Bamboo Bedsheets: What is it & Why you should use it?

April 26, 2019


Most people probably have a lot of bedding in either silk or cotton. It has long been the most common materials to make bedding. Silk bedding feels smooth against the skin and can be absolutely great to sleep with. Cotton, on the other hand, is more soft to the skin and allow the skin to breathe, as opposed to silk bedding. However, new material has come on the market - bamboo.

Why are bamboo bad sheets better?

Bamboo bedding, according to many experts, is one of the best things you can sleep with. It feels both soft and silky against the skin, while the body can breathe. The bamboo also has antibacterial properties. If you tend to sweat at night, bamboo bedding is absolutely obvious as the material can soak the sweat to make it feel nice to sleep.

What is Bamboo Bedding?

Cotton and silk have long been the most common materials for making bedding. There is nothing wrong with either silk or cotton, but bamboo has some very distinctive features that make it perfect for producing bedding. Bamboo bedding is thermoregulating, which makes it perfect to sleep within both summer and winter. In summer, the bedding will feel cool and in winter it will feel warm.

The bedding is made of bamboo, but do not fear. The bedding is neither scratchy nor strange to sleep with. The material is perfect for people who sweat at night. The bamboo bedding helps the body regulate body temperature and you will therefore feel that you are sweating less when you sleep with the bamboo bedding. The bamboo even sucks seven times better than cotton, which is otherwise said to have a good suction power.

What is Bamboo Bedding?

The weaving of the bedding

The weaving of the bedding is very important for how it feels against the skin. When choosing bedding of bamboo, it is, therefore, an advantage to choose bedding that is a satin weave. This weave ensures a velvety surface and provides a good night's sleep. The bamboo bedding can usually be washed at 60 degrees and acts as a new wash after washing. The bedding is thus also very practical.

Organic and hypoallergenic

You can benefit from using bamboo bedding for both you and your children. Both large and small children will be able to lie with the bedding as they feel so soft against the skin. Even delicate baby skin will love the bedding. The bedding can help children who have difficulty sleeping due to irritated skin or night sweats. The bedding helps regulate body temperature, which is an advantage for babies and children.

Bedding in bamboo comes of course in different qualities. Please make sure you choose an organic variant. This variant is particularly good for people suffering from various allergies. Many people with allergies can be allergic to house dust mites that can easily be found in our bedding. Bamboo is from nature since the departure to just dust mites, and therefore you will be able to reduce the appearance of the house dust mites if you sleep with bamboo bedding. If you are allergic, you can advantageously choose sheets in bamboo and mattress protectors in bamboo. This protector can help keep the number of bacteria and house dust mites down.

Not only for bedding

Bamboo Towel

Bamboo has found it's way to other locations in the bedroom. Bamboo mattress for instance. with the benefits mentioned for the bedsheets, its only natural to use this for the mattress as well. The yogabed mattress and the Brentwood mattress is two of the big manufacture in the bamboo mattress these days. The bamboo towel is another place where bamboo now is used