Tempur Pedic bed reviews

December 5, 2019


TEMPUR® can give your body unique support. The quality mattresses from this manufacturer are pressure-relieving and come with visco-elastic foam that fits perfectly to your body when you lie down in bed. Tempur beds are form-stable regardless of body shape and weight and are therefore perfectly suited to many different people. Within TEMPUR® beds, there are four different overall choices: Cloud beds provide maximum softness; The original beds give a more firm feel; The sensation beds offer a more springy feel; and Hybrid is the latest beds from TEMPUR®, amazing beds that utilize the most recent research and technology. Read belove to find Tempur Pedic bed reviews

TEMPUR® beds can be selected in several different models - for example, as box mattresses or as elevation beds - finally, you can also choose to put a TEMPUR® mattress in their bed.

The Tempur pedic history

The history of TEMPUR® beds is truly a success story, and you may well call TEMPUR® a result of space research. Nasa invented the pressure-relieving visco-elastic foam for the astronauts' suits, and later there is a Swede and a Dane who accidentally find it comfortable to lie on. Then the idea for all the super comfy mattresses was born, and today TEMPUR® beds are a worldwide, listed company. Yes, today, they are the world's largest mattress factory. People love these mattresses, just google Tempur Pedic bed reviews and see for yourself.

The product range

As a starting point, there are three emotions in TEMPUR®'s mattress program. TEMPUR® Sensation - which are the firm mattresses, the TEMPUR® Cloud, which is the soft mattresses and eventually the TEMPUR® Original mattresses, which were the ones it all started with. When choosing your TEMPUR® bed, choose the one you like best. They all have the pressure-relieving effect, no matter which one you want.

In the early 1970s, NASA developed a pressure-absorbing material designed to protect and support astronauts during rocket launches. The TEMPUR sleeping products were launched to the general public in 1991 and immediately became a success. Today, people in more than 76 countries around the world are replacing their mattress with a TEMPUR® bed to achieve the fantastic support and comfort TEMPUR® beds provide.

Tempur box mattresses

If it is to be luxurious, it must be Tempur®

Tempur® box mattresses are some of the absolute best in their class. The beds are made of durable materials that can be used year after year. We are sure that in our range of box mattresses from this supplier, there is also a box mattress for you. The box mattresses are available in beautiful, classic colors and it is possible to buy a lovely bedside table that fits in style, upholstery, and color. The headboard is nice to have when you sit in bed and read before bed. Choosing a new mattress is often a matter of feeling forward.

Tempur elevation bed

A TEMPUR® elevation bed is a safe investment in your night's sleep

One of the leading brands is TEMPUR®, which impresses with their beautiful elevation beds. At TEMPUR®, they are adept at using the latest technology and thus constantly innovating and not least improving the quality of their many different types of beds. If you are looking for a good elevation bed with many adjustment options and smooth operation, we highly recommend you take a closer look at the selection of TEMPUR® elevation beds

Tempur continental bed

Get the familiar Tempur® feel in the double bed without the disturbing crack in the middle

Tempur® always manages to make beds that outperform most others. There is a certain feeling in their beds and mattresses that you will not find anywhere else. This is partly due to their ability to work with innovative and intelligent materials that offer a high degree of flexibility and comfort. A Tempur® mattress caters to you and your needs. It shapes perfectly according to the body's natural contours but at the same time provides excellent support and stability. You can choose from a wide variety of beautiful Tempur® Continental beds below, all of which will be able to change and enhance your night's sleep. Continental beds are double beds with no crack in the middle. Where an ordinary double bed consists of two single beds, a continental bed is in itself a complete double bed. The standard dimensions for a Tempur® continental bed are 180 x 200 cm, but there are other sizes and dimensions to choose from in our range.

Tempur plan bed

TEMPUR® flatbeds are typically two-floor mats with a full mattress in the feeling you like best. Choose a TEMPUR® bed when you don't want a crack in the middle of your bed.

TEMPUR® flatbed is available in different sizes 140/180 x 200 cm is for you who want the same mattress and absolutely no crack in the middle of your bed. Choose from three different emotions in the TEMPUR® flatbed: TEMPUR® Original, TEMPUR® Sensation or Cloud and three different heights on the TEMPUR® flatbed. TEMPUR® flat bed 180 x 210 cm is the same good feeling from the well-known TEMPUR®, just in a slightly longer version for you who need it. The TEMPUR® bed is often an order item, so be prepared for smaller delivery time.

Tempur pillows

TEMPUR is behind a wide range of ergonomic and comfortable products that help you get a good and quiet night's sleep. If you are dealing with physical flaws or for other reasons need pressure relieving pillows, you may want to choose one of the TEMPUR variants below. TEMPUR pillows come with different types of fillings and are available in several options. The shape, firmness, and size can vary significantly from model to model. This helps ensure that it is possible to find the perfect pillow for each customer.