Zenkuru bamboo pillow Review: The fact you should know.

September 5, 2019


Zenkuru Wonder Bamboo Pillow

What an amazing Bamboo pillow

Let’s start with a product Description:

We sleep almost a third of our lives. It will be many hours on the pillow - so treat yourself to a really good pillow! With the Zenkuru Wonder Bamboo cushion under your head, you get optimal support and comfort. You sleep well and wake up fresh and rested! The pillow is filled with memory foam that shapes itself to your head and provides exactly the support you need. The pillow cover is made from the softest bamboo viscose and has a natural moisture control capability that gives the cushion a fresh and cool feel. The pillow is designed to give you a good night's sleep.

Just a great pillow

The bamboo pillow with memory foam filling suits everyone! Whether you prefer a soft, medium or firm pillow, and whether you sleep on your stomach, back or side, the Zenkuru Wonder Bamboo Pillow can be shaped to your needs. Put it on the side to get a soft pillow, leave it flat to get medium support or fold it if you want firm support. When the pillow is not in use, it gets its original shape again. Never again a shapeless, flat pillow!

Zenkuru bamboo pillow

The best combination for a perfect night

The pillow is just a part of sleeping equipment. Combined with a Bamboo mattress like the Symbol mattress you are on your way to dreamland. Put a latex mattress topper onto that and you are good to go. Some prefer an elevation bed, were other is more the continental bed type of person, but there is a bamboo mattress for all needs.  

Actually, you do not have to go all in on the bamboo. You could just go with a Zenkuru pillow and a waterbed. This could be a perfect combination.

Let Zenkuru Wonder Bamboo Cushion Take You To Dream Land - When it comes to waking up fresh and resting, a good pillow is crucial!

Facts about Zenkuru Wonder Bamboo Pillow

Cushion with filling of memory foam with cover of bamboo viscose

Memory foam provides optimum support and comfort

Bamboo viscose is soft and has a natural moisture control capability that keeps the cushion fresh and comfortable

You sleep well and wake up fresh and rested!

Zenkuru Wonder Bamboo Pillow

Formable Cushion:

Soft - turn the cushion on the side to get soft support

Medium - Let the pillow lie flat and get good support for the head and neck

Fixed - fold the pad in the middle to get support for the neck and back

When the pillow is not in use, it gets its original shape again

Fits all sleeping positions - whether you are sleeping on your back, side or stomach

Dimensions: 51 x 76 cm

The pillow is so-called "queen size" and is larger than a standard pillow. Be aware of this when purchasing covers for the pillow

Weight: 1,650 grams

Material: Bamboo viscose cushion cover and memory foam filling

Wash: The removable cushion cover can be machine washed at 30 ° C