December 1, 2019


Dunlopillo – A better bed

Dunlopillo is an old manufacturer and supplier of excellent quality beds. With them, you always get good and form-stable mattresses and beds of the best possible standard. This is precisely why they always form part of our selection of beds here at the Bedding Expert. The mattresses are made of natural rubber material that makes them soft and supple. They offer a high level of comfort to suit many different people. There is a big difference in how soft or hard a mattress you want in your new bed. But at Dunlopillo, they are good at meeting a wide range of customers with different needs when it comes to mattress firmness. Below you can see the various box mattresses, elevation beds, continental beds and bed accessories that the reputed manufacturer is behind.

Dunlopillo Natura box mattress

Classic box mattress with Cool top

Dunlopillo Natura box mattress with cool top

Are you looking for a classic bed, without too much confusion? Dunlopillo's well-known 7-zone latex mattresses are the focal point of this cool Dunlopillo Natura box mattress.

The 7 zones make sure you lie exactly as you should, helped well by a 5cm latex top mattress. You get a lot for your money in a Dunlopillo Natura box mattress, as Dunlopillo provides a 15-year warranty on their latex mattresses. The 7 zones go again on the Dunlopillo Natura box mattress, which allows you to turn the mattress in 4 different ways. This means you distribute the wear most evenly, so you have a nice comfortable mattress for many years to come.

Dunlopillo Balance box mattress

Classic box mattresses with a Cooltop for the same price!

Your bed is optimal for a maximum of 10 years!

Think about what you offer your bed or mattress? How many hours you sleep, breathe, and maybe sweat in your bed?

The materials you are laying on will be served by the acid we have in our sweat, so check your "sleeping partner" and see if any. This Dunlopillo Balance box mattress where you get a lot of quality for a few bucks…

The Dunlopillo Balance box mattress has a cover on the top mattress that can be completely zipped and split in two (so it can be in your washing machine) and washed at 60 degrees. The same principle is in the "palette" which is the piece of fabric under your top. Come in and have a demonstration if you have any doubts about what we mean….

Dunlopillo Balance box mattress is great news!

Now in a completely updated version, you will find the simplest way to get good comfort in your bed!

The updated Dunlopillo Balance box mattress has more depth and comfort - we have chosen to sell it in the most optimal version, namely with Dunlopillo Cooltop, at no extra cost!

Choose between Medium, firm, and extra-firm mattresses.

Dunlopillo Harmony box mattress

Comfortable bed in a simple design

Dunlopillo Harmony box mattress

You get here two boxes with one very large top mattress to complete the experience.

Dunlopillo Harmoni box mattress has a 7 zoned latex mattress that fits your body perfectly, in the Harmoni series it is an 18cm latex core.

The top mattress on the Dunlopillo Harmony box mattress is tufted so that it is stable on the Dunlopillo Harmoni box mattress.

Dunlopillo provides a 15-year guarantee against the phrase on all their beds - your guarantee of a quality product.

Choose your new Dunlopillo Harmony box mattress between 3 properties: Medium, Fixed, and Xtra fast.

Dunlopillo Balance Continental Bed

Large lovely bed with room for the whole family

Dunlopillo Balance Continental Bed

New! The new collection from Dunlopillo

Dunlopillo Balance Continental Bed is brand new from Dunlopillo.

Dunlopillo Balance Continental Bed is Dunlopillo as you know it, combined with mini pocket springs in the base for even better flexibility.

Dunlopillo Balance Continental Bed is a large bed with space for everyone, with no crack in the middle!

Dunlopillo Balance Continental Bed comes with Dunlopillo's Cooltop pillow top mattress. The cover of the Cool top mattress can be removed and washed at 40 degrees. It is possible to choose the Harmoni top mattress, which is covered with more exclusive upholstery fabric.

Dunlopillo provides a 15-year warranty against putting on their mattresses and a 25-year warranty against frame and spring breakages.

Choose from 2 sizes: 180 x 200 or 180 x 210

Dunlopillo Harmony Continental Bed

The bed with no crack in the middle and great comfort

Looking for a large comfortable bed with room for the whole family?

The Dunlopillo Harmoni Continental Bed is a large comfortable bed, with no crack in the middle! Dunlopillo mattresses are made of latex from rubber trees, which are molded into a ventilating and flexible latex mattress. This latex mattress does not "collapse" as natural latex is form-stable and, therefore, also edge-stable.

Dunlopillo Harmoni Continental Bed has beautiful, durable upholstery fabric, available in 3 different colors. Dunlopillo provides a 15-year warranty against putting on their mattresses, but you can extend the life even further by regularly flipping the mattress. The top mattress on the Dunlopillo Harmony Continental is tufted, so it stays stable. In the reclining area, there are either Harmony top or Dunlopillo's Cool cover, which provides increased ventilation and transports moisture away from the body and bed. You decide!

We recommend using an Sx envelope layer for your Dunlopillo top mattress.

