Olee sleep mattress review: Expert's Review on this high end hybrid mattress

January 3, 2020


A quality mattress - a great buy

The olee sleep mattress has found a way to give you great quality and a low price tag. This is not a common thing in the bedding world, but Grantec International has found a way. But just how great can you expect the olee mattress to be?

Olee sleep mattress review

Well, it is cheap, so you really can’t expect a miracle in the bedroom. Maybe not for all, but for most purpose and needs, this is more than fine. Just by given the construction a look, you will realize that there is put a lot of thoughts into this mattress. The olee sleep mattress is made from 5 different layers of material to insure a great night sleep


The olee sleep mattress has a combination of memory foam and springs. In professional words, this makes it a hybrid mattress. Clearly, the Grantec International has found a gap in the market and tries to fill it out. With memory foam mattress, many people tend to “sink in” and often describe it as hot to sleep in. Spring mattresses on the other hand sometimes become uncomfortable due the springs create a pressure point.

olee sleep memory foam mattress

With the olee sleep mattress, you get an inner spring/foam combination that gives support and structure from the springs mattress and the comfort from the memory foam. A hybrid mattress or all in one mattress

The 5 layers

The mattress has 5 different layers creating a fantastic mattress:

  • First you have a spring layer to ad support and firmness while keeping the memory foam on top in the right position
  • Then comes a thick gel-infused foam layer to help air circulation to make excellent heat retention.
  • A 1,5” thick layer of soft foam to ad support and for general comfort
  • 2” thick high-density memory foam for support and pressure relief
  • Lastly a poly fabric foam layer that contour to your body for comfort and a cool sleeping experience
olee sleep hybrid mattress

Great motion isolation

One of the major disadvantages of the spring mattress is the terrible motion isolation. This is the reason that many has moved to the memory foam type of mattresses. With a memory foam mattress, you can jump up and down in one side, while your partner is undisturbed in the other side.  Since the olee sleep mattress is a hybrid mattress, you will get great motion isolation, while still having at least some bouncy feeling.

A hybrid mattress is perfect for those who love the support and bouncy feeling from a spring mattress but needs some kind of motion isolation.

Olee sleep mattress warranty

With the low price point, you might expect a limited warranty program.  Think again! Grantec International offers a 10-year warranty on the olee mattress, and on top of that a 100 days trial period.  Should you not be comfortable with your mattress you can return for full refund within the first 100 days.

This is really seen in the bedding world, especially for mattresses at this price tag. The warranty and trial period show just how must confident the company has in its mattresses. They know you will love the olee mattress, and it is made to last.

Olee sleep mattress warranty



  • Motion isolation – The olee sleep mattress gives you great motion isolation. Not on level with a full memory foam mattress, but that’s the whole idea behind the hybrid mattress.
  • Value for your money – The overall quality and the fantastic sleeping ability in this mattress is just well above what you can expect at this price point. The “only online” business model helps to keep the price down
  • Return policy – Should you not like the bed, you can return it free of charge within the first 100 days. Grantec International will even arrange and pay for the pickup!!
  • Warranty - The 10 year is just amazing, and clearly shows that the company stands behind the quality of their mattress


  • Sagging/indentation – With over 90% positive review and feedback this is a great mattress. Still a few complain of signs of sagging and indentation after some time.  
Top olee sleep mattress

Bedroompedia’s conclusion

We have been very positive during the whole review and except the few sagging complaint, there is not much negative to say. Naturally, if you are willing to spend 1000$ and upwards, there are better options out there. However, you will not get better value for the money than the olee sleep mattress. The hybrid mattress combines the benefit of spring mattress with the comfort of the memory foam mattress at a great price tag. With the warranty program and 100 days trial period you can feel safe when bying a olee sleep mattress