tempur Mattress is the right choice to make:

Pressure point relief.

Why is Tempur mattress so special

Mattresses are soft and comfortable to lay on after a long day. However, a Tempur Mattress is on a whole different level. Unlike other types of mattresses, which are comfortable for only a short amount of time, a Tempur Mattress doesn't stress your back.  For those who are suffering from back pain, standard metal spring mattress should be avoided.  Metal springs in mattresses exert unnecessary pressure up into your back as you sleep, which is bad for your back pain.  When you lay on a Tempur mattress, however, you will notice that you are nearly "sucked" in to the bed.  This process of "sucking" you into the bed prevents anything from exerting unnecessary pressure on your back.  While other mattresses will have to be specially contoured for you to feel comfortable, a Tempur Mattress adapts to whomever is laying on it.

Another advantage of the Tempur mattress is pain relief or prevention of back pain. Since the Tempur Mattress has the unbelievable combination of both a pressure point relief and incredible back support. It is the perfect mattress to relieve back pain.

A Tempur mattress can also relieve you of a shoulder, and hip pains as well.   Roughly 7% of Americans have chronic hip pain. This amounts to about 23 million people.  With this sector of the population, who tend to be older, mattress selection is very important to alleiving them of their hip pains.  Tossing and turning at night are very bad for hip pain. Traditional spring mattresses tend to invite tossing and turning in one's sleep.  Once again, the Tempur mattress has an advantage in the sense that tossing and turning are reduced greatly due to the "hugging" nature of the Tempur mattress.


The benefits

Another benefit of Tempur mattresses is that they are resistant to dust mites.  If a mattress doesn't have a tight weave, it can become susceptible to dust mites.  Dust mites are a leading cause of allergies in America and traditional beds are vulnerable to dust mites.  If one is allergic to dust mites, and the dust mites make a home out of one's bed, one can expect to find themselves tired even after 7 hours of sleep!  Why?  It's because we can often toss, turn and sneeze in our sleep. Which in turn keeps us from entering into a deep and proper sleep.

Many traditional mattresses have thousands or even millions of dust mites found in them.   However, with the Tempur Mattresses’ unique materials and dense structure, dust mites cannot form or gather.  The Tempur mattress's hypo-allergic  material, combined with the fact that it is free of loose weaves, helps it control and lessen the chances that dust mites will make a home out of your bed.

Finally,  Tempur Mattresses are easy to take care of, clean and they have excellent durability.  The Tempur mattress will last years before having to be replaced. You can even let your kids do jump up and down on it.   Once again, since the Tempur Mattress has no springs,  there is no mechanical failure involved.

The evolution of mattresses from things people gathered outside to Tempur Mattresses are proof that people are always looking to find comfort in their sleep.  Now, with Tempur mattress just one store or even one click of a button away. That ideal night's sleep is just one purchase away.


Read this customers review of the Tempurpedic mattress:

A Personal Review Of The Tempur Pedic Mattress

My wife and I bought a Tempur Pedic mattress back in the early days when most people hadn't heard of memory foam mattresses. We've slept on it for some years now, and, I feel, I can hive an honest opinion of the Tempur Pedic mattress and or memory foam mattresses in general.

We live in an old period house, and for many years we slept in an antique French Empire bed. Because antique beds were never made to standard measurements, we had to have the mattress specially made to fit the bed. The mattress was made from inner-springs and horsehair, I believe. The mattress has lasted for many years and is still going strong. To cut a long story short, we redecorated another bedroom, and we did it in the modern style. It is now our new bedroom; guests now sleep in our old bed.

For the new 'modern-look' bedroom we bought a low, Japanese style bed. When looking for a new mattress for the bed, our supplier recommended the Tempur-Pedic mattress. Neither my wife and I had heard of it, nor of the 'amazing' new visco-elastic material it was made from. Not adverse to trying something new, we both went to a large department store, which was one of the few places back then that stocked the Tempur mattress; unlike now, where every bedding store sells memory foam mattresses from Tempur Pedic and others.

Why use a memory foam mattress

If you've never lain on a memory foam mattress, I can only say it feels like no other mattress you've slept on before. I can still remember how firm it felt when we initially laid down on it, only to feel it give way and mold itself around us, like a big, soft, lazy sigh. A Tempur Pedic memory foam mattress doesn't have the springiness of traditional mattresses. But that doesn't mean to say it doesn't support you either. On the contrary, my wife and I both find the Tempur mattress to be incredibly supportive.

Anyhow, despite its initial strange feel, we decided to buy it. We were also influenced by the advice the salesperson gave us. We were told how the Tempur Pedic mattress gave unparalleled support because it molded your exact body shape, helping to avoid pressure points. The rep also explained how memory foam was the best sleeping solution for sufferers of back pain. I had suffered from back pain before - nothing too serious - but the idea of a mattress that offered relief from backache sounded very appealing.

Finally, the day came when the mattress arrived. The first thing that struck me about the Tempur Pedic mattress was how heavy it was - about the same weight as our horsehair and spring mattress. I couldn't understand why the mattress was so heavy, as it was just a lump of foam with no springs or anything!

It takes time

Sleeping on the Tempur mattress felt a little strange at first; the lack of springiness and that feeling of gradually sinking into the memory foam. But it didn't take all that long to get used to it, and we've now been sleeping on the Tempur mattress for six years. And now that I've got the Tempur Pedic mattress, I can honestly say I would never have anything else but a memory foam mattress - quite possibly another Tempur Pedic. When we sleep on a conventional mattress in a hotel or relative's house, we both notice how the more traditional mattresses don't give the support that memory foam does - we're memory foam snobs.

The most significant plus point about memory foam for me - and my wife - is that there is no mattress movement when one of us moves. I toss and turn a lot during sleep, which disturbed my wife's sleep; when I turned, a wave motion went through the mattress, and my wife suffered the consequences. With our Tempur Pedic memory foam mattress, there is no mattress movement when I toss and turn during the night. And incidentally, I believe my backache has significantly been improved since sleeping on a visco-elastic memory foam mattress.

I've heard and read about some of the negative comments some people have made about Tempur Pedic or memory foam mattresses in general.

Are you still questioning the Tempur mattress

The first negative point many seem to raise is the mattress's smell when they first take delivery. The mattress does indeed have a slightly 'chemically' smell to it when it first arrives. But after a few weeks, the smell goes away. I can honestly say that the Tempur Pedic mattress we bought was less smelly than the old spring and horsehair mattress we had - and that was outstanding quality, expensive mattress from a well-known manufacturer.

Some have also claimed that the Tempur Pedic mattress loses its shape after some time - dips appear, thus losing any support you are supposed to get. Again, all I can say is that we've had our Tempur Pedic mattress for some years, have never turned it, and it is still as flat as the first day we got it. Perhaps, if the couple, or person sleeping on it, are of a heavy build, this might happen. I weigh between 190 to 200 pounds - my wife is lighter.

All in all, my wife and I love our Tempur Pedic mattress. They would highly recommend Tempur Pedic, or another brand of memory foam mattress - though of course, we're biased and believe Tempur Pedic is the best memory foam mattress you can buy.