The Best Foam Mattress: Reviews & Buying guide.

May 27, 2018


Who wants a foam mattress?

A foam mattress is usually the economical choice as a top mattress, as is the foam mattress also prevalent in many baby and child beds. However, a pure foam mattress is far from an ideal choice. It is better to choose for example. A memory foam mattress or a latex mattress. When to choose what?  We will tell you in this article.

Foam mattresses are usually used as top mattresses or as mattresses in cots, prams and other places where a spring or box type is either very expensive or not available. Foam mattresses are available in several different grades. From the cheapest models produced with cold-  purse foam and to the more costly types produced by so-called memory foam.

bedroompediaThree affordable offers on foam mattresses

If you are in the market for a new top mattress, we have found three bids on top mattresses in foam and latex, which you can not go wrong. However, the foam mattresses require that you have no heat problems at night to experience the best sleep comfort.

 Southerland mattress

Southerland mattress - 90 x 200 cm - This DreamZone foam mattress is the perfect choice if you want to extend the life of your current bed.

The Southerland mattress has a core of cumin foam that does not support significant amounts or diverts heat from the body.

Therefore, the user reviews also refer to it as hard to lay on - perhaps because the buyers already had a hard mattress in bed.

Novaform mattress

Novaform mattress - Basic memory foam is another foam mattress of purse foam, equipped with cut-out air ducts at the top to direct the body heat away.

It eliminates the problem of getting rid of the heat at night.

The mattress is 12 cm high and features a quilted cover in 100% cotton and has a water-resistant inner cover.

 Dynasty Mattress

Dynasty Mattress - This latex top mattress is the perfect choice for you who lack proper support in the bed and often experience heat problems or wake up sweaty at night.

The latex mattress allows the body to breathe and efficiently drain the body heat throughout the night.

Has firm firmness and comes with extra-rich bolster.

When should I choose a foam mattress of cold foam or purse?

bedroompediaThe cheapest foam mattresses have a so-called cold foam or purse foam. It is the most affordable type of foam mattress. It is used mainly in cheap top mattresses and as well as in low-cost mattresses for cots and prams.

However, the cheap cold foam mattresses have a few significant drawbacks. Firstly, they keep the body heat and, secondly, they do not provide any extra support to the body. Meaning that if you sweat when you sleep at night, it is not one of the cheap foam mattresses you have to choose.

Even though a cold or purse mattress will prolong your bed's life, do not expect to give the body extra support or improve sleep comfort if you think your mattress is too hard. Also, the foam does not relieve the mattress in the areas of the body where the weight is most significant.

Therefore, the utility of a clean foam mattress is so low that most bedside experts do not recommend purchasing it. However, it may be an option if you have difficulty keeping the bed warm or want to extend the life of your bed until you can afford to buy a new one.

So if you choose a foam mattress, you should buy the cheapest model at all and do not sacrifice more money than necessary.

A foam mattress with memory foam is a much better choice

bedroompediaIf you want a foam mattress as a top mattress or should you choose a good mattress for your baby or child bed, you should go for a foam mattress that uses memory foam or so-called viscoelastic foam. It has many useful qualities that can help improve your or your night's sleep.

First of all, a foam mattress with memory foam adapts to your body weight. The mattress adjusts to your body weight from the body heat so that the places on the body that most heavily charge the mattress sink further into the mattress. That is, the shoulders and hips automatically sink further into the mattress, keeps the spine straight and the body gets the best support when lying in bed.

Memory foam thus remedies the genes that a too hard mattress can give, and although the foam mattress works very soft, just as you lie it supports it much better than the standard foam mattress.

On the other hand, you will experience the same heat problems as you do with a foam mattress in a cold or purse room. So if you often get too hot or might suffer from heat due to menopause, a foam mattress with memory foam is not the best choice. Here you should choose a latex mattress. We'll get back to it in a while.

Memory foam mattresses for baby and baby bed

Also for the baby and child bed or the stroller, the memory foam mattress is better than the cold foam mattress. Again, the mattress adjusts and supports the child's body so that it is comfortable for a baby, regardless of how the child has taken up the bed or the stroller.

But just like in adults, the foam mattress does not allow the body to get rid of the heat. Therefore, you will often see that the baby gets hot or maybe even starts to sweat. The latter is a significant problem. Especially if the child or infant kicks off the quilt, which is a very natural reaction.

As a result, the temperature will rapidly decrease, and the child is sweating, the swing will amplify this temperature reduction. Increasing the risk that the child may become cold or may even get pneumonia in very extreme situations.

Therefore, most sellers of baby and children's equipment do not recommend foam mattresses of any kind to babies and children. Instead, they point to latex or real spring mattresses.

Latex mattresses are a better choice than foam mattresses

bedroompediaIf you have this option, you should always choose a latex mattress for both your top mattress and the child's bed or stroller. Here it is a natural product that allows the body to breathe and get rid of the heat, as well as providing an excellent support and firmness to the body.

This means that if you shower the heat in the bed, you can avoid having to replace the whole bed. Instead, invest in a good latex mattress that allows the body heat to be led away from the body throughout the night.

This avoids waking up because you have become too hot, sweating or may have got cold sweat as a result of kicking your quilt during the night. The ventilating effect gives a much better sleep comfort because it is possible to adjust the heat to keep it at a more constant and cooler level than with a foam mattress.

At the same time, you get the same excellent sleep comfort as you have with a memory foam mattress. The latex mattress adapts to your body shapes and supports upwards so the spine will lie more evenly than you would have done on a cold foam mattress or a hard mattress without top mattress.

Latex mattresses are allergy and environmentally friendly!

At the same time, latex mattresses are significantly more environmentally friendly to produce than cold foam and purse mattresses. Where the foam mattress is of synthetic materials, only natural materials are used in the production of latex mattresses.

At the same time, the mattress does not have the same ability to store dust, dirt, and mold, as foam rubber mattresses have. Here, dust, dirt and miscellaneous spores can accumulate in the foam mattress's small holes, while the latex mattress is solid soft material.

Naturlatex - the perfect choice for allergy sufferers and children

bedroompediaFor very allergic persons it is also possible to have a special organic latex mattress of so-called natural latex. It is entirely free from synthetic materials and synthetic materials of any kind. These latex mattresses are probably at the expensive end, but the sleeping and sleeping comfort for allergy sufferers is much higher than with some other mattress materials.

Therefore, it is also a good idea to invest in a natural latex mattress for baby and cots, as well as for the mattress in the stroller. With this mattress type, you avoid the child kicking off because of heat while he or she is asleep. At the same time, the back of the child get's a more healthy equilibrium, and it reduces the risk of developing allergies.

Foam mattress or latex - what should I choose?

If you want to give yourself and your children the greatest chance of getting the best sleep and sleep comfort, you should choose a latex mattress. This allows the body to breathe and get the necessary support so that you do not have the trouble of lying in bed at night.

If you can not afford that expensive a mattress or you do not have the heat in the bed at night, you can save money on the mattress by choosing a mattress with memory foam. It has the same supporting effect as the latex mattress but does not direct the heat away from the body at night.

If you want to extend the life of your bed and have no heat problems at night or need to change your current mattress's supporting properties, you can also choose a foam mattress. Here you can go for one of the cheapest models, as the mattress's purpose is to extend the life of the bed so much that you can save up to a new bed.