Choose from 3 different colors on your Dunlopillo Harmony Continental Bed M / Latex base: Black, Stone or Anthracite

(Here you get two bases and one whole mattress, and one whole top mattress)

Choose from 3 different properties: Medium, Fixed, and Xtra fast.

Dunlopillo Natura three-quarter elevation

A nice single bed where you can easily sleep, two people

Choose freely if you are into Dunlopillo Natura three-quarter elevation bed in 120 x 200 cm or 140 x 200 cm - both sizes are super lovely single beds, which can easily be two people.

This Dunlopillo Natura three-quarters elevation is for anyone who does not have that much space and who still wants a good quality as a sleeping partner!

This Dunlopillo Natura three-quarter elevation has Dunlopillo's well-known quality with natural latex top mattress, zoned mattress, and SX steel legs, all included in the price!

Now choose Dunlopillo`s Cool or Air pillow top mattress for a small extra cost if you want a cover that more optimally dissipates the heat from your body!

Dunlopillo Harmoni Elevator Bed

Elevator bed with great comfort

 Harmony lift bed

An elevation bed provides additional support for your body if you are plagued with low back pain during the night!

Raising the foot end of a Dunlopillo Harmoni lift bed gives you a different touch to the mattress and optimal support.

We also recommend an elevation bed if you have broad shoulders, because it can relieve by raising the head end for a shorter period until you want to lie, for example, on the side.

Come in and let us demonstrate what the benefit of a Dunlopillo Harmony elevation bed is.

Dunlopillo Harmoni Elevator Bed is a nice, new update from one of our major suppliers!

Beautiful, durable upholstery on the bases that will keep your Dunlopillo Harmoni lift bed as long as it lives, and you will not need more than one sheet for your Dunlopillo Harmoni lift bed - We recommend a cotton envelope sheet for the top mattresses. The Dunlopillo Harmony elevation bed is, of course, wireless and with memory, as well as the option of control with the app on your mobile.

Dunlopillo Harmony Boxelevation

The king model from Dunlopillo

Here you get all the best from Dunlopillo's world in terms of comfort, quality motor, and exclusive wireless operation with light and memory, as well as child restraint… to mention some of the news… The expression on it in upholstery fabric is also really an upgrade as we are excited about. Come in and try Dunlopillo Harmony Boxelevation “The King Model” or order Dunlopillo Harmoni Boxelevation directly here from the webshop - we deliver and place U / B with you as soon as possible!

In a Dunlopillo Harmony box elevation, you have to deal with an 18cm latex core, completed by a 5cm latex top mattress. The top mattress in Dunlopillo Harmony box elevation is tufted so that it does not "stick off." All of this helps make Dunlopillo Harmony box elevation a delicious experience to sleep in.

When you choose Dunlopillo Harmony Boxelevation, you choose a bed where the mattress and elevation floor are connected, so no side and foot stops are needed. This gives Dunlopillo Harmony box elevation a simple and classic expression.

Dunlopillo box three-quarter

A lovely single bed where you can easily sleep two.

Dunlopillo box three-quarter

Great durable furniture cover on the base that keeps your bed neat for as long as it lives, and you don't need more than one sheet for your Dunlopillo box three-quarters - namely just a cotton envelope sheet for the top mattress.

Dunlopillo box three-quarters can be selected in two sizes for the same price, and there are three different colors available on the upholstery. Dunlopillo box three-quarters can be chosen in three different models - choose the one you like best - if you are in doubt, come in and visit the store and let us guide you.

Dunlopillo Nature: 12 cm mattresses

Dunlopillo Balance: 16 cm mattresses

Dunlopillo Harmony: 18 cm mattresses

Dunlopillo bed and mattress

The range of Dunlopillo beds consists of both mattresses, box mattresses, continental beds, and the large powerful Dunlopillo lift solutions. The same for all Dunlopillo beds is that they are beautifully fitted with strong furniture upholstery in several colors. Dunlopillo beds are produced here in Denmark, and this is your guarantee of good and stable quality. Dunlopillo elevation beds feature large powerful motors with a five-year warranty and wireless controls that can be controlled from your mobile if you need it. You will find a wide selection of Dunlopillo beds here with us, and we have most Dunlopillo beds set up in the shop in Vejle. But of course, they can be ordered here through the webshop if you know exactly which Dunlopillo bed you prefer. Dunlopillo provides a 15-year guarantee on the fit of all their mattresses - including the Dunlopillo tops.

When choosing the top mattress for Dunlopillo beds, it is mostly about the look and feels an instant softness. The top does not provide any support in itself; here, it is the choice of firmness in the mattress that determines how much support your body gets in the Dunlopillo bed.

Dunlopillo's history begins in the 1920s, with the first Dunlopillo latex mattress seeing the light of day. The invention is done through numerous experiments with liquid latex milk, which solidifies and turns into a solid elastic mass. The stirrer foams the latex and then bakes it in an oven. Naturlatex, as the product is named, is the basis of Dunlopillo's products to this day.